Here is a collection of beautiful beach wedding pictures for you:

ABeach Wedding is a delightful way to get married, and is becoming more and more popular every year.

Beach weddings are especially suitable for young couples who want to have a more informal ceremony, and also popular with people who are getting married for the second time and really dont feel the need for the more traditional Church ceremony any more.

If you live in a temperate climate, you would do well to consider some of the truly romantic and inspiring beach theme weddings that can be created with a little bit of imagination, and very little cash needs to be spent if you choose to be a bit creative about catering, dresses and so on.

Beach Wedding Hairstyles

After you have decided on your beach wedding dress, you next need to work out what bridal hairstyle you will wear.

Abride has a huge variety of choices to select from when it comes to their wedding hairstyles.

One of the benefits of today's fashions is that you can also choose to suddenly have longer or thicker hair than normal in your wedding hairstyle, thanks to the affordable and easily purchased hair extensions and hair pieces.

And the accessories are many, including the traditional veil, or a tiara. And for a beach wedding it is perfect to have casual styles with flowers or other hair fascinators clipped to your hair.

Beach Themed Wedding Cake Suggestions

Awedding cake with a beach theme can be simple to design.

Just think in terms of seashells, starfish, sand, blue water, coconuts, bright tropical flowers, pearls, coral beads.... anything related to the beach and seaside -- and then apply that to your cake ideas.

For instance a super simple and fast way to convert a standard cake into a Beach Themed Wedding Cake is to simply decorate it with the chocolates that come in seashell shapes.

You can also buy the chocolate kit molds in the seashell and starfish shapes and pour your own chocolate decorations in white, milk and dark chocolates.

Simply attach these chocolate 'shells' onto a frosted cake and you instantly have a beach theme.

This also works in the modern fashion of having a large selection of cupcakes as individual serves for each guest.

This saves the time and hassle of cutting up a big wedding cake, and its also much less expensive than a traditional wedding cake. Simply pop a chocolate or two on top of each cupcake with a bit of icing.Also creating the wedding cake and decorating it with icing or frosting in bright colours gives it an exotic and tropical feel. Attach some silk or marzipan flowers in bright tropical colours to finish the effect.

Beach wedding attire for men

Men usually hate the thought of getting dressed up for any occasion, so making sure your groom and guests are sexy and sleek during your wedding is a challenging event.

Men like comfort by nature. However planning for their Beach wedding attire can be quite the opposite. Beach weddings can be moderately stress free, and the option of avoiding a tuxedo altogether is very pleasing.

What should your groom wear to his beach wedding?
Men's beach wedding attire can be sometimes quite difficult to match up; using fabrics that are lightweight, breathable and flowing can make the beach wedding attire for men much more comfy as you venture to the seashore to take part in the next grand wedding of the year.

Generally, it's very simple beach wedding attire for the groom involving a loose free flowing shirt with some men's seersucker pants or shorts, offering a variety of colors and styles make it possible to have the look your groom is after.

The groom can also choose a simple lightweight Linen Suit. They come in a huge variety of colours, from the beach seaside color tones through to totally classic white or cream.

If you pair this with ultralight silk shirts, worn open neck, or with a cravat twisted loosely at the neck, you have the totally cool and sophisticated beach wedding attire for men.

For a very relaxed men's beach wedding attire try simple white drawstring linen pants, a crisp tailored open neck shirt with sleeves rolled up, or a semi sheer caftan style shirt hanging loose over the top of the trousers, and tastefully designed leather sandals.

A white linen shirt and dark trousers with no tie can also look fresh and distinguishing. Maybe add a vest, left open to take the edge off the see breeze and to add a bit more layering to an outfit of simple open neck shirt and trousers.

This is a truly timeless look, and can be varied to suit the temperatures and personality of the groom.

This can also be adapted to the Gypsy themed beach wedding, for a little more flair.

Beach Wedding Dresses can Still mean Ruffles

Informal Beach Wedding dress

hoose the beach wedding dress that would match the formality or informality, of the wedding ceremony. A marriage on a beach can be really exciting when it is well planned!

If you are having a casual style of wedding ceremony and decor, than an informal beach wedding dress would be most appropriate.

The best part about the casual wedding dress is that it can be a part of your future wardrobe, used for evening wear for other formal occasions, so you can wear it again and again.

There are lots of options available for the more casual beach wedding dresses.

In this style of dress you can have a lot of fun picking the colours, from the seashore or sunset soft colours, right through to a really vibrant tropical range of colours.

Decide it you will be creating a theme of subtle colours drawn from the pale gold sand, soft pink seashells & gentle coral tonings in your decorations and colours, or if you are going to have sunbursts of bright designs and colours, like exotic parrots and tropical flowers, like a Hawaiian Island theme.

So when you pick an informal beach wedding dress, choosing a style to match your beach setting is important from both a fashion and a comfort perspective.

Try to let your personality shine through, but remember to pick a dress where you are wearing it, not a dress that is wearing you!

Beach Wedding Dresses: Which Colors Would Work Best..?

White is the most appealing and popular colour for beach wedding dresses by far.

The white wedding gown, whether it's for a beach or church wedding looks striking, (especially if you have a tan) and your dress sparkles.

The beach is associated with light and breezy clothes that are colorful. Be adventurous try colors like lime, yellow, light green or light blue.


Beach wedding dresses accessories should reflect the style of the dress. A veil maybe a nice addition to the dress but it really isn't that practical.

A crown of woven flowers with beads is a lovely option for your beach wedding head wear.

You may like to wear your hair long and natural with flowers or a flower headband or you may want to wear a wide brimmed hat to complete the beach look.

A casual beach wedding hairstyle works best. If the day is windy, your hair will look beautifully natural and 'tousled' as opposed to looking 'messed up'.

Remember, the idea of a beach wedding is being free of the traditional. Wear sandals or go barefoot instead. Many brides go barefoot or with just a simple ballet type slipper.

A pair of white and pearl studded flip flops or simple white strappy sandals works well too.

If you plan for a casual or informal wedding on the beach, then anything that will be easy to walk in with comfort will be ideal.

On the beach - What to wear

If your ceremony is held on a tropical island, sandy beach or private beach, you can go for a really relaxed, casual look like something simple and lightweight.

Whether just a bikini top with a sarong, strapless dress, halter, one-shoulder dress, loose fitting clothes or trousers with a floaty top - consider the beach heat and dress for that.

Beach wedding dresses can be very casual so you don't really even need a veil. A very lightweight shawl draped over your arms can also be a subtle substitute for a veil. This would also be very helpful if later on a cool breeze comes up, you already have a shawl wrap to keep the cold off.

Ideal cuts to go for in the dress are sleeveless, tube top, strapless, and off-the-shoulder since these give the ultimate comfort.

You can even have a strapless gown and just twist a band of translucent lace around your shoulders, tied at the back, for a softening of the decolletage, and hiding your upper arms if you want the comfort of sleeveless, but with a wisp of lace to help conceal any flaws..

Whatever the case, you'll need to think about where you'll be saying "I Do" and what would be best to wear.

If you decide that the wedding is very informal that will make it important to wear something comfortable and casual.