Shiny Skin | Home Remedies for Healthy and Shiny Face Skin

These chemical products work initially but they have many side effects which pop-up with the passage of time, which can not be treated afterwards. These products do not make your skin radiant naturally and give a short lived life to your skin. We are presenting here some short natural ways of transforming your dull, lifeless and dark skin into glowing, soft, pimples free, fair and rosy-cheeked complexion.

1. First of all take an overlook of your daily diet. Eat healthy and nutritious food rich in antioxidants. Cut down on oily and fatty foods replacing them with green vegetables, fruits and salads. It is the first and a very crucial step towards having healthy and beautiful skin.
2. Wash your face at least thrice daily with fresh water and use a mild soap once or twice a day. Rinse off your skin gentely with towel after every wash. It will help to exfoliate your skin and shed off dead skin cells and give a radiant and healthy skin.
3. Combine 1 table spoon of milk powder, honey and lemon juice with ½ tbsp of almond oil. Mix them thoroughly into paste and apply it all over your face and neck. Let it be dried and them rinse off to get a perfect glowing skin free from tan and other spots.
4. It is also necessary to take 8 to 9 hrs of deep sound sleep daily. It also helps to better the overall health specially the skin.

Home Remedies For Shiny Skin:

Following are few of the home made tips to make your face skin glowing and shinning. Healthy and shinny skin looks beautiful and these advices are helpful to this end.
1. Soak 4-5 almonds in water overnight. Remove their skin in the morning and grind them to a fine paste. Add 1 tea spoon gram flour, 1 tsp milk and 4 drops lemon juice. Mix well and massage your skin with this paste for about 5 minutes to get a long-lasting fair and clean skin complexion.
2. Take a full cup of mint leaves and grind them to fine paste. Coat your face with this paste and allow it to dry. Rinse of after 20 minutes. Repeat for 15 days.
3. Take 1 tbsp each of olive oil and milk, add ½ tsp honey. Mix well and apply to your skin. Leave it on for 10 minutes. Dip a cotton swab in luke-warm water and wipe off the paste from your skin.
4. Combine equal amount of lemon juice and honey. Apply the mixture on your face and body. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off.
5. Take the pulp of aloe vera and mix 1 to 2 tea spoon powder milk and one egg white. Beat it well, then apply to your face by a brush and when it becomes dry do another coat of it and do it repeatedly for ½ an hr. then wash off.
6. Make a paste of 2 tbsp orange juice, 2 tsp honey, 2 tsp rose water and 1 tbsp fuller’s earth. Apply the paste over your face and neck. Wipe off the mask after 15 minutes with a moist towel. Wash off with fresh water, this mask is best suited for dry skin.
7. Mix 1 tbsp gram flour with 2 tsp of raw milk and 2-3 drops of lime juice, smear the paste over your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash off with luke-warm water.

Basic Skin Care Tips – Look Attractive Even In A Crowd

Want to look attractive with a glowing and smooth skin? Then start with some basic skin care treatments that will make you look simply stunning within a few days. Healthy skin is the most important thing that changes you completely. Healthy skin imparts you with such a glow that even if you are tired for the entire day you look ever young and fresh at the end of the day.

Whether you are a lawyer or a doctor or a professor, healthy skin is a necessity for all. Skin care treatments decrease the wrinkles on your face and body and stops skin from drying up at any time. While you take care of your skin, you need not visit any spas and healing centers. You can simply follow the four daily basic steps like cleansing, exfoliating, toning and moisturizing in your home to freshen your skin considerably.

Four basic steps of homely skin care treatments

Cleansing is simply a daily step that removes all dust and dirt from the skin. For normal skins 2-3 times is necessary while for oily skin you 4-5 times is good. Cleansing include cleaning your skin with creams, milk, lotions, foams, oils, gels and liquids. Using cotton pads dipped in these items is an affordable way. Exfoliation includes cleaning with a scrub like synthetic puff or natural sponge. Shaving by men is a great way of exfoliation.

Toning includes dipping cotton pads in astringents or applying fresh cucumbers with cup of yogurt and cleaning your face. Also you can apply tablespoon of honey and lemon juice and rub it in outward and upward strokes for excellent results. The last stage of skin care includes well moisturizing the skin to bring a healthy glow to it. Apply moisturizer specially to dry areas to notice the change in few days.

Tips to have the best skin

Men have 15% oilier skin than women and also significantly larger poles. So the main step to have a clean skin is washing your face, neck and hands regularly with cold water at an hour’s interval.
Following are some important skin care tips for all:
- Clean your skin with cleansing products to get the best results.
- Scrub your skin regularly so that the dead cells can be removed from your face.
- For getting intense moisturizing treatments use pure Vitamin E and Vitamin C or aloe Vera oil.
- Take special care of the skin under the eye, as it is the most sensitive and tender skin part.
- While toning use astringents that contain glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids. The acids actually reduce the pore size and help avoid ingrown hairs.
- People with oily skin should always carry blotting papers and light powder pouches that will seep away the oil from the skin and give you a fresh
Link and natural skin.
- Always take care of your lips and apply balm with SPF and peppermint oil in it to make them look luscious.
- If you want the perfect skin during Laser treatments, stay away from excessive alcohol, intense fatigue, tiredness, smoking and stress.

Saving your skin from the intense UV rays of the sun are important. Whenever your skin is supposed to get exposed to sunshine apply some branded sunscreen lotion to your face, neck, arms and other exposed part of your body to stop tanning and pre-mature wrinkles.

With these excellent skin care tips start taking care of your skin to look forever young, fresh and attractive.

How to Look Thinner

Do you have a big event coming up like a wedding, a family or class reunion, or a vacation? Or maybe you are just sick of looking at pictures of yourself and thinking "That's not what I want to look like!" When you are going to be photographed, you want to put your best foot forward and make sure you look fabulous. These 10 simple tips will help you learn how to look thinner in photos.

A good tan can make you look thinner! Stay in the sun or go to a beauty saloon, and use a tanning lotion, or whatever it takes to tan your skin. If you use a tanning lotion, use more under the cheeks, as the coloured areas will look deeper. That will make your face look thinner than it really is.

Choose dark colors like the all-time favorite black. Unlike bright colors, dark colors give an impression of compactness, giving the wearer a leaner figure. Other dark colors that may also be used by men are gray and navy blue.

When it comes to pants, go for slimming pants and jeans. Avoid those that are high-waisted as they will only make your bottom look bigger. Instead, go for low-waisted pants that sit lower on your hips. If you have wide hips, avoid pegged or tapered pants as they will make your hips appear bigger, instead, choose bootcut pants.

Apply foundation or a light concealer to the lip and then apply a liner inside the lips lines. Cover with a somewhat darker lipstick. By applying the liner inside the natural lips line, you decrease the lip canvas, so to speak and your lips appear smaller.

To make you look thin, you have to buy clothes or jewelery that will limit how much skin you expose. This is done so it help reduces the shape of your build and take the emphasis off any fat that you have. For instance, large sparking ear rings can distract features of your neck if it's too fat. Or pants can cover any cellulose in the legs.

Doing exercise is a great way to supplement your goal of thinner thighs. There are so many different simple yet effective exercises that you can do each day at home that will lead to much thinner thighs. For example, doing 10 or 20 squats each day can make a dramatic difference in the way your legs look in a short amount of time.

Another fashion trend is seen in bikinis or one-piece suits that have vertical stripes since the design tends to elongate the body to make it appear taller and thinner. Even if you have never purchased a swimsuit before that had vertical stripes, you really should do yourself a favor and try one on, just to see how you look in the mirror.
For those that are looking to lose a couple of inches off their waist or thighs, don't bother with a scale. A scale will actually put a damper on your efforts by skewing your perception of your progress. Instead of using a scale, use a measuring tape to see how many inches you are losing instead. This will give you a much more accurate idea of your progress.

Always avoid loosely fitted garments. It not only makes your legs look heavy but also destroys the overall appearance. You should wear outfits with dark shades. In order to exhibit long looking legs, you should wear high-heeled shoes.

Remember that the key as to how to get thinner thighs fast lies solely in consistently, meaning you have to be exercising and eating healthy all the time each day, not just some of the time. Consistent efforts lead to consistent results every time.

Staying Comfortable and Cool with Naot Shoes

Naot shoes haven't been around that long, but what a history they have.

Manufactured in Israel, Naot was started in 1942 as a small kibbutz factory that manufactured work boots. Fast forward almost 70 years, and Naot now employs 160 workers and designs everything from dress shoes to sandals for men, women and children.

Naot shoes are designed with comfort, construction and styling in mind. These shoes offer a flexible footpad made of cork, natural rubber or leather that supports the heel. What makes Naot so unique is its anatomical footpad, which is like a negative print of the foot, similar to the footprint left when walking in the sand or the snow. The footpad is flexible and soft, absorbs shocks, supports the heel and helps relieve pain in the foot. Combine the footpad with modern styles and colors and you have one very interesting shoe.


If you want to understand Naot shoes, start with the women's Cymbal. This sandal offers flexibility in the upper and the sole. It has an all natural leather upper and a suede-covered cork footbed with latex sponge padding. The sole has arch support that helps distribute your weight evenly. It utilizes a removable and replaceable Naot footbed. The ultra-light soles are made of high-quality rubber, polyurethane and latex that help retain the sole's flexibility and immunity to erosion. Because it's a sandal meant to let you enjoy the walk, its heel is just 1¼ inches.

For something a little dressier, consider the Naot Women's Loop with a two-inch stacked heel. The uppers are done in leather or lizard-embossed leather. Its footbed is anatomically molded, covered in suede and made of natural latex. Keeping the sandal close to your foot are dual elastic panels. The Loop comes in black, brown and grey.

For a stylish, but casual sandal that epitomizes Naot shoes, check out the Ashley sandal for women. It's like a Birkenstock sandal that discovered style. It's created with two soft, wide leather upper bands, offered in a variety of colors and enhanced with decorative crystals. The suede-lined, cushioned cork footbed sits atop a lightweight, shock absorbent outsole. It has a 1¼ -inch heel. These all leather uppers are available in a variety of colors, including copper, black madras, cheetah, raspberry, metal, gold, grey, steel, brown lizard, cherry and white leather.

Dress Shoes

The closest you will get to a dress shoe is the Naot Women's Treasure model. While it's not the stiletto you may picture for dress shoes, it is a feminine shoe that combines style and comfort.

Part of the Impulse Collection for Naot, the Treasure features a rich leather and patent leather strap with goring for extra give. It features a smooth leather footbed that gives you soft support with moisture wicking properties. The flexible polyurethane wedge outsole is long-lasting and gives you great traction control. And, yes, this is a dress shoe and has a 2¾-inch heel to prove it. It is available in black, metal and espresso leather.

Even more dressy than the Treasure is the Isis model. This beautiful slip-on has two wide straps - a ruched ankle strap and a strap over the toes. Both leather straps stay close to the foot, thanks to the elastic goring. A leather-lined, cushioned footbed pads your foot. The 1½-inch heel offers lift and a dressy look. The Isis is available in copper, black, metal and quartz leather uppers.


From dressy to the opposite extreme, check out Naot's thong sandals. The Jessica model is pure Naot. It features two wide leather straps - and a small leather thong that wraps around the big toe. Part of the Elegant Collection, it has a suede footbed, cork midsole and rubber sole. Also special to Naot shoes, this model offers the hook-and-loop instep adjustability. This model is available in copper, black and toffee leather.

For a tooled leather thong, consider the Montreal model. Part of the Cosmopolitan Collection, this thong features a leather upper with floral cutouts and, again, that inside goring for a snug fit. The shock-absorbing, suede-covered footbed absorbs moisture and has a built-in arch support. You'll see that the footbed has a deep heel indentation to protect your heel bone and to keep you balanced. The rubber, polyurethane and latex sole keeps you safe on your feet for a very long time. The 1¾-inch heel gives you a nice lift. This model is available in black, burnt copper, golden mocha, steel and toffee leather.

Get the right size

Because Naots are manufactured in Israel, the sizing system may not be what you are used to seeing. A basic rule for conversion is that each size simply has a higher number that corresponds to a normal U.S. size. For example, an Israeli 37 is the same as a U.S. 5, an Israeli 38 is a U.S. 6, and so on.

If you are looking for a shoe that offers comfort, style and support, check out Naot's many fashionable models.

Scar Treatment

Scars remind us of funny adventures or terrible accidents or surgical operations, but do they decorate us? Many people think their scars are big disadvantages that make their appearance less attractive. Scars used to be a proof of warrior's courage in former times, but nowadays, when beauty and eternal youth are praised, even old fashioned men became concerned about scars treatment possibilities. If you decided to take care of your scars, you need to know what chances are out there.

Let's face it: there is no way to completely remove a scar. But there are several ways to make it less noticeable. Scars can be different in form, color; they can be results of various causes. Therefore they need to be treated with different means. Basically, there are three ways to fight scars: surgery, creams and lasers.

Surgical way is recommended when scar is salient or vice versa - "cut out" (i.e. acne scar). When healed up skin is salient, the scar tissue is removed during surgery and healed in special way to be less visible. In some cases of prominent scar or cut-out scar, a small piece of skin is being attached after removing the original scar tissue. This additional skin is excised from less perceptible part of patient's body, i.e. from behind the ears.

Scar removal creams, gels and lotions are highly promoted in nowadays market. They do a great work when a scar tends to be red, rough or swollen. Ointments provide skin with a lot of humidity and special components that induce a skin tissue to regenerate more than usually. Scar treatment creams contain certain amount of collagen as well. Collagen is natural part of human body which helps to keep a flat skin. Creams and gels are also recommended to heal burn off caused scars and stretch marks. Ointments do more effect to young scars, but they can make old scars appear less noticeable too. There are several creams dedicated to wounds treatment that can make skin to heal up prettier.

Laser treatment is used for all types of scars, but not for all types of skin. People with dark skin tones are recommended to avoid laser treatment. This technology is used to remove almost all scar tissue. Later the skin is stimulated to healthy regenerated. The disadvantage of this kind of treatment is a very slow recovery; it might take from 10 to 18 months for a skin to regenerate. Even after this period, there's no guaranty of success, because it might take two or three procedures to finally see the effect. Other laser treatment is used to remove the redness. The laser light contracts blood vessels in a scar and makes it look more like uninjured skin.

There are some other ways to treat scars, but they are not as effective as the ones mentioned above, that is why they are not that popular. Special massages can be recommended while skin is still healing, this can help to form softer and less noticeable scar tissue. Sometimes tiny portions of collagen or fat from patient's body are injected under salient scar. These materials are absorbed into skin and may flatten the scar.

Prevent Those Ugly Wisdom Lines: Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Face Looking Younge

As you get older and older, you gain wisdom and a few wrinkles to go along with it. However, there are tips below that can help prevent those unwanted wisdom lines aka wrinkles.

Sunglasses and Sunscreen
The sun is the number one influencer of wrinkles and other abnormalities that make someone look older such as blotchiness, liver spots, broken blood vessels, dryness, and sun related skin diseases.

So, a very inexpensive way to prevent fine lines is protecting yourself from the harmful rays of the sun with a facial sunscreen and sunglasses. In the morning before you even put on your make up, put a SPF 15 facial moisturizer sunscreen on your face all year round and even during the winter when the sun is rarely shining. Just because the sun is hiding behind the clouds, it still emits harmful UV rays. Before you leave the house, equip yourself with sunglasses that block out the UV rays. Make sure when you purchase sunglasses that it has UV ray protection because not all sunglasses have this feature.

Don't Smoke
Smoking in general has negative effects for the body and even contributes to wrinkles. In fact, smoking constricts the skin tissue from receiving oxygen and nutrients which causes a pasty complexion and premature wrinkles.

By keeping the skin hydrated, soft, and moist, water is nature’s fountain of youth. The average person needs six to eight glass of water each day especially during workouts and for the hot weather. On the contrary, soda, tea, coffee, juice, and alcohol can not be substituted for water. In fact, alcohol is the worst to drink since it dehydrates and robs the skin of essential minerals and nutrients similar to smoking.

Ironically, water has other benefits besides from reducing wrinkles such as suppressing appetites and getting rid of waste material. It is a good idea to always keep a bottle of water handy.

Anti-Aging Skin Care
If you have a few wrinkles on your face and you want to get rid of them, you can try Jevene anti-wrinkle cream, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spots, penetrates and moisturizes your skin even deep below the skin surface. It is a safe alternative to painful Botox injections.

Jevene skin care products are an exclusive formula that helps create healthy looking skin. Within a few weeks of use, you may look and feel different.

Tips for Healthy Skin Year-Round

Taking care of your skin is essential all year ‘round. Humidity, harsh weather conditions, and sun exposure are just a few of the elements that affect your skin as the seasons change. Follow these skin care tips from dermatologist Dr. Linda Franks, and you’ll help ensure that you’re promoting healthy skin the whole year through.


The winter months can really take a toll on your skin. During the winter, the drop in temperatures, combined with low humidity and indoor heating, can strip the skin of moisture and cause dryness and cracking.
Feel like a long hot shower? Think again.

A hot shower may feel great, but only for a few minutes. As soon as you step out, your skin begins to lose moisture because hot water removes natural oils from the skin, making it dry and itchy. Bathe or shower in warm water and limit your showers to 5 to 10 minutes.

The best time to moisturize?

Right after you take a shower or bath. Pat dry and apply your moisturizing lotion within 3 minutes. The lotion helps seal in the water left over from your bath and keeps the dryness out.

Hydrate your skin from the inside out.

Drink plenty of water – about eight 8 oz. glasses a day. And if you plan to ski or run, it's wise to cut down on alcohol and caffeine, since these substances can dehydrate the body, robbing the skin of moisture.

And from the outside in.

Use a humidifier to raise the humidity in your home during the winter. The temperature and humidity inside your house is the only “weather” you can control. Take advantage of this to create the perfect indoor environment to help your skin stay hydrated and healthy.

Review the products you are using.

If you use topical skin care products, talk to your dermatologist about switching from gels to more moisturizing cream formulations for the winter months. Be careful not to overuse products containing alpha-hydroxy acids. They exfoliate the top layer of the skin, which is good for dry skin, but they may leave the new layer of skin unprotected to the cold of winter.

Snow reflects more than 80% of the sun’s rays, so don’t forget your sunscreen.

Use gentle, nondrying cleansers and moisturizers, twice a day, everyday
When using either alpha hydroxy acids or tretinoin, it’s important to use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer ( Both products may also increase the sensitivity of your skin to sunlight – all the more reason to use a sunscreen every day.


Spring is a time of renewal, a cleansing period. Why not seize the opportunity to do a little “spring cleaning” yourself. Take a look at how you can cleanse your face - is it time for a change?

Is there a wrong way to cleanse your face?

Yes. While the deodorant soap in the shower may be tempting because it's there, it's probably the worst thing you can use on your face.

Summer Skin Care

Healthy skin is slightly acidic, due to the acid mantle which covers it. The acid mantle is a combination of sebum and perspiration designed to protect the skin from the environment. Each day we lose 850 ml of water through perspiration, so drinking water is helpful in replacing this lost fluid. During the summer, water loss is more rapid, and humid conditions accelerate water loss through the skin as the body attempts to cool itself. As a result, sebum production increases, collecting on the skin and clogging pores. For many, this process results in breakouts, so regular cleansing is recommended.
A good skin care regimen for most skin types during the summer months is the following:

1. Cleansing with a natural, vegetable soap or soap-based cleanser.

2. Exfoliation, not exceeding once or twice per week

3. Hydrate your skin with an alcohol free, natural toner or fill a clean, sterile spray bottle with filtered water and mist over the face after cleansing or exfoliation.

4. Moisturize with a light, all natural moisturizer. Creams and lotions with petroleum based ingredients tend to clog the pores unnecessarily.

5. Massage a face oil or moisturizer into the skin at night. Massaging serves to increase circulation to the skin, which helps the natural rejuvenation processes which take place during sleep.

6. Keep lips protected and moisturized with a lip balm, lip gloss or lipstick, preferably containing a natural sunblock such as titanium dioxide.

7.Cover up to reduce the amount of exposure to the sun with a wide brimmed hat, long and loose fitting clothing. Ninety percent of skin cancers are due to chronic sun damage and eighty percent of wrinkles arise from photoaging.

Any skin care discourse which does not include a discussion of nutrition is lacking a fundamental principle of healthy skin care. Good health and beauty are synonymous. For instance, a clogged and spotty complexion can be linked to a diet high in saturated fats and sugar. Sensitive skin may become worsened by poor digestion or inadequate absorption of nutrients. Dry flaky skin may reflect a diet low in fatty acids or vitamin E. Skin that does not heal quickly may be low in vitamins A, B6, C or zinc. A healthy, varied diet helps the skin defend itself against infection, cell damage and premature aging, especially during the summer months. Increasing your daily intake of fresh, raw vegetables and fruit adds vitamins, antioxidants and water to your diet. Take advantage of the increased variety of fresh foods available during the summer, since a good diet is one of the essential elements for healthy, glowing skin.

Vitamins for Skin

Vitamin A :The Strongest Wrinkle Fighter.
Vitamin A is essential for the formation of healthy skin cells. Deficiency of Vitamin A over a long period of time can lead to thick, itchy dry skin which can be prone to infection. Taking vitamin A as a supplement can also be helpful for treating many skin disorders such as acne, eczema, rashes and infections.

Vitamin B : The Skin Conditioner.
The B vitamins are important for skin and nerve health. It may be helpful to take if you suffer from dull skin.

Vitamin C : The Skin�s Defense System.
One of vitamin C�s main role is the manufacture of collagen, the substance which forms the basis of connective tissue, or the glue that holds the skin cells together. Collagen fibres act to hold the skin taut and firm as we age. Vitamin C is also an antioxidant which means it is able to neutralise the dangerous molecules called free radicals that form when the body is exposed to sunlight, smog and cigarette smoke.

Vitamin E: For Extra Protection.
Both vitamin C and vitamin E have been shown to protect the skin against sun damage. Vitamin E is an oil so it helps to soften the complexion. Taken as a supplement vitamin E is absorbed into cell membranes where it acts as an antioxidant, protecting the cells from damage.

Vitamin E comes in different forms: the more potent version is alpha tocopherol. You can add the contents of a vitamin E capsule to your regular moisturiser.

Good Face Cleansers – Impart Freshness To Your Face

Good face cleansers are items that clean and rinse your face and provide a different freshness to your face. Good face cleansers include mild and natural gels, lotions and creams that provide a soothing softness to your skin. It imparts a certain healthiness that makes you look fresh and good even after a tired day out.

Benefits of good face cleansers

A good face cleanser provides a lot of benefits to people using the items. It helps in gentle removal of dirt and debris, prevents oil secretion in the face, provides a calm and soothing sensation to the skin, eliminates surface bacteria, imparts new and fresh skin texture, and removes excess toxins from the skin. The facial cleansers are made of natural ingredients and provide no side effects. So these cleansers are suitable for any skin type.

The facial cleansers provide quick freshness and softness to your face. This means that you can notice the pleasant changes in your face within a few days after you use the cleansers. If it’s winter, the cleansers stop your facial skin from cracking and if its summer the cleansers prevent your skin from secreting excessive oil. But you have to regularly use the facial cleansers to notice the changes.

Ingredients of face cleansers

A good facial cleanser usually provides good results on all skin for it contains the following natural elements in it:
 Caffeine, Aloe Vera and Sucrose – imparts the anti-irritation quality to the cleanser
 Glycerin – acts as humectants
 Olive fruit and Safflower Seed oils – act as emollients
 Trehalose and Sodium Hyaluronate – moisturizing elements
 Linoleic Acid and Barley Extract – a natural barrier repair complex

These face cleansers gently dissolve away dirt, makeup and debris thereby leaving your skin fresh, soothing, and smooth.

Natural face cleansers

Instead of applying chemical products to your face, you can use natural ingredients that will impart a rich and fresh glow to your face. Natural ingredients include turmeric powder, chickpea powder, cucumber pastes, yogurt mixtures, chamomile and rosemary tops, almond, honey, vitamin A/E and mix them with milk, rosewater, glycerin cleansers and curd to prepare face cleansing pastes. These cleansers are applied twice to thrice a day, and reduce freckles, blemishes, enhance the softness and glow of the face, reduce wrinkles and premature sagging of the skin.

Other advantages of face cleansers

Whether your skin is oily or full of acne, the cleansing cream is unique for all skin types. Whether you have large pores, blackheads, uneven skin, cracking skin or too many wrinkles facial cleansers can cure every type of problem. For people suffering from special cases as mentioned you should use facial cleansers that are rich in ingredients like sodium lauryl, ether sulphate, cocoamidopropyl betaine, hidroviton, sodium citrate, methyl Paraben, polysorbate 20, deionised water, cocamide DEA, propyleneglycol, chamomile extract, EDTA and Fragrances.

Use facial cleansers for deep cleansing of your skin, exfoliating dead surface cells, fighting against pollution, eliminating skin redness and blotchiness in skin.

Stop Dry Skin and Taking Care of Dry Skin

Great looking skin is a wonderful thing to have. Healthy and wonderful skin not only enhances your personality but also protects your body from outside world. Most of us are not born with perfect skin type and complexion, and the problem is worse when we find that our skin type is dry, since dry skin looks dull, damaged and tight, especially after washing with soap and water.

Characteristics of dry skin

Dry skin looks dry because of its inability to retain moisture. It has a low level of sebum and sometimes it can be quite prone to sensitivity. Once washed with soap and water, dry skin becomes tight and uncomfortable unless some moisturizing lotion is applied on it. Another characteristic of dry skin is - chapping and cracking, due to wind, extreme temperature or air conditioning, though these are the signs of extremely dry skin. If you have dry skin, you may also have tiny expression lines on the cheeks, around the eyes or in the corners of mouth.

Taking care of dry skin

The main problem of dry skin is lack of moisture and this can be solved by thorough and regular use of moisturizing lotion. Moisturizer increases the water content of the outer layer of your dry skin and gives it a soft and smooth look. The skin also needs regular stimulation with oil and cream massage. This gives extra protection to the skin.

Avoid using tap water for cleaning your dry skin, for the deposits of tap water may also deposit on dry skin making it drier. Use filtered water to wash your face. You can also use mineral water to freshen your face skin. Avoid using rough cloth, since rough texture can irritate your dry skin.

Highly alkaline soaps and detergents are harmful for dry skins because these contain highly alkaline and drying ingredients. You should use mild, non-detergent, and neutral-pH products for cleaning your skin. After washing, always massage your skin with oil or cream. It is good if you can use baby oil after having bath and nourishing cream before going to bed at night. Be careful about the places where the expression lines are born – apply cream gently on those spots.

Diet recommendation for dry skin

Diet takes a vital part to keep the moisture level of your dry skin balanced. Here is a list of recommended diet for your dry skin.
• Always maintain a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, grains, and nuts that can satisfy your requirement of protein, carbohydrate and fat.
• Raw food is better than cooked food. So increase the intake of raw foods. Make sure you are consuming a plenty of yellow and orange vegetables, as these are high in beta-carotene, an antioxidant.
• Drink plenty of water to keep your dry skin well hydrated.
• Use unrefined cold-pressed flax seed oil for salad, baked vegetables or other dishes that do not require heating to high temperature. This type of food will keep your dry skin moist. Flax seed contains high amount of Omega-3 fatty acid, which keeps your skin healthy.
• Eat foods rich in sulfur like garlic, onion and eggs. These will keep your dry skin smooth and healthy.
• Avoid foods that kill – fried foods, animal fats and heat-processed vegetable oils. Use cold-pressed oils.
• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, soft drinks, sugar, chocolate, potato chips, and junk foods.

It’s true that you cannot change our skin type but you can take good care of it to give it a better look. Dry skin is a problem but following the recommended diet and proper skin care you can avoid uncomfortable situations that you face for dry skin. However, dry skin has one advantage too. You will less likely to have acne than oily skin.

How To Get Rid Of Acne, Blackheads and Pimples

Acne is a common problem and persons suffering from it are often desperately looking for ways of getting rid of it. Teenagers commonly get this skin problem though the effects last long after the teenage years have passed. However, taking a little care will ensure that the problem is overcome to a great extent.

The nature and cause of acne

Acne stems from the effect of sebaceous glands present in the skin. It has got an inflammatory nature. Appearance of papules or pustules is characteristic of this situation. There may also be formation of blackheads.

Secretion of certain hormones, their proportion and balance acts as a causative factor of acne. The use of harsh skin care products may also cause acne or pimples. Dehydration of the skin aggravates the formation of acne. Yeast build up in the body is also common in persons suffering from acne. This can be a probable reason for the acne formation.

Going about with getting rid of acne

The diagnosis of the cause of the acne is necessary before proceeding with remedial steps. After determination of the particular cause of acne you are suffering from you need to take the necessary preventive and control measures.

Hormone imbalance causing acne can be achieved by adopting steps aimed at restoring balance. Stress causing over production of hormones needs to be avoided. Relaxation techniques like Yoga, deep breathing can come of use. Exercises also come of help in this regard. The caffeine in coffee also stimulates hormone production. So, coffee intake should be restricted.

Certain foods need to be avoided or restricted to help out in keeping acne conditions in check. Dairy products, refined and cooked carbohydrates and fats and also meat should be avoided. This foods increase acidity in the system which is conductive to acne formation. On the contrary intake of fresh vegetables, fruits and some nuts help the body to produce more alkali and helps treating of acne.

Harsh skin care products should not be used. These dry out the skin to a great extent thereby causing the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil which blocks pores of skin and creates more acne. Exfoliation of the skin should be done periodically to get rid of dead cells blocking pores. This will keep acne at bay.

Eating sugary products and consumption of yeast in food should be avoided. These are the foods which may enhance acne formation. Antibiotics may be administered to get rid of acne as per some medical prescription. However, they should be supplemented with probiotics which encourage the formation of good bacteria in the intestines which aids digestion. The process of digestion is important for preventing acne. If the digestive system is sluggish then wastes may have to be discharged via the skin which blocks pores and promotes acne formation.

Acne needs considerable care and attention to be brought under control. A step by step procedure needs to be adopted. It has been observed that western diets aggravate the malady. A diet comprising of raw foods- fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and the like is ideal for controlling acne.

Skin Care For Men and Treatments For Looking Good

Skin care for men involves a regimen for looking after the skin of men in-keeping with their particular needs and activities. Though men have always been perceived as the admirers of beauty still they too need to groom themselves by taking care of their skin to avoid skin problems and appear handsome and pleasant. In recent times several enterprises have taken up the cause of men’s skin and beauty care and have started offering a range of products especially aimed at providing skin care for men.

Special needs of men to be addressed

Products and services for skin care of men need to take into account the special needs of men. Men are more involved in outdoor activities. Hence they get exposed to sun, wind and pollution to a greater extent. Moreover, the skin of men is naturally oilier with larger pores and is thicker and rougher with copious hair growth. Together with all this is the characteristic indisposition of men towards elaborate skin care programs. So an appropriate skin care regimen for men should involve simple and hassle free yet effective programs.

Skin care for men- cleansing and moisturizing

Cleansing is a very important part of skin care for men. Deep cleansing preferably using some natural cleanser keeps pores clear and also promotes health of the skin by getting rid of pollutants and germs. While cleansing a scrub may be used. This will help remove dead cells. The scrub should be strong yet not rough and damaging.
Cleansing should be accompanied by moisturizing. This will replenish the skin of its essential moisture restoring its suppleness. Application of a moisturizer on face and neck is a must especially after shaving. Vitamin E serves as a good moisturizer. This can be used especially for the under eye areas.

Skin care for men- toning

Toning men’s skin ensures that the skin remains firm and clear from the environmental pollutants. This is achieved by using a specialized astringent tonic. Natural toners are all the more beneficial in retaining the elasticity of the skin.

Special treatments as skin care for men

Occasional exfoliating treatments with the use of masks and packs help revitalize the tired skin and impart a fresh look and glow. This will ensure effective removal of dead cells and deep rooted pollutants. The skin looks and feels rejuvenated.

Protective skin care for men

The sun and environmental factors which are damaging to the skin need to be counteracted and the skin needs to be shielded from the influence of such factors. Some products/measures which will come of help in this regard are:

• Avoiding overexposure to the sun and applying protective sun block or sun screen creams/lotions before going out in the sun.
• Using good moisturizing coverage creams etc. when facing rough winds while pursuing activities.
• Sticking to a healthy diet with intake of vitamins C and E.
• Avoiding excess of stress, addictions and irregular habits which decrease facial circulation making one look older besides causing other illnesses.

When Shopping for Summer Dresses - Try these styles

A good summer dress must be lightweight and easy to wear or take off. It should be made of thin materials that are cool to the skin. We all know how hot those summer months can be and wearing clothes made of thick materials is definitely not advisable.

When shopping for summer dresses, look for the following:

Length - this is one of the most main considerations when looking for summer dresses, being in the heat of summer does not really mean that you need to wear very short dresses or skirts. If you are rather shy or do not feel comfortable exposing your legs, then you can buy a summer dress that is longer; ankle length, mid calf or knee length will be fine. If you are tall, you can very well get away with longer summer dresses, but if you are on the short side, shorter dresses will look better on you. If you are a plus size, there are plus size bottom dresses available in the market.

Color - aside from knowing what the color that looks good on you, you must also be aware that there are colors that are great for summer wear. Choose light colors that will look cool and perfect for the summer. If you are a big woman then you must have been used to wearing dark colored clothes to create an illusion of slimness, you can buy plus size cocktail dresses that are right for the summer in colors that are right for you and the season.

Fabric - the type of the fabric for summer dresses are usually lightweight and breathable. The best choice could be cotton fabrics. There are fabrics that are not suitable for summer dresses and you should avoid buying those. Avoid polyester fabrics as they are hot and uncomfortable, go for non-synthetic ones that will make you feel more at ease. Also look for a summer dress made from fabric that is easily washable and dries quickly, you do not a summer dress that needs dry cleaning especially if you are going out in the sun most of the times.

There are certain kinds of dresses that are perfect for capering during hot days.

- A dress with scoop neck, full sweeping skirt, and smocked waist looks very feminine and creates a soft and flattering touch. Color could be bright ones like red, green, purple etc
- A mini dress, multicolored prints, sleeveless, drapLinked neckline and wide cuff skirts is just wows among people. Such dresses are fine for both night and day and you shine among all

- If you are looking for less flirty, innocence look summer dress than try A-line dresses, sleeveless, V-neck cut and empire waist line. Basically pink, red, blue, yellow are favorable color for this outfit.

- If you are looking for athletic and sport look than Capri with short top or bit length classic polo are too comfortable and stylish as well.

- Another most feminine and body cut party dress try smocked sleeves, smocked waist for flattering silhouette with Y-neck and a belt above waist is a peasant style.

So, have happy shopping, and great style.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Summer Dress

Are you willing to buy some exotic summer dresses that will complement your personality? The summer days are the perfect time to play with colors. This is the time to experiment with pastel and smoldering bright colors that will add brilliance to your collection. There are a myriad of dresses available in the online shops. Just a glance at the summer dresses will remind a person of a vibrant feeling to relax on the beach dressed in the brilliant beach dresses.

Whether you look for some cool summer dresses or shimmery party dresses, you must be in line with the latest fashion trends. The online stores are flooded with the most chic summer and party dresses that cannot be found in the offline shops. The recent trends are more towards shopping from the online stores as it is convenient to check for a huge variety of dresses from the different stores. When you plan to buy a new summer dress, you must always browse the online stores and imbibe the idea of the ongoing fashion trends. If you want to look stunning and steal the envious looks of your friends, you must wear the chic and trendy dresses.

Despite buying the most elegant piece of dressing, you will not look good, if the size or color doesn't suit you. Thus, it is really essential to choose a dress according to the figure. If your figure has shape of pear, dresses with straps will be the best pick. These dresses will focus on bare shoulders, creating the illusion of more balanced body shape and your hips will look smaller. If you are on the healthier side, you must pick dresses with a set that collects around the waist, as they make your waist look thinner.

There is no guarantee that you get into a shop and find the most befitting dress that falls into your budget, looks stunning on you, and is according to your skin tone. Here, the online stores come to your rescue. With just one click, you can browse through several online stores and compare and contrast the different summer and party dresses. You will get a fair idea about what you want. If you are on a low budget, you can browse through the stores that offer discounted dresses that will add a variety to your wardrobe. Every girl will be envious of your exquisite collection that will include V-neckline, wide belt and short skirt, or floral wrap arounds. For the summer parties bare back dresses are especially suitable. The pick of the summer season is deep cut backs, beautifully woven straps and embellishments of stones and beads for looking mysterious and sexy.

The color you pick for your dress will depend on your personal preferences and the skin color. If you have a dark complexion, go for the brown and beige tones and pastel colors. Fair girls can bet on the romantic pink, turquoise blue, or purple, and the perfect black. The short dresses will not cheat you in the summer party as well. With these tips you will get a unique vision, look extremely gorgeous, and spell a charm wherever you go!

Taking Care of Your Teeth

Teeth for a Lifetime
Thanks to better at-home care and in-office dental treatments, more people are keeping their teeth throughout their lives. Some diseases and conditions can make dental disease and tooth loss more likely. But most of us have a good deal of control over whether we keep our teeth into old age.

The most important thing you can do is to brush and floss your teeth each day.

Most mouth woes are caused by plaque. Plaque is a sticky layer of bacteria, bits of food and other organic matter that forms on your teeth. The bacteria in plaque make acids that cause cavities. Plaque also leads to periodontal (gum) disease. This can become a serious infection. It can damage bone and destroy the tissues around your teeth.

The best defense is to remove plaque before it has a chance to build up and cause problems. Brushing removes plaque from the large surfaces of the teeth and from just under the gums. Flossing removes plaque from between your teeth. You also can use other tools to keep your mouth and teeth clean.

Most of us learned to brush our teeth when we were children. We have stuck with the same brushing technique into adulthood. Unfortunately, many of us learned how to brush the wrong way. And even if we learned the right way, we might not always stick to it. Brushing correctly is tricky. You want to remove plaque without brushing too hard and damaging your gums.

There are different ways to brush correctly. Your dentist or dental hygienist can show you the method that might be best for you.

The modified Bass technique (below) is among the most popular for adults. Parents should supervise their children's brushing until age 9 or 10. Here are a few general pointers about brushing.

  • Brush at least twice a day — One of those times should be just before you go to bed. When you sleep, your mouth gets drier. This makes it easier for acids from bacteria to attack your teeth. Also try to brush in the morning, either before or after breakfast. After breakfast is better. That way, bits of food are removed. But if you eat in your car or at work, or skip breakfast, brush first thing in the morning. This will get rid of the plaque that built up overnight.
  • Brush no more than three times a day — Brushing after lunch will give you a good midday cleaning. But brushing too often can damage your gums.
  • Brush lightly — Brushing too hard can damage your gums. It can cause them to recede (move away from the teeth). Plaque attaches to teeth like jam sticks to a spoon. It can't be totally removed by rinsing, but a light brushing will do the trick. Once plaque has hardened into calculus (tartar), brushing can't remove it. If you think you might brush too hard, hold your toothbrush the same way you hold a pen. This encourages a lighter stroke.
  • Brush for at least two minutes — Set a timer if you have to, but don't skimp on brushing time. Two minutes is the minimum time you need to clean all of your teeth. Many people brush for the length of a song on the radio. That acts as a good reminder to brush each tooth thoroughly.
  • Have a standard routine for brushing — Try to brush your teeth in the same order every day. This can help you cover every area of your mouth. If you do this routinely, it will become second nature. For example, you can brush the outer sides of your teeth from left to right across the top, then move to the inside and brush right to left. Repeat the pattern for your lower teeth.
  • Always use a toothbrush with "soft" or "extra soft" bristles — The harder the brush, the greater the risk of harming your gums.
  • Change your toothbrush regularly — Throw away your old toothbrush after three months or when the bristles start to flare, whichever comes first. If your bristles flare much sooner than every three months, you may be brushing too hard. Try easing up.
  • Choose a brush that has a seal of approval by the American Dental Association — The type of brush you use isn't nearly as important as brushing the right way and doing it twice a day. Any approved brush will be a good tool, but you have to know how to use it.
  • Electric is fine, but not always necessary — Electric or power-assisted toothbrushes are a fine alternative to manual brushes. They are especially useful for people who don't always use proper brushing techniques. They also are a good choice for people with physical limitations that make brushing difficult. Use a powered toothbrush for at least two minutes, and don't press too hard.

Toothpastes don't just clean teeth anymore. They have special ingredients for preventing decay, plaque control, tartar control, whitening, gum care or helping sensitive teeth.

Most toothpastes contain fluoride, which has been proven to prevent cavities. Fluoride also can stop small cavities from getting worse. It can even reverse early tooth decay.

Tartar-control toothpastes are useful for people who tend to build up tartar quickly. Someone who gets tooth stains may want a whitening toothpaste. Whitening toothpastes will remove only surface stains, such as those caused by smoking, tea or coffee. To whiten teeth that are stained at a deeper level, talk with your dentist.

Your needs will likely change as you age, so don't be surprised if your hygienist recommends a type of toothpaste you haven't used before. Look for the ADA seal of approval on any toothpaste. The seal assures that the toothpaste has met the standards set by the American Dental Association. Then, choose the toothpaste that tastes and feels best. Gel or paste, wintergreen or spearmint: These work the same way, so pick the one you like.

Some people find that some toothpaste ingredients irritate their teeth, cheeks or lips. If your teeth have become more sensitive or your mouth is irritated after brushing, try changing toothpastes. If the problem continues, see your dentist.

How To Brush
Modified Bass brushing technique:

  • Hold the toothbrush sideways against your teeth with some of the bristles touching your gums.
  • Tilt the brush so the bristles are pointing at your gum line.
  • Move the brush back and forth, using short strokes. The tips of the bristles should stay in one place, but the head of the brush should wiggle back and forth. You also can make tiny circles with the brush. This allows the bristles to slide gently under the gum. Do this for about 20 strokes or 20 circles. In healthy gums, this type of brushing should cause no pain. If it hurts, brush more gently.
  • Roll or flick the brush so that the bristles move out from under the gum toward the biting edge of the tooth. This helps move the plaque out from under the gum line.
  • Repeat for every tooth, on the insides and outsides.
  • On the insides of your front teeth, it can be hard to hold the brush sideways. So hold it vertically instead. Use the same gentle back-and-forth or circular brushing action. Finish with a roll or flick of the brush toward the biting edge.
  • To clean the biting or chewing surfaces of the teeth, hold the brush so the bristles are straight down on those surfaces.
  • Gently move the brush back and forth or in tiny circles to clean the entire surface. Move to a new tooth or area until all teeth are cleaned.
  • Rinse with water.
  • You can clear even more bacteria out of your mouth by brushing your tongue. Brush firmly but gently from back to front. Do not go so far back in your mouth that you gag. Rinse again.

Many people never learned to floss as children. But flossing is critical to healthy gums and it's never too late to start. A common rule of thumb says that any new habit becomes second nature after only three weeks. If you have questions, ask your dentist or dental hygienist to give you a lesson.

Here are a few general pointers about flossing:

  • Floss once a day — Most dentists recommend flossing at least once a day. If you tend to get food trapped between teeth, you can floss more often.
  • Take your time — Don't rush.
  • Choose your own time — Most people find that just before bed is an ideal time to floss. But it's best to find the time that's most convenient for you. That way, you are more likely to floss regularly.
  • Don't skimp on the floss — Use as much floss as you need to clean both sides of every tooth with a fresh section. In fact, you may need to floss one tooth several times (using fresh sections of floss) to remove all the food. Some professionals think that reusing sections of floss may move bacteria from one tooth to another.
  • Choose the type that works best for you — There are many types of floss: waxed and unwaxed, flavored and unflavored, ribbon and thread. Try a few before you settle on one to use every day. Waxed floss works better in people with very closely spaced teeth. Tougher, shred-resistant varieties of floss work well for people with rough tooth edges.

How To Floss
Hold the floss in whatever way you prefer. The most common method is to wind the floss around your middle fingers. Then pull it tight and guide it with your index fingers. You also can wind it around your index fingers and guide it with your thumb and middle fingers. Some people just hold the ends of the floss, or use a floss-guiding tool. (If you have a fixed bridge, a bridge threader can help guide floss under the bridge for better cleaning.)

How you hold the floss is not as important as what you do with it. If you can't settle on a good method, ask your dentist or hygienist for suggestions.

  • Hold the floss so that a short segment is ready to work with.
  • Guide the floss gently between two teeth. If the fit is tight, use a back-and-forth motion to work the floss through the narrow spot. Do not snap the floss; you could cut your gums.
  • Hold the floss around the front and back of one tooth, making it into a "C" shape. This will wrap the floss around the side edge of that tooth.
  • Gently move the floss toward the base of the tooth and into the space between the tooth and gum.
  • Move the floss up and down with light to firm pressure to skim off plaque from the tooth. Do not press so hard that you injure the gum.
  • Repeat for all sides of the tooth, including the outermost side of the last tooth. Advance the floss to a clean segment for each tooth edge.

Other Ways To Clean Between The Teeth
To supplement your at-home brushing and flossing, your dentist or hygienist may suggest one or more of the following:

  • Interdental cleaners — These cleaners work better than floss for people who have large spaces between their teeth. Some look like tiny brushes. Others look like three-sided, wide toothpicks. These cleaners also work well in people who have braces or missing teeth, and in people who have had gum surgery. You can find them at most grocery stores and drugstores.
  • Oral irrigators — These are electrical devices. They pump water in a steady or pulsating stream. They do not seem to remove plaque that is attached to the tooth. But they are great for flushing out food and debris in pockets between teeth, or in braces. They also are used to deliver medicine to hard-to-reach areas. For example, prescription rinses can be sprayed into gum pockets with an oral irrigator.
  • Interdental tip — These flexible rubber nibs are used to clean between the teeth and just below the gum line. Plaque and bits of food can be removed by gently running the tip along the gum line.
  • Mouthwashes and rinses — As with toothpaste, your choice of mouthwash or rinse will be guided by your mouth care needs. Over-the-counter rinses can freshen the breath, add fluoride or kill the bacteria that cause gingivitis. Some mouthwashes are designed to help loosen plaque before you brush. Ask your dentist or hygienist to recommend the rinse that would be best for you. If you need to avoid alcohol, read ingredient labels carefully. Many over-the-counter mouthwashes contain high amounts of alcohol. In some cases, your dentist might prescribe a stronger fluoride or antibacterial rinse for you.

How To Get A Healthy Smile - Sparkling white teeth

Often we ponder over the possible ways of getting a healthy smile displaying sparkling white healthy teeth. The eyes are often considered to be the windows to the soul. On similar lines the teeth can also be regarded as the doors to the soul. So, a lot of care needs to be taken to ensure a healthy smile and insure healthy teeth.

Since historical times man has learnt the importance of taking care of teeth. Some Sumerian tablets dating back to the period of 5,000 B.C. provide evidence that the ancient people took lot of care for their dental health. They even used toothbrushes prepared from tree branches.

Importance of getting healthy teeth

Apart from the cosmetic value of possessing shining white teeth there is also the more important functional utilities of teeth - chewing, grinding and tearing food to facilitate eating. Dental health and oral well being also serves as a parameter of internal health. A person having diseases like diabetes may also have unhealthy teeth.

Hurdles in the way of a healthy smile

Inadequate care towards upkeep of dental hygiene may result in a number of problems related to your tooth. These can take your healthy smile away. Some such tooth problems are tooth decay, tooth injuries and toothaches. Tooth decay is mainly caused by sugar and plaque. These are also causative factors for gum disease. Plaque is the build-up of debris and bacteria on the teeth. Tooth injuries may include chipped tooth or lost tooth. Toothaches may be due to a number of reasons. The main reason is formation of tooth cavities.

Ways to overcome the hurdles and get a healthy smile

Brushing the teeth properly using small circular motion twice a day helps get rid of sugar and plaque formation. Brushing similarly after meals is also beneficial. Rinsing the mouth also helps. Otherwise chewing an apple or sugarless gum also helps cleanse the teeth. The plaque formed between teeth and below gums may be effectively removed by flossing before going to bed.

Toothpastes having fluoride is preferable. This is assimilated into the teeth thereby enabling them to become more strong and resistant to decay. It also kills bacteria. It is advisable to change the toothbrushes after every 3-4 months since the edges get frayed.

Sugary and gummy substances like raisins should be consumed with meals and soon after good rinsing of the mouth is required. These feed bacteria in mouth and encourage tooth decay.

An effort can be made to re-implant lost tooth if it is brought to the dentist within an hour or so placed in glass of milk or saliva. Chipped tooth can be repaired by cosmetic bonding agents. These cosmetic agents need to match the rest of the teeth.

Toothaches cannot just be ignored and for this you need to avoid cold and chewy foods. A dentist should be consulted for advice. Recurrent toothaches are a cause of concern and the reason for the problem needs to be ascertained and attended to in time.

Steps to take to maintain a healthy smile

Visiting a doctor twice every year is required for looking after your dental and oral health. Brushing twice everyday for 2-3 minutes in gradual circular movements helps maintain the health of teeth. Flossing at bedtime daily and rinsing the mouth properly after meals and even brushing if possible promotes hygiene of teeth and mouth. If there are sores or growths in your mouth which are not healing up within two weeks then a dentist’s help is to be sought. You need to approach a dentist and carry out necessary diagnosis if there is a persistent pain in teeth and gums or jaws. Following these with dedication can go a long way to maintain your healthy smile for a long, long time.

In what way or manner to Wear Tights

How many pairs of tights do you possess? In case your answer are less than 5, it's time to go shopping. Overlook panty wash in addition to leggings; when it comes to defending your legs underneath skirts and attire while looking stylish, tights are the way to go.

Modern-day tights might have originally been invented for women to "smooth" their legs while in public, but they ultimately moved in being a fashion statement of their possess via an evolution of colours, fabric in addition to patterns. In these days, they are a staple in most women's closets, as they simply could be used using just about anything year-round while taking up very little cabinet area.

The versatility using tights can't become pressured enough. Not just accomplish they come in all sorts of different colors with black, grey, white, purple, sapphire in addition to impartial, however they produce developed into various ways to feature an additional flair to the original dull tights. Fishnet, micro fishnet, striped, with stirrups and sheer are some of the very most famous patterns available in tights today. This enables tights to become used anywhere for any event, along with Sunday mornings at church in addition to from Monday in order to Friday in the office.

Not only can tights become used all over the place, but they could be opposite with just as many varieties of clothing items. Easily, the most obvious mixture will be with skirts along with dresses. Even within the winter, when temperatures lose, skirt and dress lengths shouldn't need to. Maintain your legs warm and fashionable by using a match of difficult black tights under your vacation blend dresses in addition to office tweed skirts. Tights can even be worn under office slacks and jean for an extra level of warmth that won't mass older you or your outfit.

Tights also come with a waist-slimming level that wraps around the decrease belly in addition to extends up to the waist and all the way down to mid-thigh in order to slick all areas and create a defined silhouette for your company. If this sounds a bit uncomfortable, to not worry, as tights are built with interwoven nylon and cotton that mold into the body's shape whilst nonetheless providing breathability and free movement. They're perfect for parties that you are standing round for a long time or perhaps during doing energetic activity. Ballerinas are really an example of players that put on tights as a part of their own "uniform" since they require the flexibleness along with coverage tights have to offer. Actually, the ballerina fashion is usually credited with brisk a renewed interest in tights because fashion and likewise during spawning the widespread production of ballet flats because footwear along with leotard inside couture put on.

Tights will also be easy to wash and, and come inside varying layers using gauge that travel with sheer to difficult. Sheer tights are a good choice f?o?r hotter days while difficult types are requisite for making daring statements along with your legs. Locate ones inside funky colors that add the right accent along with oomph to your company.

Tights are the ideal item to go with each company, any moment. Consider including multiple pairs towards your wardrobe in addition to be ready to strut your couture finest around the daily runway

Finding the Best Bridal Accessories to Match Your Perfect Dress

Your big day has finally come - after years of waiting for the perfect man to sweep you off your feet, your wedding and your dream guy have finally arrived. You've got the ring on your finger, you've even got the dress of your dreams picked out - but what to wear with it?

The accessories are often what make the outfit, and in the case of your wedding gown, the accessories are all the more important. This is a day where all eyes will be on you - where numerous photographs will be taken, where wedding videos will be filmed, where people will talk of what you do and what you wear for years to come. It's imperative that you find the best bridal accessories to match your perfect dress. But where to begin? Relax - we've got you covered.

Let's start with a sash. This little known accessory often goes underused. People sometimes think it will make their dress too frilly, or that it will take the attention away from the dress itself, but in truth, the sash is a great complement to your gown. It highlights your waist and adds a little bit of sparkle.

Why not show off your amazing curves? Imagine a crystal jeweled sash glittering in the light as you glide down the aisle like the princess you are. A horsehair sash with crystal embellishment, this sash is inspired by vintage estate jewelry, and it can be worn again and again! Wear it on a cocktail dress or with a t-shirt. You can even tie it in your hair as a headband! This sash is available in ivory or ebony, so you can go for a perfect match or choose total contrast.

Another thing you don't want to go without is a beaded crystal hairpiece. This stunning piece is like jewelry for your hair. A little hint of sparkle in your updo is sure to set you apart from all the other brides out there. Glamorous and slightly vintage, this antique inspired design features clusters of sparkling crystals that resemble a floral corsage. This versatile piece can be worn with any hairstyle, up or down, and looks beautiful with or without a veil.

If a hairpiece isn't substantial enough for you, consider a thin headband with crystal embellishment. Because this hairpiece surrounds your head instead of just clipping on, there's less worry of it falling off as you walk down the aisle. A thin, hard headband with a large piece of crystal embellishment, this antique-inspired design is fit for a princess. This headband features a soft, raw-edged tulle underlay that adds a romantic, ethereal look, and is available in ivory. Talk about beautiful!

When it comes to wedding accessories, most women automatically think of the veil - and for good reason: it's the most popular wedding gown accessory out there! Veils add a hint of romance to your look, and have been popular for years and years. If you're looking for something ultra romantic, consider a two-tier chapel length veil with a lace applique. This beautiful veil features hand-detailed lace appliques, which adorn the bottom edge of the longer tier. Two layers of raw edged tulle create an ethereal, romantic look that is fit for a queen. Timeless and classic, this is a look you won't be able to resist.

Another great option, especially for those who favor some extra drama with their dress, is a large black horsehair sash. This oversized sash comes in black and ivory and is 120 inches long, which makes for a beautiful multi-dimensional bow. This sash adds some dramatic detail to your gown; think of everyone gasping as soon as you enter the church. Isn't that what you've always wanted? It's your Cinderella moment, so you may as well make the most of it!

No princess look is complete without a tiara. Some might consider the request for a tiara a silly, slightly immature bridal accessory, but we say this is your day and you should rock it however you see fit! If you've always dreamed of wearing a tiara, your wedding day is the time to do so. Whether you choose one that is encrusted with rhinestones or pearls, you're sure to stand out from the brides that chose a simple veil as their central bridal accessory.

Another fun option is a pair of long gloves - white satin elbow length gloves instantly amp up any dress, taking it from average bridal gown to out of this world amazing. There's a sense of old world charm in this look - it's as though you're a bride from sixty years ago, walking down the aisle in 1922. If you're a girl that loves a vintage look, gloves are where it's at.

As you can see, there are tons of great bridal accessories out there - the real problem lies in how to narrow them all down and pick the best ones! Find your favorites now!

What makes men look powerful?

Imagine you see two men standing in front of you. They are both wearing suits, but for no particular reason one of them seems to be more powerful than the other. Where's that secret? How to look powerful even if you're not? It's rather simple. Everything you need is just a touch of some small, but manly and elegant details.

Detail number one is tie. However, having 20 or even more ties doesn't mean you have the tie. Don't be greedy and buy one in some well known designer shop. You won't be disappointed. Of course, choose wisely and be sure it'll go perfectly with your suit and shirt.

Another important detail for really powerful male is cufflinks. The majority of men ignore the fact that it speaks of luxury and elegance. It's a rather rare thing now, so you'll definitely look as a man who takes care of himself. And that definitely makes a good impression.

Well chosen belt is definitely the accessory that will add some charm to any man. If it matches your shoes, you have double effect! A black leather belt with a silver buckle is classic and matches with most accessory (unless you prefer gold).

It may sound strange to somebody, but bags also make men look powerful. It shouldn't be big, just for your wallet, documents, keys and cell phone. It'll make you look like a real business man, which is always respectful.

Watch is a must for every man who wants to look powerful. Moreover, it's a must for any and every man. Of course don't forget to choose carefully, it has to fit with your style and make it complete. Wrong watch will make you look ridiculous instead of looking powerful.

If it's autumn, umbrella is a great way to show your taste and elegance. Back, high quality umbrella that seems to be strong enough for a strong man (you know how that one dollar ones looks) will make you look manly. And there is no need to explain the advantages of umbrellas for two.

Scarf and leather gloves will make any man look powerful. It's elegance and that's exactly the thing that helps in making looks. Of course, you have to match it with your style. If you are not very good at such things, ask some help, because one small mistake may ruin everything.

It's unbelievable but pen is one of accessories that can really make you look powerful. Imagine signing some serious contract or simply a check with colored pen that belongs to your daughter. Maybe it could be a nice joke, but only maybe. Serious men always have at least silver or even golden elegant pen. It definitely helps to create a powerful man image.

Choosing elegant things of high quality and matching them with each other can make any man look powerful. Of course, your character issues are also very important. Standing straight, having self confidence, stating your opinion bravely on any conversation issue is also very important. Don't let it be an image, be powerful.

How to Choose the Right Style of Trousers

Living in a climate that is warm causes the residents to buy clothing that is cool, lightweight and looks great. It is not always easy to find this type of clothing especially if you are man. Men, unlike women, are always able to wear shorts or slacks that are lightweight all the time. Evening wear is not usually cool to wear for the men especially if they also have to wear a tie and jacket. Linen is the best thing for a man to wear when dining out or going to the opera to keep cool.

Trends fashion reveal that there some models which are and will be very fashionable: straight and tall trousers and hoses, which "try" hard to substitute the trousers. In addition, these days all sorts of pants can be worn: classical models, toile ones, iron on edge, that make us look sexy and sophisticated. Cut large, a little bit flared; they are the special element of fashion in present.

Mens linen slacks can be worn in the office, during those summer night outs, or even just in socializing wherein you want to have that touch of casual sophistication on you. And of course, there are the drawstring waist mens linen pants that everyone loves when at the beach. So you can have your cool linen pants anytime this summer - just choose the right cut for the occasion.

Trousers are worn by both men and women. You should always select the trousers that suit your style and body. Do not select anything just because it is in fashion, as it might not be suitable for you. You will hear a lot of people complaining about the trousers that are not fitted well. It is not the fault of the trousers actually. While buying trousers, they have not kept their body shape in mind, due to which the fitting is not good

Various other designers stepped into the fashion scene for introducing diverse trouser designs and cuts. Historically, women did not fancy wearing trousers and pants, but now, with lots of designers stepping into the fashion industry and introducing many trouser designs, wearing trousers with classy shirts and tops have become a fashion statement.

Remember, weather can be dodgy when dressing for a spring wedding. You may have sunshine and 70 degree's temperature at hand, or you may end up with a wet, cold day. If rain is in the forecast skip light colours, try opting for darker-toned pumps. Avoid putting on satin shoes because of April showers. Keep in mind that an umbrella and raincoat are necessary no matter what the weather forecast. The possibility of spring showers is always there and particularly at night the spring air carries a chill.

Still many people lay stress that one should at least make an effort and set up annual dinners as they were in the past with light music and dress code. Where this mentality still persists among some people, there are those who are of the view that life should be free from all these bounds where every individual should dress up as he or she think it to be suitable.

What Your Underwear Tells About You

Polka-dotted lingerie near your cleavage or silky g-string lace on your waist may disclose you more than you might think. Underwear type, color and fabric can talk much about personality as different people choose different undergarment. Have you ever wondered what type of wearer you are? Or maybe you want to guess your date's temper?

Although women seem to have been given preference to be mad about clothing, men can choose from pretty wide selection of underwear types as well. Those who can't live without briefs are reliable, but slaves of their habits. Don't ask them to quit smoking or throw away toy soldiers collection! They don't like to change their wardrobe, their free time activities nor comfortable life with parents. However men of this type are very stable and faithful. While a woman in granny panties is too shy and conservative to let anyone see her lingerie. People wearing briefs only pay attention to comfort, but ignores any trends. They are usually predictable and skip innovations. Mind that granny panties cover up a lot of body from upper thighs to belly button; if a girl choose to wear those, she doesn't feel comfortable with her body.

Boxer shorts are the most popular pants type among men and pretty widespread among women. Boxers wearers are relaxed and self-confident men. They like the comfort but they also like to look good. A man wearing boxers knows how to choose wine in a restaurant, but he won't tire you with snobbish talks nor try to get you deadly drunk. This type of men is the golden mean.

Girlie boxer pants differ from boxers for guys as it shows a bit of upper thighs and backside. Girl in boxers enjoys challenges and winning new territories. But don't hurry up to imagine a feminist warrior. She knows when to tease, but she's very feminine. Boxers wearer usually lives active life.

If a woman wears matching pants and bra, she's most likely to be a real fashion follower. She knows the title of that new song on the radio and the list of most popular cafeterias in the town. She's welcome in parties for her communicative temper. But watch out: she would rather go shopping than dating. However you can take her interest with tickets to brand-new movie.

The most common pants among women are bikinis. Girl wearing this type of underwear pays most attention to comfort. She is practical, but she likes to wear nice things. However you won't see this woman in stockings nor corset, it's too daring for her.

A woman in thongs or G-strings and lacy lingerie definitely likes to feel sexy. She won't blush from a compliment and won't be shy to tell her opinion about anything. Also a woman of this type won't wait for a guy to introduce himself; she dares to run about after the one she likes. Thongs wearers are usually in the center of attention for their flirty talks.

While women wear thongs to compliment their shapes and avoid panty-lines, this type of underwear is pretty rear among men. If you've met a guy in thongs, you can be 90% sure he's a stripper. The other ten percent are possible narcissuses that like to expose their goodies and sacrifice comfort for that. Man in thongs is party animal and swaggers about his sexual achievements

Womens Innerwear Redefined

When it comes to dressing with comfort, bras and night wears play a crucial role. They are the essence of dressing, especially as it's for making a woman's dress comfortable. What you see outside is eventually because of what she wears inside. The necessary way in which a dress is to be presented to the outside world is given by the inner wear. Thus it is a very significant part of clothing. Besides, women need to carry themselves around. They need to dress appropriately. They need to be very attractive and confident. They need to dress in a sexy way. And all of this comes from the inside. The right kind of underwear gives them all the comforts they need and puts them in the right frame of mind which allows them to be confident, concentrate better on whatever they are pursuing and be bold throughout the day.

Times have changed. Fashion industry has revolutionized our lives. Since our evolution mankind has become the most dominant species of the world and his quest for knowledge and comforts haven't been in vain. He has come a long way and achieved unimaginable feats which are quite exquisite by nature. Once due to some political and social reasons, women were kept down in a society. Not to blame them as they didn't have much of an option. But times have changed. These days we find women in almost every field and they are quite brilliant in whatever they do as professionals. They work day in and day out, competing single handedly with the society. They sweat a lot in the process as they work hard. Thus it is even more important for them to look confident and be comfortable at all times to cater to the demands they face.

They deserve the variety of choices that are available on today's market. You have variety of colors, designs, materials used for manufacturing them, brands etc. Every design has its use today. They are meant for different purposes. You need to understand them and wear them at the right places where they are meant to be worn. Also you need to figure out what suits you better. Mostly it is about the way you feel about yourself when you wear them. But keep in mind that you should be comfortable wearing it. Sometimes our bodies are not suited for certain materials. And as we sweat wearing them, they lead to certain allergic reactions with our skin which is highly undesirable. So see to that you know everything about the underwear you purchase.

Commonly used materials these days are cotton, polyester, silk and poly cotton which is a hybrid of polyester and cotton. Cotton stands out as best in terms of providing comfort. They are the best at any given day, especially when you are planning to exercise. While exercising you do sweat a lot and the right kind of underwear is absolutely necessary. These days there are also underwear materials that absorb sweat during workout.

The upcoming face of fashion industry is the green eco-friendly underwear. It is the future of underwear's and as such it is very important for us to be very eco-friendly these days.

Use body slimmer to look more graceful and attractive

Body slimmers are a new-age garments that make women appear slimmer, shapelier and more attractive. Scientifically advanced body slimmers of today can easily hide excess body fat from unwanted places such as your thighs, tummy or hips and make you look slimmer in an instant. Best part about body slimmer is that you can wear them discreetly under your clothing and nobody will be able to guess the secret behind your slim figure, unless of course you give away your secret. Body slimmer garments are so effective in making women look slim instantly that even celebrities are known to make use of these garments to look even more gorgeous when making appearance on special occasions. Modern body slimmer garments are affordable and comfortable; women not just wear them on special occasions but have made it a part of their everyday wear.

Types of body slimmers
Much in-demand body slimmers come in various types, shapes and sizes to suit the varying requirement of women. You can choose body slimmers that cover the upper part of your body such as a body slimmer bra or a vest; go for body slimmers short pants or underwear that make your thighs, tummy and hips look more toned and attractive; or get yourself a full body suit to make your body look toned from all parts. You can choose any type of body slimmer depending on your problem area and the dress you are planning to wear. If you are pregnant, you can go for maternity girdles that are designed to provide gentle support to your back and the expanding tummy and help you get back in shape post-birth.

Body slimmers of today are seamless and come in white or skin tones to help you wear them discreetly behind your clothing. Unlike corsets of yester years that were a pain to wear, body slimmers of today are extremely comfortable. They are made of breathable fabric which helps you feeling cool. Spandex, lycra and other elasticised fabrics are commonly used for making a body slimmer. To ensure comfort, always get body slimmers of appropriate size.

Benefits of body slimmers
Discussed below are the key reasons behind the overwhelming popularity of body slimmers.

Body slimmers have become an essential part of wardrobe for women who are on a heavier side. It helps camouflage excess fat from unwanted places and you appear slimmer in an instant.

Body slimmers are especially desirable when attending special occasions. By making you appear slimmer and more attractive, body slimmers will boost your self-confidence, which will further enhance your charm. Because of the confidence they get on wearing body slimmers many women are now wearing the shapewear on an every-day basis.

Body slimmers can make you look attractive in a special dress. Made up of sophisticated material that will not cling to the clothes you are wearing, body slimmers will create a seductive and smooth silhouette. A body slimmer can also hide noticeable panty lines and save you from embarrassment.

Body slimmers also provide gentle support to your body and work to realign your spine for better posture.