layered long hairstyles
If you have long hair, you definitely have quite an advantage over those who have short hair because you are free to do a lot more things with your hair than someone with short hair is able to do. There are many long hair styles that you can adapt to and you can stylishly wear your hair up or down. As well, there are a lot of layered hair styles that are very appealing that you could incorporate too. Layered hair styles have become the main type of hairstyle that people with long hair are interested in recently.
Long layered hair may take a little extra time to style, but the beautiful result is more than worth it. Make sure to get a trim every six weeks or so to ensure that your hair looks its healthiest and layers appear top notch. Long layers look great when curled with a one-inch barrel curling iron. For extra volume, use two-inch curlers while hair is damp and don't take them out until hair is completely dry.


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  2. my name is Abigail, my hair is at the length of my bellybutton and is red. I love the first hair style. I would like to know if you think that hairstyle would look good with my hair? i have freckles as well.