Hip Dresses for your Next Cocktail Party

Yes! You got an invitation in the mail for a cocktail party! Perhaps it is a bridal shower or a baby shower, or simply a night out for the girls. Wait a minute - the age old question springs up - what will you wear? Before you panic, check out these chic dresses that are versatile enough to wear to any cocktail party - or any night out with the girls! These hip dresses will have you looking your best effortlessly - and what more could any woman want?

A trendy yet still classic look is the Short Strapless Dress with Rosette Skirt Detail. This coral number has a satin bodice with a sweetheart bust and a ruched waist to help define and slim. The flattering A-line skirt is made out of chiffon and features chiffon rosettes covering the entire skirt. The back of the dress features a cute bow at the waist. This floral number brings forth the feeling of spring charm. The short dress hits midway above the knee, with a sheer chiffon layer falling about an inch beneath the skirt.

The Shimmering Satin Dress with Ruffled Shoulder offers a fast and easy way to feel glamorous. The fabric is a shimmer satin in either a jewel toned teal or a fierce red, and is eye catching enough on its own. This one shoulder dress has several other things working for it, however. Cascading down the shoulder is a series of romantic ruffles, which add a softer and gentler look to the shape. The lightweight design makes this dress perfect to dance the night away!

Another one shoulder option allows for an entirely different shape. Where the Shimmering Satin Dress was more closely fitting to the body and streamlined, the Short Crinkle Chiffon Dress with 3D Floral Detail is a loose and flowy option. This navy dress is a satin and chiffon mix. The empire bodice is pleated, leading up to the floral design that covers the one shoulder sleeve. The crinkle chiffon skirt lightens up the dress for a romantic and glamorous look. The dress hits above the knee with a sheer chiffon layer cascading just a little below it.

Those who prefer a more modest look will appreciate the Short Silky Dress with V-neck and Pleated Skirt. Bright "Lollipop" pink color updates this timeless design that flatters all figures. The bodice is a V-neck with ruching, and a lace bandeaux could be worn underneath for any women who prefer extra coverage. The empire waist has a back tie accent, which also helps to define the waist area. Spaghetti straps and a perfectly pleated skirt finish off the dress, adding to it a touch of Grecian charm. The dress hits just above the knee for an elegant approach.

For a classic look with a hint of surprise, look at the Illusion Halter with Charmeuse trim and Beading. A timeless look is made contemporary with the sheer illusion touches. This knee length dress is available in either red or black. Covering the sweetheart bodice is the illusion halter top, which ties around the neck. The empire waist is highlighted with charmeuse trim and a sparkling brooch.

The Sleeveless Mesh Sequin Skirt with Sash is great for both sophisticated cocktail parties and nights out with the girls. A black tank bodice provides sophisticated coverage, while adding ruching embellishments to the neckline to flatter the figure. The royal blue skirt meets the bodice via a blue ribbon sash at the waist that features a rosette in the front, and a bow in the back. A layer of black tulle adorned with silver sequins covers the royal blue skirt to add extra glamour and shine.

Another modest option that is perfect for any sLinkophisticated event is the Tea-Length Dress with Ruffle Collar and Bow Detail. This black dress will be a go-to favorite, as it's perfect for nearly any situation. The jersey fabric of the bodice ensures comfort - and also helps to prevent wrinkles if you need to pack this dress for an overnight trip. A taffeta ruffle neckline accents the bodice, as well as tying in the lightweight taffeta skirt. A taffeta bow cinches in the waist to ensure that the dress flatters your figure perfectly.

The next time you go to a cocktail party, pick one of these hip dresses so that you look your best and are keeping up with the latest styles. Better yet, keep a couple in the closet for every emergency party situation! Whether your style is romantically chic, or the ever glamorous fashionista, these dresses will have you feeling sophisticated and stylish in an ease

Cross Dressers Techniques and Information - Transvestism Advice Helping Your Crossdressing

Something that's enormously obvious when you master cross dresser techniques is that what will look excellent on a lady may not look so good on a man. Surprising is not it? Major reason would of course be breasts. Without those darn aspects any blouse or leading just will not look proper. Fortunately there are a few corporations developing bras that will build the flattest chested person appear to be busty as can be. Not solitary do they look like they hold a real breast but they feel that way as well. But if you understand that cross-dressing is a style that you simply want forever as well as always, subsequently there is always the possibility of breast augmentation. Bear in mind that could be a permanent preference plus if you aren't sure that this is something you want to do for the rest of your life just try the bra for a even though.

When shopping for clothing something you ought to think about is to store inside a retailer that caters to those who like cross dressing. There are some chains of stores that you can go to that can help you find just the proper outfit. They can additionally help you with some of the cross dressing techniques that you just can use help on. If you don't feel comfortable going to a retailer in person just yet you may prefer to go shopping online. That way you can buy what you want without anybody as well giving you their opinion, you may also discover Cross Dressing Stories and tales of other people experiences do come in useful when discovering the TV/TS world. Find out more concerning Crossdressing and Cross Dressing Techniques today.

If you aren't sure that cross dressing is for you personally subsequently you might simply purchase a couple of women's jeans to wear around. They are going to of course fit a little differently than men's and might be a bit tight for you personally to wear. But by seeking out if you even like wearing women's jeans it will help you discover if you'll be a jeans or dress kind of person.

High heel shoes are wonderful as well as can really slim up the legs but they take some getting used to, even for women. As well as with men as well as women being so different in size and shape it is no wonder that they'll have to undertake some learning to be that will wear them without breaking an ankle. To do you ought to should buy a pair as well as wear them around that your house for a few weeks. Doing that will tolerate you to fall, look silly and maybe even break an ankle in the comforts of your own home and without any person watching. Looking silly is something I prefer to do in private so I always try new components out at home first. Gets life easier.

How To Pick The Right Color In Your Prom Dress

Buying a prom dress will be the most important decision you will make when you plan on going to the prom. Your prom dress will be your triumph at the prom if you choose a color for your dress that complement who you are as an individual person. Choosing a color to complement your individual skin coloring, hair color, and even personality does not have to be confusing if you follow these steps

Enhance your skin and hair color

Your prom dress can make you feel very important. The color of your prom dress should follow commonly known criteria in matching colors of dress to skin and hair color. If you are a blonde with very light skin, your colors are the pastels ranging from the soft ivories to black. You should stay away from overly bold colors like right reds, oranges or browns. If you are a red head with fair skin, your colors in dresses are browns, whites, and red shades. Red heads really don't look that good in black and should be careful about choosing it for their prom dress. If you are have black hair with light skin, your colors are blues, ivories, and pastel shades of purple and black. If you are a brunette, your colors are oranges, pinks, beige and black.

Choose What Looks Good On You

A prom dress can look gorgeous on a hanger. If you don't try it on, you will not know how it works on your bod shape as well as your skin and hair color. If you are overweight, choose a color that will diminish your size. You may be proud of your weight, but you want to put your best foot forward and focus people's attention on your hair and face and not too much on your body. Your prom dress should be chosen by color and the color should be solid and not a pastel. Any solid color prom dress would work if the color is true and not a pastel blend or mix.

What Colors To Avoid

There are really no colors that you should avoidLink in picking a prom dress except for all white. White is usually associated with a wedding dress and a prom dress is formal. If you choose white, pick accessories that will not stand out and look awkward. Many girls have started to wear all black as prom dresses and the color black on prom dresses is perfectly acceptable as it has even become popular in maids of honor at weddings. Basically, choose the color that will not detract from your face, your hair or your skin color. The right color prom dress will accent your body, face, hair and skin color. The right color in the wrong fabric might also cause a problem. With a chiffon, even the boldest colors look muted. Whereas with a satin, bold colors might be too strong for your hair or skin color or your size. A prom dress should be chosen according to the color that fits your hair, skin and body weight. But, the type of fabric that your prom dress is made of will play a major role in how that color actually looks. Plus, you should consider the effect of color when you decide on buying a sequined prom dress. Sequins have a way of changing the effect of color on your skin, hair and weight. Dark haired girls can wear darker shades and light haired girls look better in light colors and soft pastels.

What to Wear When Going to a Ladies Fashion Show

The jury is still out on this one, but after attending countless fashion shows myself, I've seen a wide variety of styles, and even LACK of style as well. Many people who attend fashion shows are interested in impressing other people, and thus dress to impress. Still others could care less, and wear what looks like the housewives uniform; drab, dull, and shapeless.
A popular look among attendees is the ever classic black. Whether it's the simple black dress, or a monochromatic outfit of black slacks and black shirt, black is everywhere. Buyers frequently attend these shows straight off the plane, and show up in rumpled business suits. Armani to J.C. Penny makes an appearance on the front lines where buyers congregate. The well dressed buyers tend to flock together, and there are many Italian cut suits present here as well. Sometimes it's even difficult to distinguish the buyers from the models, especially backstage or during the "model mingle" part of the show.
A lot of attendees will dress to go along with the flow of the show. Sporty fashion shows tend to turn up attendees who wear more casual, sporty wear. It's not uncommon to see yoga pants, or well put together track suits at these types of fashion shows. Jeans are popular, coupled with a nice shirt or perhaps for men, a shirt and tie with blazer. Simple dresses are popular among women as well, coupled with snazzy accessories or a hot pair of heels.
For the more formal shows, like bridal fashion shows for example, the dress is much more elegant in keeping with the theme of the show. Updos, floor sweeping gowns, and jewels are not uncommon at these types of fashion shows. Women shine, their male escorts light up a room, and they compliment the models in their undeniable beautiful wedding apparel or other formal wear.
Professional fashion shows are a veritable cornucopia of fashion styles, both for the models as well as the attendees. There is an expectation of fasLinkhion among those who are modeling, and those who participate in this lifestyle. Even backstage, those who take care of the clothes, the models, their hair, and all of the other little details are often quite fashionable themselves. Sporting the newest designs, cutting edge hair styles, and being on the "in" of the fashion world, many of the assistants are just as fashionable at their model counterparts.
At more relaxed shows, those that are found in malls, or set up for seasonal style previews, the dress code is much more relaxed and casual. Since many attendees are not corporate buyers, those who do attend are often dressed like anyone else. Casual, easy wear abounds here. On the stage, models strut their stuff with the new season's styles, while their counterparts backstage aren't nearly as nicely dressed. Even the models who work these shows aren't always "high fashion," rather; they're breaking into the industry by paying their dues at mall shows. Their style reflects whatever the designer puts on them.

Get Trendy Clothes By Clothing Alteration

In today's life everybody wants to save money. Trend of clothes changes daily and who buy clothes daily. There are some important benefits of dress alterations. It's not very costly. We can save lot of money by clothing repair.

You can give this work to a reliable cloth mender. You can get a new look of your clothes by some repair and can save lot. If there is a situation that you need to wear the same outfit for the party tomorrow, definitely you would get it done on time. Times have been exceptionally tough recently, and belts all over the World have had to be tightened as people become more and more aware of what they spend. Having been in this position myself in the past year, I know one of the first places I cut my budget is in the fashion department. Instead of buying new jeans and tops, I make do with old ones and try my best to dress "neutrally" so as not to give the game away that I am wearing last season's clothes! However, this does have a consequence, especially when the clothes are a couple of years old. And that consequence is the dreaded wear and tear!

Once your zippers start breaking and holes start appearing, it is very tough to pull off the look convincingly without telling all your friends that you are into "grunge" fashion, and have converted into a "Goth!" If you have couple of jeans of old fashion and tops with sleeves you can make them alter and get new trendy clothes with a little cost. Altering and tailoring are different. Although these two processes are similar - to tailor something is more encompassing than to simply alter something. An alteration would fall under the act of tailoring but a tailored piece also includes more complicated tasks that only a skilled person is capable of doing. An alteration would include more simple tasks such as hemming or shortening of pants, adjusting the waist line of a garment, or tapering - just to name a few. These duties are simple sewing tasks which does not required a high level of experience. Getting something tailored would include the aforementioned acts but also include more complex tasks and therefore
require a higher skill set. Tailoring includes such things as refitting a garment, adding style attributes that did not previously exist such as a collar, cuffs, or pockets, and other more complex sewing tasks.

Even if your clothes are in good condition and trendy but torn out or lost stitches then you can go to a cloth mender and make them repair with a little cost and get your clothes in fine condition as they were before. Some cloth menders are very professional in this task to repair clothes. They don't stitch new clothes they only mend or repair clothes. So in a nutshell, that is my top tip. If you can't really afford to splash out on a new wardrobe, but you need to keep your clothes in top condition, remember, you can always pay to have them repaired or altered for a lot less money than you might expect!

The Various Features Of Trendy Clothing

When you are looking to dress up in style and glamour for any occasion, Trendy clothing can be one of the best picks for you. It does not matter too much what you wear at home but when you want to dress up and attract the attention of individuals, around it is better to wear trendy dresses. If you want to look fashionable and different from the rest where all the attraction shifts to you straightaway, you should go for trendy clothing. But before selecting the dresses you should know what they are all about? You should have a concise idea about these dresses and then decide to wear them for selective occasions.

Trendy clothing is not worthy to be worn for each and every occasion. You should wear them according to the program or event which you are attending. A trendy dress should be worn in such a way that it matches the occasion which you are attending. For example when you are about to attend a wedding party you should not wear something which you wear at the gym. It is important to understand these subtle differences and proceed with the art of dressing up trendily.

When you are attending a business conference, the most suitable trendy clothing for you can be a lounge suit with a tie but the same is not the right apparel when you visit a disco. When you are dressing up for any occasion and have trendy clothing in your mind or want to dress up in style, you should try to wear something which will make you get noticed at once within a crowd. You should wear something modern and elegant which suites the occasion in every way. When you are looking to pick up the dresses irrespective of the fact whether you are a gentleman or a lady, your physical configuration should be at the back of your mind. It is very important that the dress which you pick up matches your physical configuration and fits you well.

When you want to select the best dresses for yourself, the online medium can act as one of your best resources. You can browse the different websites which sells trendy clothing. You can visit these sites and check out the various trendy clothes which are available on discount offers. When you scout the sites for these trendy clothes, you find that a variety of features are on offer. Each of these clothes is classified into categories and you can take your pick from them. Once you take a look at these clothes, you can see the various features. Some of the clothes are even lined with embroidery which makes them very special to look at.

As you explore these sites, you will also find the price of these trendy dresses which are mentioned one after the other. You can select those dresses as per your requirement. You can pay with the assistance of payment gateways which are available and makes the entire process of your transaction quite easy.

Choosing The Right Outfit

Sponsored in Honor of Ari Shlomo's New Challenge
It was 1am. I was dressed to train for IAI, the Japanese Art of Drawing the Sword. I was wearing a samurai outfit. When a congregant opened the door and saw a sword flash just a foot or two before his face, he was shocked. Was this his rabbi? It wasn't only the sword, it was the rabbi's clothing which confused him. Please note that I never heard a disrespectful word from this congregant ever again.

The old time congregants of one of my congregations did not like the typical religious Kittel, the simple white robe we wear on the High Holidays. These congregants ordered a custom-made long flowing choir robe with elaborate white pleats for me to wear in the synagogue instead of my Kittel. I refused. I felt that the choir robe, usually used in church choirs, was less appropriate for a rabbi then samurai robes.

When six-years-old, I expected that one day I would wear a Hamburg and a Kappata, a Prince Albert jacket, worn by the heads of Yeshivot. I often wondered, because of my family's strong Chassidic roots, whether I would end up wearing Chassidic garb such as a Shtreimel and Bekeshe. I admit that I often dreamed of wearing the clothing worn by Sephardic rabbis, the turban, the colorful robe with all of their decorations.

I find it interesting that the most important clothes in the Bible, those of the High Priest in the Tabernacle, were worn only inside the confines of the Mishkan. He was not permitted to wear his clothes of office outside.

I find it even more interesting that we are taught that the High Priest was not allowed to raise his hands above that headband he wore, on which was inscribed, "Holy to God." He could never raise himself above the name of God. His clothes represented something greater than he.

Perhaps this was the most important message of the priestly garments. There is a concept of entering prayer with garments that represent the higher me. Clothes that reflect full respect for my spiritual dignity, my potential greatness.

My father zt"l referred to this mode of dress as "Yirat Shamaim," "Awe of Heaven." He explained that true awe is a deep awareness of our potential.

I definitely felt that wearing a samurai outfit made me feel more respect for my training. I feel the same way on the High Holidays when I wear my plain simple white Kittel. There are some Torah concepts so fundamental to my life's path that I will share only after donning a jacket and tie.

At a recent lecture, a man in his eighties announced before my audience that he entered a synagogue in 1985 for the first time since his Bar Mitzvah dressed in bright red shorts and a t-shirt. The young Rabbi interrupted people who were criticizing the way he was dressed, welcomed him with open arms, assured him that he could pray as he was dressed, and urged him to forget about his clothes and focus on the words. "The prayers will be your garments!" The man was so moved by the prayers that he returned the following morning in a suit and tie. He hasn't missed praying in a synagogue since. "The prayers inspired me to dress with respect. You made it about my relationship with God, not the formalities. Everything else followed. I always imagine my prayers as my spiritual clothes; I want my physical clothes to reflect my prayers."

I wear a slave's tunic; a Tallit Katan (Tzitzit) not just to fulfill the Mitzvah, but as a reflection of my sense of privilege to serve as God's servant. My Tallit Katan expresses the Mitzvot that are my true garments. I wear royal robes during my morning prayers; a Tallit, not only for the Mitzvah, but as an expression of the great honor God affords me when He welcomes my prayer. Praying makes me feel like royalty.

We are taught that the body is the soul's garment. I want my body to reflect the beauty of my soul. There is little I can do about my looks other than to treat my body as one would treat an expensive suit. The questions about appropriate clothing should not begin with samurai outfits, choir robes, a Kappata, Bekeshe, or a turban, but with our inner lives, our growth, aspirations, beliefs; what do we see when we look at our souls?

When we stand before our closet choosing an outfit we will benefit by first looking deep inside our souls, seeing the beauty and glory. We'll know exactly what to wear.

How to Dress Thinner and What Not to Wear - Tips on Choosing Clothing for Your Shape and Size

Wearing the wrong clothing can visually add pounds to your body. Everyone has heard the basic rules, for example - wearing black will slim you, wearing horizontal stripes will make you look larger. Here are some additional tips that will help you choose a flattering wardrobe, no matter what your size.

Rule #1: Choose the right fit! Many people wear clothing that is either too small or too large - which only accentuates weight. Selecting a proper fit is the #1 way to look slimmer. Clothing that is too large and bulky will add 10lbs, and clothing that is too tight will do the same.

People who wear tight clothing have the false hope it will make them appear skinnier, when it actually accentuates pudgy areas. Those who prefer baggy clothing assume the loose fit will "hide" fat, making them appear smaller. Neither of these two notions actually assist in creating a slim silhouette. Clothing that is too tight simply re-locates fat, causing unsightly rolls and the impression that you are about to split a seam. Loose fitting, baggy clothing visually adds 10 pounds of bulk, making you appear much heavier than you actually are.

So how do you know when the offending piece needs to go back on the rack?
If you can pull the fabric away from your body, easily providing more than 2 inches of space between the piece of clothing and your skin, the item is too big. On the flip side, if you are unable to comfortably fit a finger between the piece of clothing and your skin, it is too tight.

Basically, you want to look for clothing that most flatters your own individual figure, and always remember to dress proportionately. For instance, don't pair a full skirt with a blousy top, or you risk looking extra round.

Rule # 2: Ignore the size tag, and purchase what fits. Far too many women regulate what they buy by the number on the tag. Instead, you should purchase based on what fits - whether that is a size 6 or a size 26. Every manufacturer is different, and you should never limit yourself to the size on the tag. If you need a much larger size in a certain brand, don't let that deter you from making the purchase of a great item. Simply remove the tag when you get home if you are bothered by the number. Basically, you want to look for clothing that most flatters your own individual figure, and always remember to dress proportionately. For instance, don't pair a full skirt with a blousy top, or you risk looking extra round.

Rule # 3: Stick to darker colors for the most slimming look. There's a reason the color black is a go-to choice for everyone wanting to look slim. It takes away the visual pounds and hides a multitude of flaws. Brighter, lighter colors often accentuate the negative aspects of your body, and can cause lumpy bumpy areas to show through. Avoid pieces like white or bright tights, or bright shoes paired with dark pants. If you want some variety to pair with dark colors, wear fun accent pieces by adding a colorful tank, or accessories like a lengthy scarf, necklace or bracelets.

Rule # 4: Choose tailored clothing which is built to create curves, where curves should be. Many clothing companies mistakenly create pieces that look square when laying flat on a table. Clothing should display shape and movement, even when not being worn. All shirts should taper slightly at the waist and under the breast bone. Pants and skirts should also taper slightly at the waist, and flair out a bit at the hip. Tailored clothing gives your entire body gorgeous curvaceous shape.

Rule # 5: Buy some great shoes! Shoes are extremely important in creating a flattering look. While not always practical, wearing heels will extend the length of your body, which is key to looking slimmer. Luckily, there are many varieties of heels, which include platforms, pumps, clogs, wedges and stacked heels. These are normally comfortable for every day wear, and can extend the visual appearance of your legs for a slimmer look. If you can't stand the thought of summer time without wearing flip-flops, look for cute platform thongs with unique jewel or embroidered accents. Avoid bulky tennis shoes or any wide, flat styles unless you will be exercising or participating in an outdoor activity.

Now that you have a general idea of what to look for when shopping, here are a few specific do's and don'ts for individual pieces of clothing.

Shirts: Avoid overly fluffy peasant shirts, or wild floral patterns. These add visual depth and heaviness - which in turn add unwanted width to your figure. If you don't like boring solid colors, pair a sleek patterned tank underneath a solid fitted jacket or blouse, and add a couple of stylish accessories. This will automatically emphasize your bust line and slim your waist.

Those with broad shoulders want to avoid strapless and halter style tops, and puffy cap-sleeve shirts, as these only accentuate shoulder width. When selecting a tank, go with spaghetti strap styles to downplay wide shoulders. Always look for v-neck, sweetheart, or low scoop necklines to elongate the upper chest area, minimizing shoulder width and creating an overall slimmer look.

To create the illusion of a longer, leaner body, select a shirt that extends in length to the mid-hip area. This instantly cuts the volume of the rear and stomach in half, and adds visual length to the body. Shirts that are too short can result in an overall short stubby look. Pairing a top with a lengthy eye-catching necklace can also be slimming, but avoid choker style necklaces, as they make the upper body appear wider and the neck appear shorter.

Pants: Choose pants, shorts and Capris with a mid-rise waist (rather than a low rise or long rise). A low rise waist often push fat upwards, causing the dreaded "muffin top" around the stomach, making it more pronounced. Selecting pants with a rise that is too long accentuates a round stomach, and makes the rear appear twice its actual size. The waist line of a mid-rise pant should ideally land at or just below the belly button to provide a flattering fit.

It is also vital to select pants with the correct length. Go either too short or too long, and you end up taking 3-4 visual inches off of your legs. Whether you are tall or short you should purchase slacks that fall 1-2 inches past the ankle bone. Shorts should end between mid thigh and knee, and Capri pants should end at the knee or just below the knee.

If you carry most of your weight in your mid-section, tapered pants should always be avoided. Picture a penguin (wide in the middle, with tiny narrow feet) - this is how you will look if you wear tapered or skinny-legged pants. The most flattering pants for this body type are straight leg and flare leg. Forget what happens to be trendy at the moment, and wear what flatters your body type, because looking good never goes out of style.

Skirts and dresses: For the most flattering fit, stick to lengths that end just above the knee, or that extend past the calves. Lengths that land anywhere in between can cause a dowdy look that will make hips appear wider, legs appear shorter, and add visual pounds. While shorter skirts with a few layered ruffles can look cute and flirty, you want to avoid bulky long skirts with several layers of ruffling. Look for flowing, soft fabric that glides easily over areas you want to conceal, but steer clear of heavy cotton fabric or clingy knits that can accentuate flaws.

If you're following all of these suggestions now, you probably look great already. But, if not, try a few of these ideas to see how simple it can be to find a slimmer you - without relying on a crash diet!

Trendy Clothing - Setting A Fashion Trend and Appeal to the Mass

Trend, in terms of fashion refers to something which is ongoing. A dress with particular design on a cloth, a costume, footwear and even an accessory like a purse can set a trend in the market. Trend means that one thing that people are fond of or are looking for. Often we see many people wearing dresses of same or identical styles.

T-shirts with printed images of superstars, costume with design identical to one worn by a movie star in a movie or a shoe of a brand that a famous sports star promotes are a few common examples of things that create trend in the market. When a new trend is set by clothing, its demand soars so high that often suppliers and manufacturers struggle to deliver stocks. But the bad thing about trend is that it is very volatile in nature. A cloth which is today's trend will lose its popularity tomorrow as it will be replaced by a new dress or design and then it will be dumped in the locker of ‘old stock'. It is the rule and there is no way to avoid it. No matter how much profit you make by selling today's trendy clothes and clothing, tomorrow you will struggle to find takers for them. It will be time for something new and you will have to make sure your wardrobes are full of stocks.

Billions of people across the world, irrespective of their ages, have a fascination for wearing trendy dresses but often they discover that they have bought something which is no more the trend. It happens as fashion trend changes very quickly. A dress which is selling in hundreds today may get down to one or two all of a sudden tomorrow. Any day any time a trend may change encouraged by a clothing or a design that has attracted eyeballs.

So, to make sure you have bought trendy clothing you need to be in touch with the world of fashion. Doing that is very easy now, thanks to internet. There are plenty of fashion sites that keep on updating people with news from the fashion world, gossips, interviews, articles, images and videos. You get reviews on fashion shows that have been held and preview of those which are coming up. You get to know about forthcoming collections by popular brands, latest designs to be launched and also about sellers and shops offering trendy clothes and clothing at heavy discounts. The sites provide you with catalogues which contain images of dresses, names of designers and manufacturers and prices.

To book an item instantly you can order online through these sites. Your item will be delivered at home and will cost you an extra carrying charge. The fashion sites are among the largest traffic generating sites at present and the browsers are increasing in numbers every day. Your job is simple. Just stay logged on to the fashion sites keep checking the catalogues at regular intervals. If trendy clothing worn by somebody at a TV show or a latest movie attracts you check out which store or shopping mall is having it or similar designs in its collection. Contact the one having it and be the new trend setter.

5 Reasons Hale Bob Clothes Are Great!

Hale Bob Clothes are excellent, and definitely stand out in the crowd. Hale Bob was created by a guy named Daniel Bohbot who put three important parts of his life together. He took his enjoyment of travelling, his ability to spot beauty, as well as his business experience to make Hale Bob.

Now that you know where Hale Bob Clothes originated from, let's get started with the reasons why they are excellent choice of clothes to add to your wardrobe.

1. Quality. Daniel Bohbot doesn't just design what he likes, he goes into the heart of Los Angeles to pick up ideas for his upcoming pieces, so one can be ensured that his clothing is neither undesired, or outdated. Along with his ability to spot desirable fashion, the quality of Hale Bob is exceptional, and is worth every penny spent.

2. Shock. Daniel realized that there was a demand for unique pieces of clothing that appealed to everyone, yet stood out from the crowd. He refers Hale Bob Clothes not as a staple, but as a spice to a wardrobe. His clothing is very extravagant with great designs and a variety of colors. Daniel's clothes have a definite shock factor to them.

For example, if you walk into a crowd of people with a Hale Bob Dress on, you'd surprise people with the colors and designs on your dress, as well as how perfect it fits together. Many designers will take colors and patterns, put them together, and the piece of clothing will turn out very unattractive. Daneil Bohbot on the other hand has a great talent to make each and every one of his pieces beautiful.

3. Fashion. Take a look at your gossip magazines or your fashion magazines, you'll see a lot of Hale Bob Clothes in the shopping sections. A position in a very popular magazine like OK!, People, or Star is something that you have to earn, not something your just given. Daniel's clothes are recognized. You know that his clothes are quality, and fashionable.

4. Celebrities. If you were to look at a celebrity of a magazine, you probably aren't thinking to yourself, "I wonder what brand dress that is", now are you? Do a little research and you'll find out that many hot celebrities are wearing Daniel's clothes. A few to name are Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, Halle Berry, Sharon Stone, Ashley Tisdale, Paris Hilton, Hayden Panettiere, Cameron Diaz, Salma Hayek, Tori Spelling, and much, much more.

5. Price. Hale Bob Clothes can run anywhere from $100-350. For being an excellent designer, and having clothes that stand out so much, the pricetag is very affordable for those looking. That price is also retail, a lot of times you'll be able to find ebay prices at exceptionally lower, and attain the same quality. If your looking for affordable clothes then visit http://halebobclothes.com and check out the great selection of clothes and extremely affordable prices.

All in all, Hale Bob Clothes are very fashionable, affordable, and one of a kind. If you want to stand out of the crowd, or simply want clothing that doesn't look like what everyone else is wearing, then you can rely on the quality of Hale Bob.

How Did Fancy Dress Start In The UK

Fancy dress parties have been fashionable within the United Kingdom for a lot years, and have progressed from the typical Halloween style costume parties in October, dressing up as witches and vampires, skeletons and other devilish characters, to parties now themed around national days (such as St Patricks Day), Christmas parties, themed birthday parties (popular birthday party themes being pimps and hoes, gangsters & flappers) and hen / stag evenings.

Even though fancy dress is more generally referenced right back to the 15th Century in Italy, where glorious masquerade balls were held, the origins of fancy dress in the UK is generally traced back to the 18th Century period, but our modern day themes were popularized by both the Victorians and the Edwardians who loved to celebrate in a range of fancy dress costumes and accessories. Most events were very elaborate affairs on a very magnificent scale, with only those invited of a high social standing during these periods.

Since then, fancy dress costume parties have been on the increase really since the 1940's in the UK, in a simpler form compared to today, until the 1970's. This could be coupled to the increase of film/television programmes being aired throughout the country, resulting in enhanced imagination and better manufacturing processes opening a new era in the costume industry.

It wasn't until the 1990's that the buying of costumes in the UK became commonplace. Prior to this, fancy dress costumes were typically hired for a social or recreational event, and brought back to the shop once worn. It's now hard to find many retail fancy dress shops in local towns, or ones that offer a full range you would require from a fancy dress retailer, especially since the internet provided home shopping access, no matter where you lived. This meant that fancy dress shops could operate online, have contact to a much larger market and also be able to carry a fuller range of costumes and accessories without having to worry about costly retail premises or shop fronts. There are still some companies who make available mail hire costume ordering, but buying of costumes has now become the standard.

After the late 90's, retro fashion styles became very trendy, with the introduction of 60s, 70s and 80s fancy dress costumes, which clearly mirror our fashion sense from these era's.

Fancy dress doesn't have to be high-priced either. You can get hold of complete outfits to dress as your favourite film/cartoon/movie character, or pick up instant accessory kits which can be used with your casual clothing. These instant costume kits can range from Vicars, Nuns, Cops, Maids, Pimps and typically include an accessory kit, badge, hat, overcoat or other themed accessory to complete your fancy dress outfit. Of course, for those who really want to set tongues wagging at your next costume party can go all out and obtain a limited edition costume, some of which retail in excess of 500 pounds!

The busiest and most celebrated fancy dress parties all take place around Halloween and are celebrated on or just before the 31st October. The name Halloween is borrowed from the feast of All Hallows which is celebrated on the 1st November to honour the saints, and the end of the harvest in Gaelic culture.

Halloween has many traditions, which range from trick or treating, the construction of bonfires, scaring people, carving jack-o-lanterns, apple bobbing, watching scary films, visiting haunted attractions, pranks and general ghoulish behaviour. Of course, many people now celebrate by having parties inviting all to wear Halloween costumes.

Halloween is also known as Samhain, which in other traditions marks the end of the third and final harvest, and is a day to commune with and remember the dead, and is a celebration of the eternal cycle of reincarnation. Samhain is mostly followed by the Wiccan and many Pagan religions.

In European traditions, Halloween is the night when the old god dies, and the crone goddess mourns him deeply for the next six weeks. The popular portrait of her as the old Halloween hag stirring her cauldron comes from the Celtic belief that all dead souls return to her cauldron of life, and are born again.

Fancy dress parties and costumes are all about having a good time. It's a great way to celebrate any social occasion, and there will always be extra costumes available every year, with the release of every new movie blockbuster or scary film. This year's examples have been the re-introduction of Freddy Krueger's latest adventure on the big screen, Avatar, Alice in Wonderland and Iron Man 2.

Spice up your Wardrobe with a Classic Little White Dress

Everyone's familiar with the little black dress. A staple of every woman's wardrobe, the little black dress is among the most versatile and timeless garments in the female style arsenal. While the little black dress may hog up a major part of the limelight, its understated counterpart, the little white dress, packs a powerful punch as well. Smart women know that the little white dress has a well deserved spot as a prominent wardrobe staple.

The little white dress is ideal for a wide range of events and can be the perfect choice for everything from weekend casual to bridal chic. Today, more than ever before, the little white dress has expanded beyond its bridal pigeonhole into a whole new realm of limitless style possibilities. And while it's incredibly versatile, the little white dress, no matter how it's worn, embodies a kind of universal, free-spirited, joyful essence. It conveys light and happiness wherever it's worn. Read on to learn how to spice up your wardrobe with a classic little white dress.

Take for example, a little white dress with paillettes. Equally at home strutting down the wedding aisle or making an elegant statement at a special occasion, this dress is a surefire, timeless addition to any woman's wardrobe. Dress it up with lavish diamonds and pearls, or add pops of color with a bright wrap, sassy hair band or bold broach. Your choice of footwear can also transform this beautiful chameleon of a dress. Breezy, strappy flats add a fun, laid back feel, while bold, dramatic pumps boost its high fashion edge.

A short dress with 3D floral appliqu├ęs is another excellent choice. Effortlessly exuding a flirtatious, feminine appeal, this dress combines elements of traditional mid 20th century modern sass and current day fashion. Its strapless cut is ideal for highlighting delicate collarbones, long necks and elegant jaw lines. Falling just below the knee, this dress tastefully reveals your toned calves. A feature flaunting favorite, this little white dress is sure to please.

Pay homage to a classically elegant silhouette with a strapless lace tea-length dress paired with a darling coordinating jacket. The delicate jacket grazes over the back and shoulders to provide just the right amount of coverage. This modern lace style can be worn with a bright, colorful sash, lending it an air of fun and casual elegance. Choose a bright summery shade for a relaxed occasion and a deep rich hue for more formal affairs. Emphasize or understate the level of drama and elegance by wearing this dress in true white or ivory.

Saunter down the aisle or stroll through the door to the party in a short shantung dress. Inspired by the freshest runway looks of the moment, shantung fabric is comfortable and lightweight, but can handle dramatic pleating and cool, crisp lines. The pleated neckline of this dress is universally flattering and does wonders to underline pronounced collarbones and well toned shoulders. This beautiful strapless number would be an ideal choice for a formal ceremony or celebration.

Planning for an elegant event in the near future? Be sure to consider the soft chiffon dress with halter neckline. Airy ruffled fabric cascades delicately down the back of this figure flattering dress to make a lingering impression. And a dream like chiffon skirt blossoms out from the A-line cut, stopping just shy of the knees.

Perhaps you're searching for a little white dress that delivers a bit more length. A spaghetti strap chiffon gown with a high-low hemline is a stellar choice. With its graceful A-line silhouette, this dress is simple, dramatic and timelessly flattering.

Maybe you think a long white dress is only suitable for the day you say your vows. But nothing could be further from the truth. Go even further with long length with the chiffon one shoulder goddess gown. This stunning dress hearkens back to the Grecian era of beauty with a natural waist and side draping chiffon skirt. Flaunt your beautiful neckline and contoured upper back with this one shoulder design. This little white dress is perfect for summery casual weddings, and special occasions alike.

As you can see, the little white dress is endlessly versatile, playful and elegant in all its forms. Trends are fleeting. And while it's perfectly acceptable and always fun to pepper one's wardrobe with the latest runway offerings, the bones should consist of timeless staples. Investment pieces stand strong amid passing fads. If you're looking for the perfect staple to round out your wardrobe, it's time to explore the many cuts, shapes and variations of the little white dress.

Princess Chooses Armani For Wedding

How often does a fashion designer get chosen to design a wedding dress for a royal bride-to-be? Considering the small number of opportunities that arise in a typical designer's career, the answer has to be rarely.

And while most media attention is currently on Prince William and Kate Middleton's event, it will switch to Monaco from May onwards as the Principality prepares for their big day.

When Prince Rainier - Albert's father - got married in 1956 to Hollywood actress Grace Kelly - Albert's mother - it was hailed as the fairytale wedding of the century by the press at the time as European aristocracy met Hollywood glamour. As well as being a royal, Prince Rainier was the wealthiest bachelor in the world.

Princess Grace's wedding gown was a gift from film studio MGM, and was designed by Helen Rose, while the studio's top hairdresser Sydney Guilaroff attended Princess Grace on the wedding day.

Prince Albert's wife-to-be Charlene Wittstock is from a different background to his mother, she represented South Africa at the Olympic Games in swimming events, and while the hotels in Monaco will be as full as 1956 her choice of fashion is naturally different - and for her wedding gown she has chosen Fashion House Armani.

According to Wikipedia Armani is an Italian fashion house that not only designs, but manufactures and retails haute couture in top boutiques and department stores in London, New York, Paris, Milan and other cities.

Being chosen as the supplier of the wedding dress will give Armani a boost in exposure the world over, as the press, celebrity magazines, television and internet will report on the ceremony extensively.

Also vying to be suppliers will be the companies who provide other aspects of a wedding. It's already being reported for example that the top champagne houses will be wanting to be the official champagne. Also receiving a boost in the fashion world will be the tailor of Prince Albert's wedding atire, along with sisters Stephanie and Caroline.

Monaco is no stranger to huge sponsorship by leading brands. The Grand Prix held every May is the jewel in the crown of the F1 season, and Monaco Grand Prix tickets are sought after by those who follow motorsports. Even with the banning of tobacco sponsorship companies spend millions on having their logos feature on part of an F1 car, while the streets of Monte Carlo are awash with high price advertising hoardings with the companies hoping that the tens of millions of people watching worldwide will see them.

In the rest of the Principality all the top fashion companies have retail outlets, and with more millionaires per square mile living there than anywhere else in the world, there are plenty of residents and visitors who can afford the best that top companies like Cartier and Luis Vuitton are offering. And for those who are resident all the major banks have branches, most of them are located in Monte Carlo, and at a minimum deposit of 300,000 Euros to open an account with one of the banks in Monaco it's only the wealthy who can afford to move there or shop in the fashion boutiques.

2011 is quite a year for royal weddings, with Prince William, son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, marrying Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London on Friday 29 April that will draw a worldwide television audience, and fashion houses and wedding designers hoping to be chosen, with Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock's wedding in Monaco two months later with all eyes on what the two brides will be wearing.

The world of fashion will be hoping for some more royal engagement news soon!

Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides to Be

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most exciting and important days of your life. All of your friends and family will gather together to join in the celebration of your one true love.

But with all these big, important things going on, it is the little details of your wedding that make it truly special. From the place settings to the glimmer in the groom's eye; from the icing on the cake to the pounding of your heart; these are the things that make your wedding day shine.

And of course, one detail that no bride can go without is finding that perfect dress. Planning for you wedding can be a stressful experience, but searching for your dress should be a time that you treasure. Don't get frustrated if you have to sort through dozens of dresses before you find the right one. Enjoy the process and take your time. Here are a few ideas for fabulous wedding dresses to get your search off and running.

A Dash of Color

Traditionally a bride wears nothing but all white on her wedding day. Sure, some brides might mix it up and wear an "off-white," like ivory or champagne, but the essence is the same.

But why limit yourself to white only? Finally, today there are wedding gowns available that throw a little dash of color into the mix. This satin a-line gown with split front and color inset is a thrilling way to mix things up.

All along the edges, bodice and hem of this skirt, you can find detailed embroidery in over 20 different colors. This strip of color also runs down the split front, and around the waist and down the back on the matching sash. The rest of this dress comes in pure white but you can get the details in contrasting key lime, guava, jade, fern, apple, sangria and many more! Break out of the box with this colorful and one-of-a-kind dress.

Flattering Your Figure

Every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day. Brides spend months going on diets and exercising so that they can dazzle their guests with their stunning physiques. But sometimes all of these elaborate measures are unnecessary. Sometimes you can simply find a dress that flatters all of your most beautiful curves.

The taffeta gown with beaded appliques and pick ups will take the breath away from anyone who gazes upon it. It has a strapless bodice to show off your neck and shoulders, and gathered taffeta to slim your silhouette.

But the most enticing part of this ensemble is the "fit and flare" style of the dress. This feature makes an impression by hugging your figure all the way down past your hips and then dramatically flaring out in all directions. It makes a gorgeous impression and will have you looking absolutely gorgeous.

And remember that going on a diet and starting to exercise during the months leading up to your wedding is fine, as long as you do it in a healthy way. Crash diets may work temporarily but they never last. Looking good on your wedding day is important, but staying healthy throughout your life is the real challenge. Let this gown do the hard work on your wedding day while you focus on living a health and active lifestyle.

Savvy in the Summer

Ah, to get married in the summertime. The birds are chirping. A warm breeze is blowing. The sun is shining down on you, your husband to be, and all of your closest family members and friends.

To truly appreciate this day, you need a wedding dress to match. This satin tea-length gown with box pleats is absolutely adorable when worn during an outside ceremony in the hot summer months.

The skirt hangs to between the knees and the ankles, giving your body room to breathe but without going too short. To help your body look its best, the designers have draped the bodice. They have even placed an enticing little brooch at the waist to add a dash of sparkle and excitement to the dress.

You can find this gown in options that include soft white, white or ivory. While wearing this dress, it is best to keep all your accessories simple and sweet. A headband and a necklace will round things out nicely, but don't go overboard with a tiara. The same thing goes with your shoes. High heels are fine, but there is no reason to buy shoes with elaborate beadwork or rhinestones. The essence of this dress is understated simplicity.

Shopping for a wedding dress should be a time you get to spend laughing and joking with your bridesmaids. Don't let the stress of finding the perfect dress get you down. Take your time, enjoy yourself, and the right wedding gown will turn up eventually.

Stunning Contemporary Bridesmaid Dresses to Please Any Attendant

Women have always been understandably ambivalent about being asked to be a bridesmaid. The origin of the position dates all the way back to Roman times, when female friends and relatives would dress up like bride in order to confuse evil spirits. In time, the bridesmaids served as more than mere pawns. They were there to help and support the bride-to-be on her wedding day.

The famous saying about always being a bridesmaid and never a bride comes from the Victorian era and it perfectly encapsulated the bridesmaid's ambivalence. On one hand, she was happy for her friend, and on the other, she was jealous that she was not the one wearing the white dress. But there is another issue that often exacerbates these conflicted feelings.

Because the bride-to-be traditionally chooses the bridesmaid dress, someone is almost always disappointed. Of course, they would never say anything. After all, it is their friend's big day. More often than not, they simply suffer in silence and tuck the hideous hot pink, baby blue, or fuchsia gown away in a deep, dark closet.

Why are brides-to-be so bad at choosing appealing bridesmaid dresses? It's nothing personal, obviously. They want their friends to be comfortable at the wedding. In truth, it is not their fault. Until only recently, bridesmaid fashions were stuck in another era. With the ruffles, the lace, and furbelows, most of them looked like old prom dresses.

Fortunately, the conservative bridal industry has changed. Due to rising prices, fewer couples are planning formal ceremonies. Beach, backyard, and destination weddings have become increasingly popular with younger couples. As a result, dresses have become more informal and more modern. Designers are finally paying attention to current styles.

What to look for?

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is not nearly as problematic as it used to be. A generation ago, most bridesmaids had to buy ugly dresses that they would never wear again. But the modern bride-to-be is more considerate. Most of them choose the color and let their friends do the rest.


Color has always been the most common unexpressed complaint of the average bridesmaid. Some colors simply scream wedding. Hot pink, baby blue, and fuchsia gowns can really only be worn at proms or at weddings. Thankfully, brides-to-be have come to their senses. They are now requesting colors that are not wedding-specific.

Metallic colors are in, since they can be worn at both formal and informal affairs. Silver, platinum, and gold dresses are popular at summer ceremonies on the grass, in the sand, or indoors. Paler colors like yellow, sand and taupe work for spring nuptials, while darker colors like hunter green and burgundy are a favorite at winter weddings. Black is the only color that can be called perennial.


Women have always had it harder than the guys when it comes to formalwear. Not only do they have to know their measurements, but they also have to know which cut or silhouette will flatter their figure. There are at least eight popular silhouettes that women will have to choose from when they go shopping for a formal gown. The most popular silhouette is the A-line.

The A-line silhouette works best because it can accommodate nearly any body type. Short, curvaceous women and tall, lanky ones can both feel comfortable in this cut of dress. If you are unsure about your body type, ask to be sized at your local bridal salon.


Even if the bride-to-be doesn't say so explicitly, is always a good idea to ask about the hemline. Until only recently, floor-length gowns were considered de rigueur for formal, indoor ceremonies. Tea-length gowns are now the most popular choice when it comes to the hemline.

Though many traditions have changed, bridesmaids are still expected to wear the same length of dress or hemline as the bride. Extremely short dresses would be inappropriate if the bride were to wear a full-length gown.


A bridesmaid should never be afraid to ask for clarification. Most modern brides-to-be give their girls a lot of leeway when it comes to picking out a dress. This can be both a blessing and a curse. Bridesmaids sometimes misread the signs and selectLink dresses that are clearly inappropriate. That is why it is always a good idea to set some basic ground rules.

After the bride-to-be has selected the color, she should also let her friends know if they can wear strapless numbers. Personal style is one thing, but if a bridesmaid selects a dress that is clearly incongruous, everyone will feel uncomfortable. It is better to be forthright from the start and avoid miscommunication.

Finding the right bridesmaid gown is never easy. An attendant wants to look good and fit in. The only surefire solution is to find out want the bride-to-be expects before shopping. Find the perfect bridesmaid dress for your attendants now.

Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses for Fashion Forward Attendants

To the relief of bridesmaids everywhere, there has been a major shift in the bridal industry over the last few years. Designers are now paying more attention to modern styles and fashions. No longer must bridesmaids choose between the hideous hot pink or baby blue chiffon gown that absolutely screams wedding. Now they can find dresses they might actually want to wear again.

Why is this happening now? For decades the bridal industry seemed stuck in a time warp.Bridesmaids were forced to wear the same styles their mothers had worn when they were bridesmaids thirty years before. Then wedding costs went through the roof.

The price of the average wedding has doubled in the last two decades. As a result, more and more couples are planning less expensive, less formal ceremonies. This has had an influence on everything from the venue to the dresses. Brides-to-be demanded more affordable modern gowns and the industry responded.

Dresses for the bridesmaids have also become more affordable due mostly to the bride-to-be. Twenty or thirty years ago, she was expected to select the dress. Only on rare occasions did she delegate the responsibility to her maid of honor. But as weddings costs increases, many brides-to-be started feeling guilty about forcing their friends to buy dresses they would only wear once.

Bridesmaids will always defer to the bride-to-be when it comes to selecting a dress. After all, it is her big day. But since they want their friends to be comfortable, most brides-to-be merely pick the color. They let the bridesmaids select their own style and cut of dress.


Just as white became inextricably linked to the bridal gown, colors like baby blue, hot pink, and fuchsia were tied to the bridesmaid dress. But since brides usually keep their dresses and pass them on to their daughters or daughters-in-law, color has never been an issue. Bridesmaid dresses, on the other hand, are not kept for posterity. Most of them ended up at consignment shops a day or two after the wedding. Choosing less wedding-specific colors gives bridesmaids the option of selecting a dress they can wear again.

Choosing a color isn't nearly as easy as it seems. The appeal of the old standbys was that the bride-to-be didn't have to think about which color worked best for each of her bridesmaids. Some experts even recommend different colors for different seasons. Our advice is to choose a classic color that can be worn at any time of the year.

Metallic colors like silver, platinum and pewter are popular with bridesmaids of all ages. They can be worn at both casual and formal weddings or to future dinner or cocktail parties. Paler yellows and greens work well for outdoor ceremonies on the grass or in the sand. Black is a perennial favorite that most bridesmaids adore. The classic little black dress can flatter almost any figure.


As we mentioned, most brides-to-be encourage their bridesmaids to choose their own style of dress. Over the past few years, the average dress has gotten much simpler, shorter and more fluid. Gone are the ruffles, frills and furbelows. In short, the modern bridesmaid dress no longer looks like an old prom dress.

The A-line dress is probably the most popular style or cut of formal dress. They compliment most body shapes and can be worn at both formal and informal ceremonies. Ball gowns are also quite popular with older bridesmaids or for those who like longer, more elaborate dresses.

Hem and Neckline

Most bridesmaids are well aware of the fact that they should not wear a dress that is shorter or has a lower cut neckline than the bride-to-be. If their friend is wearing a tea-length dress, then they should wear a tea-length dress as well. The bride-to-be seldom has to mention this to her girlfriends. Decollete necklines are strictly off limits if is the bridal gown has a halter or high collar. The same goes for strapless dresses. If the bride-to-be is wearing a traditional dress with straps, her bridesmaids should follow suit.


In addition to the dress, bridesmaids are often encouraged to select their own accessories. From shoes to jewelry to their own bouquets, bridesmaids can define their very own look. As you might expect, the shoes are often the most important accessory. Freed from the hideous traditional colors, many bridesmaids are selecting fabulous footwear to strut around in on their friend's big day. The most popular and publicized trend is once again metallic colors. This may have something (or everything) to do with the fact that black is now one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colors. And you don't have to be a dressmaker to know that every metallic color looks great with black. Silver, platinum and gold shoes are now top sellers.

Whether you are a bridesmaid or the bride-to-be, the most important thing is finding a dress that you feel comfortable in. Modern fashions and more appealing colors have made that easier than ever.

Glamorous Bridesmaid Dresses for Weddings and Beyond!

The tragedy of bridesmaids' attire is that traditionally, it is only worn once and then retired into an attic or closet. Why not buck a fusty (and flagrantly wasteful) old tradition by choosing a beautiful dress that's also suitable for life after matrimony? The following selection embraces classic, traditional styling while incorporating an exciting bevy of modern flourishes that will lead you to regard your bridesmaids' gown more like a reliable old friend and less like a "one-day stand."

Short Pleated Satin Strapless Style

For a flirty evening styled strapless, this dress's bright tones and dynamic drape and sophisticated strapless neckline translate beautifully as a formal frock fit for any dais or black-tie affair. An organic pleating design will flatter your form from every angle and afford your body a comfortable range of motion - welcome relief from stiffness associated with more structured gowns. Choose from a 42 color fabric palette and achieve exactly the effect you desire in your wedding party's formalwear.

Floral Print Cotton Pique Strapless Dress

Especially ideal for a sunny summer wedding, this new strapless design in Floral Print Cotton Pique dress is a light, versatile answer to winter's stiff, often heavily constructed layers and drapes. A heart-shaped sweet-heart bodice offers a charming counterpoint to the skirt's unexpected bubble hem finish. The cotton fabric provides perfect comfort, breathability and support without sacrificing a playful yet flattering shape. It would make a wonderful choice for a maid of honor.

Slim Charmeuse Dress with Chiffon Detailing

This gorgeous, slim-waisted dress is a sassy blend of classic sophistication and modern charm. Detailing in creamy chiffon adds a trendy kick, while a loosely belted tie waist is designed to flatter practically any body type. Choose Ivory/Black or go with a classic Black on Black, a time-tested palette suitable for any formal occasion or night on the town.

Strapless Structured Satin Gown

A stunning floor length gown with structured bodice and exquisite beading radiates pure glamour. The bodice, subtly pleated, shows off your figure while providing comfort and support you can rely on, from the pre-ceremony photoshoot all the way through the last dance. Choose from an extensive 20-color palette to add a serious dose of elegance to your bridal party.

Y-Neck Charmeuse Dress with Bubble Hem

The very definition of fashion-forward elegance, this dress boasts superior style in a unique cut. A slightly higher neckline offers added coverage and security while drawing the eye down to a playful and flattering ruched waist. It's the perfect choice for those bridesmaids with original style and a full dance-card.

Strapless Lace Dress with Floral Embellishment

There's no way you want to let this adorable dress pass under your radar. It will utterly charm even the pickiest of dressers with lace while displaying an exquisite floral motif. A clean, elegant strapless neckline is a classic way to flatter your shoulders and arms. Fully lined for warmth and security, you'll feel comfortable enough to just forget your attire and manage a bridesmaid's many important duties; that is, until you have to field a compliment or twelve.

V-Neck Cotton Sateen Dress with Pleats and Ruching

Opt for a beguiling V-neck and retro inspired high waist in any vivid hue from a completely signature 42-color palette. A particularly flattering design for every shape, this dress, done in breathable cotton sateen, is unusually versatile. Add the right combination of accessories and make a splash at a wide variety of occasions. Plus, it's so comfortable, you'll want to wear it every day.

Strapless Satin Dress with High Low Hem

In this dazzling strapless satin gown, any bridesmaid in your party is sure to cut a stunning figure that won't be soon forgotten. The dramatic high low hem makes walking in even the most ambitious pair of heels as natural as breathing. Beaded embellishments at the waist catch the eye and add glamour, all while drawing the gaze down to the high low hem, a cut that naturally creates beguiling movement around the legs and ankles.

Short Strapless Pick Up Dress

In combining a classic profile with chic modern flair, this simple, flirty strapless will become your go-to perfect little dress, ideal for cocktail parties, nights on the town or any occasion where you want to make an impression. Its sophisticated strapless neckline and gracefully ruched bodice flatter your form while providing a clean-lined foundation for creative accessorizing. The short skirt radiates charm and sass. Browse the 42 color selection and find your perfect color.

Be sure to consider any of these standout designs when choosing the bridesmaid dress for your upcoming nuptials.

The Top 5 Secrets Most Shoppers Don't Know About Finding Modest Wedding Gowns

Are you planning for a wedding? Are you looking forward to making it one of the best you have seen in recent years? Well, this can start with your wedding gown. If you want to have a sparkling wedding day, you should put your wedding gown among the top considerations. Finding a modest wedding gown is the way to go for you if this is your interest. However, it can be a headache searching for the best among the thousands of wedding dresses in the market. But, if you have some clues, this can be easy. There are some of the best tips you could use to get a good gown for your big day.

Tip number one has all and everything to do with color. A modest color is what you must prioritize if you want to get modest wedding gowns. You should not choose anything dark and call it modest. Stay away from all the dark colors because they do not create a good and warm feeling or impression. Black, for instance is definitely not. Also, you should stay away from hot pink or Ferrari red colors because they are not the best. You probably do not want to look like a bursting sun in a hot red color.

Secondly, the length of your wedding dress plays a very big role in modesty. Modest wedding gowns have a different look. Although the definition in terms of length can be very subjective, but for a wedding, it has to do with your taste as well as what should be modest. Because you are looking for a modest gown, the size must be considerate. What you should avoid is mini length. You should look for something that does not fall in the definition of a mini outfit. Because you should not go for mini hem lines, you have two options to choose from. There is the floor length option, and also the tea length wedding dress.

The neckline is also something worth giving much consideration when looking for modest wedding gowns. You should not consider anything with a plunging neckline. However, if you happen to have one with such a characteristic, you can find quick remedies to it. For instance, you can make use of nice matching tulle for the dress, especially if you gather it along the lace line. If you do this, you can even enhance the glamour of the dress significantly.

Finally, you could be considering getting a wedding gown with an open back. This can be a very good choice although it should depend on a few other factors to determine whether it is one of the modest wedding gowns. This is where the power of your judgment should come in because you only need to weigh the feeling of other people, such as your husband and family to see if the gown scores for modesty. If you doubt and don't know what to do, just consider avoiding open back wedding gowns. If you are really planning for a wedding, there are a lot of tips and ideas you have to know before losing a lot of money. There are far more amazing tips on finding great wedding gowns and saving a lot of money.

How to choose a Vintage wedding dress

Vintage wedding dresses are very popular to most of the customers and you can fall in love with this series of wedding dresses. Imagine how lovely your wedding photo will look when you are dressed from head to toe in a vintage wedding dress. While contemporary wedding dresses are fine and beautiful, vintage wedding dresses add a special element to any wedding. The typical bride today is choosing to shop for a vintage wedding dress as it offers an old fashioned, charming effect to the ceremony.

But where can you find a vintage wedding dress? And what pitfalls should you watch out for when shopping for one?
The rules for buying a vintage wedding dress
Avoid dresses that have stains or need repairs You know how hard it is to get out a stain that has been sitting for a couple of weeks, now imagine that stain has been sitting for 20 years or more. Additionally, vintage fabrics are difficult to match with modern ones, so it isn't likely you will be able to patch or repair one. If you fall in love with a dress that needs repairs, all is not lost, but be prepared to pay a skilled seamstress $200 or more to fix it.

Be wary of the oldest dresses Fabric deteriorates over time. The good news is that because a vintage wedding dress was a special occasion outfit, it has likely been warn and handled far less than other garments, and thus might be in better shape. I'd advise you to avoid any dress made before 1900, and to take a careful look at any 20's silk chiffon. Take some time to stretch the fabric, look at it, and note any weakening. Again, a skilled seamstress can stabilize some fabrics, but you'll need to be prepared for the cost.

Figure out your budget before you shop This is a good rule for any wedding gown shopping, not just vintage wedding dresses. That way, you can avoid falling in love with the unattainable.

You will not wear your regular dress size in a vintage dress. Not only have people generally gotten taller and thicker, but the clothing industry has been gradually adjusting sizes downward. If you're buying a dress online, the best thing to do is to carefully take your measurements and ask the seller to provide you with exact measurements as well. Check measurements like shoulders and rise as well as bust, waist, and hips. Be sure to leave some wiggle room so that you can comfortably move. In a store, you'll often just have to try things on and be open to wearing a larger size. Since many dresses were worn with a girdle or corset, you may want to wear one as well. In this case, buy one before you've made your final wedding dress purchase so that you can make sure it will still fit properly. And last, but certainly not least, be aware that most vintage dresses run from a modern size 0-6 or so, with a few going up to a 10 or 12, and many are on the short side. If you don't fit in this size range, you may want to consider other options, or be prepared to be patient.

Consider buying a reproduction vintage wedding dress(cheap wedding dresses) , or making one If it's the vintage look you're going for, you should know that many wedding dresses reference earlier eras, particularly the 40's and 50's. Visit a bridal salon, and tell them you're looking for a retro look. Some stores, such as fashionlande, may specialize in reproduction dresses. You can also check out vintage and reproduction vintage patterns if you're able to sew or to give to a seamstress.

Bridesmaid Dresses for Style Conscious Attendants

Long gone are the days when bridesmaids shrink from their dresses. Now, with such a wide selection of dress styles available, choosing bridesmaid dresses will feel exciting! But, with so many options to choose from, some brides may actually find themselves feeling overwhelmed. So, when browsing for bridesmaid dresses, use this guide to find the best dress styles, favorite fabrics and the most flattering lengths and cuts. By using this guide, you'll easily find the perfect looks for even your most style conscious attendants.

The Best Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Our top three picks for new, short length bridesmaid dresses:

The Charmeuse Dress with Ruched Waist and Pockets: No matter her style, any bridesmaid will love the strapless charmeuse dress with ruched waist and pockets. This fun, modern dress has a classic silhouette and a sleek design that bridesmaids will want to wear again and again.

The Crinkle Chiffon Dress with Ruffle Neckline: This dress perfectly meshes elegant femininity and casual comfort. Your bridesmaids will love the feel of the flowing crinkle chiffon fabric. Up top, this dress features a lovely front ruffle flattering the bust, which adds a unique and eye-catching touch.

The One-Shoulder Taffeta Dress: Every bridesmaid will love this pick. This one-shoulder silhouette is a top pick amongst even the most style conscious women, as it's trendy and versatile. The taffeta material serves as a special touch with its smooth and silky texture that always adds an extra glow.

The Best Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Our top three picks for new, long length bridesmaid dresses:

Strapless Chiffon A-Line Dress with Draped Skirt: Your most style conscious attendants will fall head over heels for this uniquely pleated, strapless chiffon bridesmaid dress. This style has a sleek silhouette and draped skirt, flattering simply any body type, and it also features a charmeuse band at the waist that lends an hourglass look to all body types.

One-Shoulder Chiffon Dress with Floral Detail: From top to bottom, this bridesmaid dress, available in dozens of colors, will certainly ease your most style conscious attendants. A one-shoulder strap comes finely detailed with elegant flowers and the bodice features an asymmetrical neckline and ruching to create a silhouette that lends to a slimming look. This dress then sweeps out in a chiffon skirt, creating a soft and romantic look.

Chiffon Dress with Beaded Neckline and Straps: Flowing chiffon is a classic fabric for bridesmaid dresses and often comes in many colors. Your bridesmaids will love the empire waist adorned with a charmeuse band and tank bodice, which comes with intricate beading along the neckline and straps. No matter how style conscious your attendants, everyone will love this classic style.

The Best Bridesmaid Dress Separates

When considering hot new trends, look no further than the short and sweet satin strapless top with short skirt. This top comes with modern pleats along the sweetheart neckline and the bottom smoothes out into an A-line, which is widely popular for flattering any shape. With many colors available, you can get as creative as you'd like by mixing and matching tops, shirts, dresses and accents.

A perfect example of trendiness and comfort, be sure to consider the ruched chiffon top with long skirt, which offers you and your bridesmaids the most versatility. First, separate outfits allows for many color options including mixing and matching, plus many bridesmaids choose to wear the back-zipped, strapless top over and over long after the wedding.

The Best Junior Bridesmaids Dresses

If you've chosen to have a junior bridesmaid (generally older than your flower girl, but too young for bridesmaid status), remember that your junior bridesmaid may actually prove your most style conscious attendant, so considering involving her in your selection of her dress. Either way, you can't find more adorable junior bridesmaid dresses than the satin and chiffon ball gown with flower detail and the short satin dress with spaghetti straps and smocked back.

Every girl loves to feel like a princess for a day, so consider the satin and chiffon ball gown. This dress has elegant spaghetti straps with delicate flower detail along the neckline. The bodice features a ruched waist, which flows into the soft and shimmering floor-length satin skirt. As an added bonus, this junior bridesmaid dress comes in over 40 colors to choose from!

For a fun, youthful look, many brides choose a comfortable, short satin dress for their junior bridesmaids. For a unique look she's sure to love, consider a dress with classic spaghetti straps and a modern smocked back. For versatility, you can choose a colored sash for this junior bridesmaid dress to match the rest of your bridal party.

Choosing bridesmaid dresses should be fun! With these selections in hand, even your most style conscious attendants will feel confident and comfortable for your big day.

Getting Started for Wedding Dress Shopping

Just as you have to consider certain things when purchasing any item of clothing, the same holds true for vintage wedding dresses. If you are purchasing one at a local consignment shop, be certain to try it on first. If you ever have the opportunity to try the dress on, this will guarantee the best fit. However, if that's not possible, as is the case with purchasing vintage wedding dresses online, you can always have them altered.
Do some homework to find your desired wedding dress style. The fashion magazines always carry the latest fashion trend to you, flip through the magazines' collection of wedding dresses and see if there's the style you like. Or else browse through the designer's website gallery.

Get to know what kind of a bride you want to be on your big day. Are you a classic or a modern bride? Bohemian or glamorous bride? If you want to be classic, then just go for wedding dresses with traditional design. If you want to look chic, then you have more options available, even short wedding dresses can work out for you.

Be realistic and open minded when shopping. The models figures are absolutely standard and gorgeous and most wedding dresses seem wonderful on them, But remember what seems fabulous on a model may not flatter your body. Choose a wedding dress based on your body type to achieve the flattering effect.

Considering the wedding venue, time and the formality.
It is very important that the wedding dress is going to go well with the whole setting, so think about your wedding venue, time and formality before the wedding dresses shopping. Getting to know the theme of your wedding location and if it's formal or semi-formal will help to narrow down your option scope and save you more time and energy.

Make a rough plan about your budget. It is not a good idea to take the bank breaking task. Find a friend to company you when shopping. Lead a group of people behind you when shopping wedding dresses; this will make it harder to make a decision. It is much better to find a friend that know you and can give you the sincere advice when you are confused.

Take it easy. Near rush yourself to make a decision when shopping wedding dresses, especially since many bridal salons charge a steep fee for returning a gown, or don't allow refunds at all. It is a great idea to start the wedding dress shopping at least two months before the deadline.

additionally,here are some tips for Selecting the Best Shade in a Wedding Gown
1 Fair skin – Look for yellow ivories and warmer natural colors like eggshell and candlelight.
2 Medium skin with pink undertones – Wear wedding gowns in creamy whites.
3 Medium skin with yellow undertones - Natural fibers like silk, cotton, and linen offer natural whites. Also look for champagne.
4 Dark skin with a yellow or olive undertone – Look for stark white and champagne off-whites with pink undertones.
5 Dark skin – Go with blue white or stark white as opposed to anything with a yellow undertone.
You can skip the white dress altogether in favor of a dramatic color that expresses more of the bride's personal style.
Wedding Gown Fabrics
1 Charmeuse – This lightweight satin follows the wearer's curves. It is less shiny than regular satin
2 Chiffon – This semitransparent fabric moves and drapes well. Look for it in layers, sleeves, and veils of a wedding gown.
3 Organza – Stiffer than chiffon, this fabric still flows with the bride
4 Satin – Satin is a heavy fabric that is shiny on one side, dull on the other. Duchesse satin combines silk and rayon for a lighter and less expensive 5 Silk – This fiber is luxurious, resilient, and expensive.
6 Taffeta? – Shiny or matte, this fabric has a crisp, papery feel.
Elements like color and sheen from the fabric create the base for a wedding gown. These dress basics can greatly affect the cost of a dress, so a bride should look at these elements when shopping within her budget