The Origins Of Prom And Putting On Prom Dresses

Prom dresses are certainly a winner when used for the prom. They look classy and can make any woman look better. But when did the traditions of going to the prom actually start? Proms of the 21st century tend to be fancy affairs dominated by designer dresses, expensive stretch limos, and incredible competition for a place in the prom court. Famous books and films nowadays increasingly give attention to prom themes, and teens may spend several weeks planning and getting ready for the all-important evening. With all the value attached to the proms of today, it appears somewhat surprising that the event has existed in all of its elegance only since the 1950s.

While formal dances for teenagers were common as early as the late 19th century, proms began to take on today's iconic status in a teenager's life only as America recovered from the Great Depression as well as World War II. In the 1920s and 1930s, the high school prom became a slightly more sophisticated night with all the creation of vehicles and luxurious items, and secondary school seniors began to wear brand new party clothes to their proms. During the '50s, with the post World War II economy flourishing, prom was raised to a higher standing, and prom courts, prom dresses, and junior as well as senior proms grew to become grander. Lots of proms shifted off campus to hotel ballrooms or other locations.

Guys usually wear black tie (a dinner coat and bow tie), sometimes with brightly colored cummerbunds or vests, although any sort of formal wear could be worn. Traditionally, ladies gave boys complementing boutonnieres to be worn on the tuxedos. Ladies traditionally wear formal gowns or dresses adorned with a corsage given to them by their date. A lot of guys also match the shade of their tie to their partner's gown. Frequently, guys and ladies will dress in line with the theme of the prom - for example, pastel suits for a Miami Vice-themed prom.

Popular prom activities involve eating, dancing, the crowning of a prom King and Queen, and mingling. In some instances, high school students gather money for their class prom through fundraising within the four years they attend their secondary school. High schools in or close to big cities may rent ballrooms at pricey hotels or, to be unique, venues such as a pleasure cruise boat. Students normally group together to use limousines to their proms. Oftentimes costs are reduced by using the school gymnasium, which strains the decorating team to somehow hide the gym smell and drab surfaces. Music played during the dance part of the event is normally the genre(s) most popular with the participants.

Prom dresses could help you get the Prom Queen's title. During their fairly brief history, proms grew from simple events in Sunday dress to extravaganzas where competition for the best prom dress, the best date, and the best prom court distinction got center stage. Prom evening is among the most important and expected times of a teenager's high school life. Attractive gowns and handsome tuxes are only the start of an amazing night to recall.

Is it worth to do modeling during the school season?

It is not a secret that girls usually start to model in a young age. Sometimes if the girl is ready she can start modeling career even from 13 years old. It is the age you go to school, so should you waist your school years for modeling? That is a very common question for both models and their parents.

There is no absolutely correct answer to the question above. School season is the best time to start, because you will have much less competition than in summer when much more models are available to take place. Most of the parents are very critical and see modeling as a short and not perspective way to spend time. The opinion becomes even more negative when modeling interferes with school time and you have to choose what is more important. Most of the competitive agencies will do their best to find the most appropriate solution for each family to combine school with modeling. However, many of the important fashion events are taking place during the school season and sometimes loosing the opportunity to participate in them can close many doors in the future career.

If you get a proposal to do modeling during the school season, you need to answer a few questions to yourself. First try to answer the question "are you good at school". If you are a fast learner and have great marks, maybe you can have a month for modeling during your school season without many problems. Then you should think of your school policy - do they encourage youngsters' career, how tolerant they are, etc. The school policy is very different in each country and it even differs in most of the schools. If rules at your school are not strict and you can have a little freedom to work on other than school activities you may do modeling. The last but not the least question is the grade you are in. If it is your last year at school and you will have final exams, concentrate on them and do your best to enter further studies. If it is not your last year and you do not have important exams you should consider starting modeling now. It will be easier to have a modeling break for exams later.

Sometimes people say - you may loose your school because of modeling and one day your career might be over. This could be right if you model for a year and don't go to school at all, but the career would not change your graduation if you have a month or two for modeling during the school season.

Wardrobe for your first photo session

Creating an impressive portfolio is one of the most important things in modeling. You need lots of professional and, most importantly, wonderful photos. First of all you have to create a wardrobe. Although original ideas are always appreciated by photographers, there are some things that every model should in her or his wardrobe.

The thing is you must look sensational. Blue jeans and T-shirt is certainly not a combination you need. Picking some certain style (elegant, youthful etc.) is the first step. Once you've decided on what style is best for you, so that you could pose easily and clothes would look good on you, start picking the exact things.

Usually there are some requirements for clothing when working with agencies. They might ask you to bring jeans without logos or with holes for example. This means you have to find the exact thing. Otherwise agency will get disappointed with you and probably won't call you again.

Don't pick one thing. Pick at least two or three. It's always better bringing more that less. Maybe they'll see something you have and decide it's better for them. It'll make easier for both sides to work with each other. They'll see you take your job seriously, which makes a good impression.

You have to make a statement with your wardrobe. The clothes you choose must create a character. If you know that the photo session is going to take place in some certain place, try to find out more about it, so you could choose the right things that would match the whole atmosphere.

Such clothes as jeans, skirt, black dress, jacket and shirt are a must for every model. Maybe you won't have to use them in each session, but it's very likely that you'll need every of those at least once. Knowing that you will be able to wear most of that clothes daily can't leave you any doubt is it worth spending all that money.

Have in mind that it's a great advantage if you have clothing for after five wear, casual, sexy and glamorous looks. Swimwear is a thing you won't do without. Although it's common wardrobe for everyone, you still have an opportunity to make your own statement, to look differently than others.

You won't be able to create a complete style without accessories. Gloves, sunglasses, jewelry and hats are very important. Match them with your clothing and you'll make a real good impression for the modeling agencies.

Even if you have a great wardrobe, don't forget that you have to take care of yourself as well. No photographer will work with a female or male, whose nails are dirty, skin is not clear or who has hair roots that have grown out after last dye.

Taking care of yourself and showing that you are willing to work hard and put lots of effort in the things you do is the key to get the job. Be original and express your character through your style and modeling agencies will get impressed by you. Your wardrobe, your character and your willingness to work are just as important as your looks.

What to do if modeling agencies turn you down

Many young girls are now trying to make their dream of becoming a super model come true. Yet not everyone is able to do that. And a "no" from modeling agencies is one of the most common reasons for this failure. What should you do if you are one of those who heard that awful "no" a few times, but still want to become a model. There's always a way out.

If you haven't tried all the agencies in your city, first of all you should do that. If you have and they all turned you down, maybe you should try getting into the television or commercial market instead of modeling. Once you are already known, agencies may change their mind, or maybe you'll find another work you adore. You won't lose anyway.

You may also try to change your looks. If you have long hair, try to curl it or cut it. Looks are the most important issue in the search for models, so you have to make sure you've made the most of what you have. Of course don't get drastic - consult a professional beautician so you can really improve your looks and not ruin them.

Maybe you have problems with your weight? Overweight or extremely thin girls are not likely to get into the modeling industry. Make sure you are middle weight, which is what models are required to be. Don't be shy and always ask why an agency turned you down so you can change the things that bother you.

If you've changed your looks from head to toe and agencies are still rejecting you, try taking modeling classes. Models that are qualified are certainly more likely to get the job. Asking your instructors about the percentage of girls who graduated from the school and got a job in modeling - this should assure you that you picked the right school.

Attend all possible modeling contests. You can never know when your look is on top. Even if you don't win, maybe agencies will notice you. Moreover, such contests are a great way to gain some experience and make new contacts.

Having a portfolio is essential for any model. A well-made portfolio will give you a great advantage. You should constantly renew it with new, professional photos. Send those new photos to clients you want to work with. Consider the idea of building an impressive composite card. Don't forget that the pictures you send must be really terrific. It's undoubtedly more likely that you'll get the job if your pictures are somehow different than those of others.

Girls who are appearing in theatrical or dance shows shouldn't be shy to invite possible clients. Send invitations to modeling agencies and maybe they'll change their minds. Talented girls are always appreciated in modeling agencies.

If you have tried everything and don't see any result, don't get desperate. There are so many other ways to become famous and show what you are capable of. Maybe you'll get a real dream job. Modeling is a dream, but maybe there's something better, you haven't even thought about? It's a great feature to never give up, but maybe trying something will inspire you for something bigger?

How to present yourself on the internet

Planning to start or already started your modeling career? All models should know how important it is to present oneself on the internet. Your presence on the internet space may not only help you to start a modeling career, but to improve on it as well. However, if you want the results, you have to put some effort in creating your image on the Web.

One of the most important things is subscribing to various modeling sites. Usually these websites cover a great membership not only for models, but also for scouts, photographers and agencies as well. Being an active member would help you get noticed, make new and useful contacts and possibly improve your career.

Such modeling sites certainly have forums. Participate, communicate with other members and maybe you'll get noticed. Don't forget that other models may be very helpful, ask questions that bother you and you'll find it easier to achieve your goal in modeling.

Don't forget to upload your pictures to every site or forum where it is possible. It's very important for a model to have beautiful and professional pictures. This way, you'll make yourself visible and your way to modeling career on improving on it will become a lot easier. Don't be afraid to send your pictures to some agencies that have websites. Be choosy for the photos you are applying, they must be professional and of high quality. This will make you look as a real professional model, which means you'll be more attractive for the industry professionals.

If you are able to create and look after your own website - do it immediately. Even if you are not a professional model, this would be very useful for you. Participate in of other models' websites. Maybe it'll be useful for your modeling career and even if not, finding new friends is always great. Have in mind that your site has to be attractive. Update it regularly and, if possible make it useful for other people; this will not only attract more visitors, but will also make your personality more adorable.

Being self-confident is surely very important not only in real life, but in the virtual space as well. Post there so you can communicate with as much peopleLink working in modeling industry as possible. Don't wait until scouts and other important persons will notice you, contact them yourself. Maybe they won't offer you a job, but may get other useful contacts or at least give you advice. Moreover, communicating will improve your social skills that are extremely important for any model.

Since internet is becoming a great part of everybody's life, don't ignore the fact and become a part of it. Being a member of virtual space may be beneficial for your real life and modeling career as well. Making contacts is a great thing whether you are a professional or just a starting model. Moreover, making friends all around the world is certainly a great thing.

Requirements for male models

Although guys have the most range in the modeling industry, the requirements for common men is a secret. In comparison with female requirements, the conclusion is clear: it's surely a lot easier for men to get into the industry than for women. Are you thinking of becoming a model as well? Here are those almost secretly kept requirements.

Let's start with age, which varies from 15 to 50 and plus. The strongest market is 25-35. Yet, the biggest call is for the male models between 30 and 40. If you have a very strong look and good body, be sure you'll get a lot of offers. No matter what age you are, as far as industries lack male models, you will get a job without facing many difficulties.

The height ranges from 5'10 to 6'2. Although the range is reasonably wide, most fashion models are from 6 to 6'1. Just as with female modeling, there are various types of male modeling (body part, face, petite, teen, adult etc.). Therefore, it doesn't matter what your height is, you are sure to find something suitable for yourself.

Clothing size is standard around 40reqular - 42long. You must have a good body as well. Muscle and tone with strong abs is surely a great advantage and in some cases necessity, but you must also have smooth skin. Any male model must work out; it's very helpful for your career. You are surely more likely to have better offers if you have a muscular body.

Skin care is one of the most important things if you want to become a model. Basic care is surely not enough. Male models must forget standards that concern hairy body. Your body must be hairless and your skin has to be smooth.

There are no special requirements concerning hairdos. Yet, if you have fashionable hair style, it's a great advantage. Don't forget that hair is a very important part of your body and style. Take care of it, use a conditioner. Beautiful hair may be key to getting into the industry.

Don't forget to take care of your nails. As far as your body is your working tool, you must look perfect, yet manly. Every small detail is important, especially when you are presenting yourself to a new client. Yet, a well-cared body is a great benefit not only in work but in your daily life too.

Although modeling agencies are always searching for male models and the demand is great, your character is also very important. You have to be pleasant and easy to work with, and learn fast. Although sometimes work may seem exhausting, never show anger or nervousness. Be friendly to people you work with and you'll surely make new contacts, which are vital in the modeling industry.

Fact remains fact: it's a lot easier for men to get to the modeling industry. Yet, you should take care of your body and character if you want to become a really famous model. Just don't get too far; manliness is the secret in this case.

What will you lose after becoming a famous model?

Many young girls dream about a career in modeling. Everything seems to be just so perfect and interesting: you work with famous people, you are famous yourself and you get paid for the work you like, for your beauty. But is everything that nice and beautiful as it seems to be? Definitely not.

The first factor you should consider is the fame you desire so much. It has its disadvantages just as anything else. Your personal life, love affairs and almost every single step will be followed by photographers and journalists. Is that what you really want? It's OK until you get married. But press may start inventing various stories out of thin air and as your family life will be discussed widely, some rumors may cause rows in your family. So the first thing you lose is your privacy.

The second aspect of a modeling career is your education. Of course, it's not common to every single famous model. But for those who have to work hard to achieve high results, education is usually not as important as their career. And only when it's finished with modeling, you start to understand that you don't have one of the most important things in contemporary world. Yet, there are some models who manage to do both modeling and learning. Just have in mind that it's very difficult as you have to travel and that the results are much better if you cope with one thing only.

Friends. Yes, sure you'll find lots of new friends, but the best ones will be lost. It's very difficult to keep a friendship when you travel all the time. Moreover, not all your friends will be willing to keep your friendship as modeling career and fame will surely change you in some way. Not all people desire to be seen with celebrities. Yet, the real ones won't ever forget or leave you. It's a good way to find out whether you do have some real friends.

You'll also lose such simple things as Christmas or birthdays with your family to modeling. That's surely a pity, isn't it? But famous models are commonly invited to luxurious parties that are very important for those who want to achieve more in their modeling career, for you can meet famous people who can help you a lot. However, you always have a choice to say "no" and go back home.

Although for some girls modeling now may seem not as attractive as before, don't forget that if you do what you like and you are smart in what you do, it won't be a torture and you won't lose anything at all. Don't lose you head for being famous, learn to defend and hide you private life, get some education before starting career or do your best while taking both activities. Don't forget to write to your friends and visit them, and they won't forget you. Spend as much time with your family as possible, send them greetings on Christmas on birthdays, call them often and you won't miss them so much. Don't lose yourself, be smart and you won't lose anything.

How to choose an agency

Planning to pursue modeling career? Just as for all models, your first step should be choosing an agency. But how? There are so many, and they all have different requirements and specialize in different fields. How are you, just starting model, suppose to know which one is the best for you? It's not that difficult as it may seem.

The most important thing is to decide what is modeling for you. What is your priority: modeling or your education, job, some other activity? How much time are you ready to spend for your modeling career? Is it what you want to do for the rest of your life, or is it just a hobby? Are you able to travel abroad from time to time, or you would like to do modeling only on the local level? Just when you answer all these questions you'll be able to choose an agency that is best for you and your needs.

First of all you should know that modeling agencies are divided into a few categories: modeling agencies that scout and hire models and have an extensive roster of faces; talent agencies that could be called mediators, for they resemble recruiting agencies; and specialization agencies, which specialize in a particular modeling field, such as petite modeling, body part modeling, kids, actors and other, only. Your first step is to decide which type is best for you and gather as much information on all that particular type agencies as possible.

Once you've made your mind on type of the agency, you should concentrate on the categories each type is divided to: a major, average or small agency. Major agencies commonly work for leading designers, and their models pose for catalogs and magazine covers. Working for such an agency is the best choice for those models that are willing to sacrifice most of their time for the career and those who are able to travel abroad. Average modeling agencies have their fixed clientele, so if you are not dreaming of becoming a really famous model and modeling is more as a hobby for you - pick average agency. Small agencies usually don't have many job assignments and their cast is constantly changing. These are surely for those who want to do modeling from time to time.

Once you've decided what type of agency is the most suitable for you, and once you have gathered as much information about them as possible, visit the ones you liked most. Take a close look at the office, at the people you might happen to work with, and simply have a chat with responsible persons about work conditions. Make a list of what every visited agency offers and you'll see what's best for you.

Choosing an agency is a very important part of every model's career, because only the right choice will make your modeling career exactly as you imagined it. Don't be in a rush and don't sign a contract with the first agency you've visited. Maybe some other agency, maybe not as famous, will offer you conditions that will turn out to be better for you. Although it may seem that name is everything in this industry, it is not, you don't have to work for the best known agency to become a famous model. It depends on you, not on the agency.

Extraordinary features in modeling

Many models who have some exceptional features, such as freckles, unusual hair color, piercing, moles, tattoos, scars and alike, are concerned is that good or bad qualities in modeling and whether it is acceptable at all. Some of those qualities are good for you to be noticed, while some of them can make your modeling career really difficult.

Let's take freckles as an example. Those are surely a great advantage. Although not all modeling agencies and scouts would appreciate such feature, it'll make you noticeable and different from the others and there surely be some that will appreciate having you as a model.

Such a feature as unusual hair color, for example ginger, may become both an advantage and disadvantage. Most agencies don't accept models with unnatural hair colors, such as green, blue or red. However, if your hair is natural, it may become a great advantage, for it is an exceptional feature and most agencies are willing to have naturally unusual models. Yet, some agencies may refuse you or ask you to color your hair.

Situation with piercing is rather different. Only a small part of agencies would invite you to work with them or at least would ask you to remove your jewelry. Don't get too worried about it. You may have ear rings. But nose, eyebrow, lip or other "unusual" piercing may become a great problem in your modeling career. Of course, you always may try, because as mentioned before, some agencies surely like extraordinary looks.

Tattoos and scars most probably will cause you difficulties. Scars may at least be healed or hidden, but tattoos may not. Scouts and modeling agencies may pick you only for some special shows or photo sessions, because it may be hidden under clothes or under makeup, so it's surely easier for them to choose the model that doesn't have any scars or tattoos. Yet, those agencies that seek for exceptional models will welcome you. But even those will most likely choose you for some certain event only.

If you have some other exceptional features, for example your legs or back aren't straight, it depends only on the agents. Some of them won't pay attention to such features, while others won't even consider signing you up. It's hard to tell their opinion, but be ready for disappointment so it wouldn't strike you as a surprise.

Models that have moles also depend only on agents. Yet, if those are small and easily covered with makeup, you shouldn't face any problems. MLinkoreover, if, for example, there's a small charming mole on your face, it may help you a lot in improving your career. However, if you have a big mole on any place of your body, it may cause you difficulties. Yet, it is surely more acceptable than tattoos.

Being extraordinary is always contradictory. While some may find it charming and acceptable, others couldn't be less bothered with signing a contract with you. No matter what exceptional feature you have, keep trying to improve your modeling career and don't get disappointed even if some agencies says no. You'll surely get noticed by an agency which will appreciate having an extraordinary model.

Permanent make up

Once we put on some makeup, we want it to stay on face, but what happens if the weather is rainy or it's a hot sunny day? How often you lip liner melts away? What if you want to highlight your beauty, but you have no time to put on make up every morning? Permanent makeup can be your salvation. There are many reasons why people choose this type of make up, but the main reason is always the same: people want to look good.

Permanent make-up (also known as micropigmentation or permanent cosmetics) is similar to tattoos, but it's not as visible and outstanding. It's meant to enhance natural facial features or to mimic regular make up. Most people think of pain and unnatural look when it turns to permanent makeup, but both of these statements are more myths than truth. Small amounts of pigments are injected into dermal layer and this procedure causes discomfort, but anesthetic drugs are used during the process, so the procedures are not painful. And the color palette is as wide as you can imagine, so it's not like they have only red color for lips and single black for eyebrows. Skin infection is another popular myth which can be true if you choose permanent make-up to be done by amateur. Specialists in legal beauty clinics use proper sterilization, so skin infections are not possible.

Permanent makeup might be the only way to highlight facial features for some people. If you are allergic to cosmetics, there are a few makeup means you can use, but you have a green light for permanent makeup. If your skin is extra oily, regular cosmetics won't do any good. And if there's nothing wrong with your skin, just think of how convenient it might be: with permanent makeup your face will be highlighted even without any topically applied cosmetics. If you're a busy person it might be difficult to take your time and look as best as you could.

Permanent make up can "fix" facial features that you find imperfect. If you think your lips are too thin or asymmetrical, permanent cosmetics can be used to add some fullness by inserting dye around natural lip line. If your eyebrows are very thin or light, a specialist can create a new look using micropigmentation. Eyeliner and change of lip color are other popular procedures.

Once you decide you want permanent makeup, there are several things you have to consider. Permanent cosmetics remain visible for several years, then the make up starts to fade away. Choose the color of make-up carefully: if you go for some seasonal trends, you may hate your makeup after just 5 or 6 months. Think natural: glorious red lips will stun everyone, but do you really want to look that way 24/7? Allergic reaction to pigments is pretty rare, but make sure you do the allergy test before those pigment are used all over your face. Choose reputable beauty clinic for this kind of makeup; if you choose cheap beauty salon and non-specialist person, there's much more possibility for things to go wrong. Remember that the permanent make-up will stay on you face for several years as the removal is quite complicated.

The guide to shopping for make-up

Makeup is something that no woman can live without. This industry is so wide and there are so many products that sometimes it‘s simply too much. But how would you know which products are really good and worth the price? How would you Linkknow what is best for you?

The most important thing while choosing makeup is forgetting the advertisements you see on TV and in the magazines. The fact that the product is well advertised doesn't mean it's really good and worth the price you are paying. Commonly, those products are more expensive and have the same effect that cheaper ones do.

First of all, read some reviews and articles about the makeup companies themselves. See what products they commonly use and what the experts say. This will guarantee that you choose the company which uses the best products. A big name means nothing.

nce you've chosen company, decide what exactly you need before shopping for makeup. This will save you time and make your choice easier.

Read all the labels of the products you think to purchase. See what they consist of and be sure about every single ingredient. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you have doubts. Sometimes what seems to be natural, really contains unnatural products, so paying attention will guarantee you are buying exactly what you were looking for.

If you are buying such makeup products as eye shadow, powder or lipstick, don't be afraid to test it. Be sure about the color, because in some cases these products change their shade when applied to the skin. You simply won't be able to use powder that is really darker then your skin shade, because you'll look ridiculous.

Don't buy products you already have. This means that if you are using a face mask and you still have it, don't buy a new one. There's no need to mix products, because this may affect your skin in negative ways. Trying new products is good, but mixing them with the old ones is certainly not.

The best way to find out what is best for you is getting samples. Makeup shops usually have some; all you have to do is ask. Only after really testing the product will you be sure it's the one you need. However, most women purchase makeup products blindly.

And, of course, don't forget to know really well if you are allergic to some products that may be a part of matters you are purchasing. Be sure about your skin type, it'll not just save you some time, but will also guarantee you the best results.

Shopping for makeup is certainly not an easy task if you are willing to purchase the best products that are really worth the price you are paying. Being attentive and careful, knowing what you really need and want are the most important things while shopping. Don't ever be afraid to ask for information and samples. Maybe you will have to show all your courage, but that's the only way to find makeup that is best for you and your skin

Makeup mistakes

Although almost every single woman uses or at least knows how to use makeup, mistakes are rather often. In most cases these mistakes may be unnoticeable, yet they are vital to the health of your skin. The greatest benefit you will get by getting rid of makeup mistakes is that you won't need to use so much of it, because your skin will naturally become healthier and prettier.

One of the most common makeup mistakes is using wrong colors. It can be anything - eye shadow, lipstick, lip liner, powder or blush. If the colors you apply are too dark or too light, you'll look ridiculous. If you are trying to hide your face color by choosing a darker or lighter foundation you will also look ridiculous, because it's obvious. Your neck or even hand color is surely different, thus pointing out your worthless efforts. This mistake is easily eliminated if you choose carefully and ask a consultant for help. Don't be lazy and this problem won't bother you.

A number of women think that going to sleep with makeup is not a bad habit. Actually it is one of the worst makeup-related habits. Our skin is already rich with its own natural oils. Moreover, it gets coated with a daily blend of environmental debris every day. Can you imagine how your skin suffocates under this "coat"? It's a must to wash your face every evening; otherwise your pores will suffer.

Contouring is acceptable, but only to some extent. Have in mind that using deep contour shades that give the illusion of a sculpted nose or a sharper cheekbone are ok for magazine covers, where lightning and gradations are perfect. However, in natural light you'll look awful with such makeup. You've got to blend those contour shades near invisibility, to make it look like a human outline.

Eyelashes are an excessively delicate feature. It doesn't mean though that you should over-apply mascara. It should be used only to subtly enhance, nothing more. Spidery, clumped-up, wild looking lashes are only attractive to other spiders.

Eyebrows are very important in expressing your moods and feelings. There are two major mistakes to be made while talking about them - wrong color and shape. Visit a professional beautician at least once so he or she could form it according to your face and eye shape. If your eyebrow color is darker or lighter than your hair by a few tones, you should color one of them so it wouldn't make such a contrast. It separates your face into two parts and looks really ridiculous.

Don't forget that your makeup must always look fresh. Having "melting" makeup is probably the worst thing you can do. There are lots of makeup products and it's definitely not that difficult to find a good one. Once again don't be lazy to search and consult so you can find the best products for yourself.

Trying to avoid makeup mistakes will not only make you more beautiful, but will also help your skin. On the whole, using little makeup is the best way out. Take care of your skin properly and you won't have to apply so much makeup; therefore, you won't make any makeup mistakes, have healthy skin and won't risk looking ridiculous.

Makeup: light or bright

The choice is definitely easy, all you have to do is consider your needs (just be honest to yourself), style and such matters as work or studies. And don't forget that there's a difference between day and evening makeup and that there are also fashionable makeup features.

It can be said that for this day, makeup is not fashionable at all. This actually means that the more natural you are, the more fashionable you look. Of course, you must have beautiful skin in such a case, yet if you don't - apply as little makeup as possible. The colors are also very natural for this season - brown, silver, gold and deep tones of red, green and blue. The conclusion is - light makeup is better for fashion features.

If you work or study consider if you really need a bright makeup, for it may look extraordinary in your surroundings. Yet, if you think it is ok and you won't look eccentric - feel free to apply any makeup you want. Moreover, under some circumstances it is even better to look different and original. Make sure you are not trying too hard and consider bright makeup in working or studying place carefully. Light makeup is acceptable in any case.

When it comes to day and evening makeup, it's simple - day makeup is light and evening makeup is bright. So if you prefer bright makeup, choose it carefully, because if it'll look like evening makeup, you'll look ridiculous.

The most important feature is your style. If your style is elegant or you usually wear dark or light colors, maybe deep tones of red, yellow, green and blue, you should apply light makeup. Matching colors with your clothing or accessory will surely make you look good. For example if you wear black clothes and silver accessory, apply silver eye shadow and black mascara. If you're style is playful and colorful all you have to do is choose the main color. For instance if your clothing consist of various colors but mostly yellow and blue, apply yellow eye shadow and blue mascara. Makeup will undoubtedly add charm to your style.

The last thing to think about is your needs. Makeup damages your face. Although you hardly notice that it really does. So while answering the question of your need be sincere to yourself. If your work doesn't require looking perfect, if you're not obsessed with fashion and if your style look complete without any makeup you shouldn't apply bright makeup. And the light one should consist of powder (only if you consider your skin imperfect and think its necessary) and mascara (to expose your eyes).

Makeup isn't as necessary as most women think it is. Most men find natural women attractive. So if there's no real necessity for you to apply it everyday, just don't. And if you find it vital to your style be excessively careful while choosing between light and bright one. Have in mind that bright makeup is evening makeup, so do not make a huge mistake.

Must-Have Make-Up Means For Summer

It doesn't matter if you put on as less make-up as possible or if you can't live without make-up at all, there are some basic means that you must have to shine and stun. Let's run over the list of the most wanted make-up products of this summer.

The lack of humidity and direct sunlight are extremely dangerous to your skin. Therefore the first thing you should get (if you hadn't got it yet) is a great moisturizer that contains sun protection factor. The more fair skin you have the higher rate of SPF you need to choose. Summer is a great time to expose a little bit more of your body and get some tan, but don't forget to protect your skin everyday. Change your regular make-up base to the one with SPF as well.

Make-up trends of this summer suggest light colored make-up, so you won't miss if you choose eye-shadows of soft and bright colors. Don't experiment with a vivid palette; choose soft lilac, bronze, corals or pink to adorn you. However if you are looking for eye-shadows dedicated to evening make-up, dare to wear bright metallic glow.

Another thingy you can't live without on this summer is a daring nail polish on your toes. Show your feet in open fancy sandals or simple beach flip-flops and shine with tangerine, azure, purple or berry red. You will definitely be in a center of attention, so remember to take care of your feet.

Summer heat can make you sweat and smudge your perfect make-up; sea or pool water can wash your make-up away, but you shouldn't refuse to decorate yourself! Waterproof lash mascara is the best invention for summer make-up. It keeps your lashes impressive while you swim, walk on a sunny or rainy day. Moreover: maybe it's time to try waterproof eye make-up means? Search for waterproof eye-shadows and eye-liners to keep your make-up right on the eyelids.

If you prefer to highlight lips but not eyes, you can't manage without lip gloss. Forget the lipstick: apply lip balsam with SPF and put on some gloss. The real fashion followers choose rosy pink, pale rouge, soft bronze and skin tones. However more intense colors are in for the evening make-up: feel free to choose from deep berry pink and dazzling gold.

Even if you don't feel confident about your skin, it's not too late to take care of it and put on that amazing dress for a night out. Get a scented grained scrub instead of a regular soap or shower cream and you will see the results pretty soon.

Tips About Lash Mascara for Perfect Make-up

What’s a key for successful make-up? What can highlight your eyes and make your look wonderful? Lashes mascara is the right answer. It is the most popular everyday make-up thingy after lipstick. Although lashes mascara is common used, there are plenty mistakes you can make if you choose wrong mascara or if it’s poorly applied.

Girls that advertise various mascaras look adorable on billboards or magazines pages, but which one to choose to give your lashes that real magic? It’s all about mascara type, brush and color:

· Black goes for everyone and everywhere. Black mascara is universal! There are various shades of grey, dark brown and dark blue, so if you decide to buy black mascara, make sure it is actual black.

· Brown finely suits blondes and redheads. If your lashes are very light-colored, black mascara may look weird, but brown goes perfectly.

· Match mascara color with your hair color for natural look. Black highlights eyes, but it doesn’t look natural. Try to choose a bit darker mascara than your hair color to look natural and sweet everyday.

· All the colors of the rainbow suit for teens, but don’t fit formal make-up. Untraditional colors look too playful for office wear, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other types of make-up. Give you lashes new look by covering them with your ordinary color and applying colored mascara on the tips.

· The shorter brush the easier use. Too long brush may be difficult to handle. Also thinner brush is more comfortable to reach lashes at the corners of eye and to avoid smudges.

· Bended brush is better than straight. When brush is curved to fit eye line, it’s easier to apply mascara.

· Use waterproof mascara for long lasting make-up. Perfect make-up should stay all the day long.

· Thickening mascara works perfect for dramatic and mystic look. Add volume to lashes to create fatal woman image.

· Lengthen your lashes. Lengthening mascara makes lashes more noticeable and opens up eyes.

· Curling mascara bends straight lashes. However make-up professionals use lashes curler, not curling mascara.

Every woman has her own technique on how to put mascara on, but there are some basic “rules” as well. If you know what mascara fits you and how to choose color, but eyes make-up is nightmare for you, try useful tips on how to apply lashes mascara.

  • * Cover lashes from the bottom to the tips. If you don’t apply mascara on bases, they will be different in color and that look odd. If you will leave the tips of lashes alone, lashes will be optically shorter. Who of us would want that? Apply mascara to whole length for optimal effect.

  • * Use combs to remove clumps and separate lashes. Glued together lashes are not OK and clumps are not OK either. Brush lashes with special combs while mascara is not dried to avoid miserable look. Remember: make-up professionals prefer metallic lashes combs to plastic made.

Fashion Trends for This Season. Make-Up

This season is predominated with laconicism and simplicity of the 60's. From here we can draw an image - precise and modern, at the same time there is a light echo of playful naivety of the 30's of past century, when light sport style enjoyed popularity in the whole world, shadows were natural, lips were slightly touched by the pomade of red or berry nuances, face - rosy and tanned.

If to speak about characters, the style corresponds most closely to the image of the legendary supermodel Twiggi, with her "open" eyes framed by shiny eyelashes.

So, in no way a face should be colored too heavy; the tone should be light, hardly appreciable. Light black shadows, no orange blush or bleached lips at all. Everything should be much lighter and more natural: light pink lipstick, naturally-beige blush, eyelashes are completely painted over.

Alongside with these tendencies in a modern fashion, there is a style – Glamour. It is difficult to draw a parallel with any character but, as an example, it is possible to bring images of an advertising campaign of aromas of fashionable house Thierry Mugler back in the 80's.

Thus, on a background of light hair-dos and sports style in a make-up there are absolutely "made" hair-dos and "made" make-up. But the make-up must not make a woman look older than she is.
I allocate this style because last 8-10 years there was no such strong influence of ‘glamour’ on a fashion as it happens now.

Face. It is not the first season when the color of skin is natural and transparent. The tone cream is used not so actively. Two basic tendencies are observed:
1. White, colorless skin. Very light beige blush or no blush at all.
2. The tanned skin. An interesting detail! In this season sun-spots are back in fashion.
These two, absolutely different directions allow any woman to choose her unique image - a diva with a white aristocratic skin, or a sports girl, freckled and sunbathed.

Eyebrowes. Eyebrows are natural or elaborate, strongly underlined. It is the tendency of combination of the sports style with a fashion of 60th. The strengthened, well traced eyebrows should be well seen. Even if they are natural, an accent should be put on them. Two-three seasons ago eyebrows in a make-up were not so appreciable.

Eyes. Eye lining is not strong, only to emphasize an eye. It can be created by means of dark shadows or by eye pencils. Rigid lines are not required. They are present either with shading, or with false eyelashes in glamour variant.

Eye shadows can be as natural - pink, beige, grayish (all scale of natural cold shades), and dark grey - black or gold (a golden peach, ochre colors or other shades of this precious metal). A lot of black and white can be used.

Lips. Light pink lipstick is in fashion this season. Bright lips go as to the pale skin, so to the tanned. The versions of pink are varied: cold and warm, shining and lusterless. The saturated berry colors are also urgent.

Makeup for men

Despite of the fact that men makeup history goes a long way back, there are people who still makeup wearing men freaks. Why would a normal man wear makeup? Actors, models, singers wear makeup so why can't a common man use makeup for the same reason they do: to expose their facial features or to hide some shortages. Is that really so unacceptable?

When you see a model on a catwalk, his face looks just perfect, facial features seem bright and you don't even consider that he could (and most definitely is) wearing makeup. Even if you do know that, there's absolutely no way you would consider him a weirdo because of simply being male and wearing makeup. That's the way it is - catwalk is a scene and he accordingly.

But when it comes to common men the ones that we meet every day, our friends, colleagues, would you care if you noticed one of them wearing makeup? Would you consider it normal, just as you consider women? You probably wouldn't.

Yet more and more men are using makeup. Not only ones who have do it because of their profession. Common men. Just like women, they want to be beautiful and that's nothing condemnable. There are men makeup lines and you can be sure you won't find anything like mascara or eye shadow there. It's mostly various creams and special powder, used only to hide some facial skin defects or make facial features brighter.

Men who are considering using makeup should know one very important thing - your powder must blend perfectly on your face. You have to make it look excessively natural, because most people wouldn't tolerate a man wearing makeup.

To practice makeup applying is a great idea. Practice at home until you'll get perfect and acceptable result. You may also ask your girl friend for help or go to some salon and ask help from professionals. If you're lost, don't hesitate to do so, because you'll undoubtedly get better result and won't have to feel ashamed and nervous when going out for the first time.

Try at least a few brands and tones of powder to find the one that fits perfectly with your skin tone. Apply it very precisely so that there wouldn't be any stretches or spots. Adding some powder on your neck will make sure there won't be any disparity. Those who are using makeup to hide facial scars or acne don't overdose it. You can make it less visible, but making it completely invisible would require quite a lot of makeup, which would consequently get visible.

Men shouldn't be afraid to use cosmetics to hide some shortages and other people shouldn't consider them weirdos for doing so. Its XXI century and such things are normal. Normal people trying to be beautiful - there's nothing shameful about it. If plastic surgery is ok, the why makeup is so intolerable? Why should they change their attitude to makeup? Maybe it's time for us to change our attitude upon men wearing makeup?

Top 6 Tips for Ensuring the Health of Your Lips

Tip 1:
Use Lip Care Daily.

Use a lip care product as part of a daily regimen to moisturize your lips and maintain their healthy condition. A lip treatment, such as Blistex DCT (Daily Conditioning Treatment for Lips), containing the natural moisturizers cocoa butter and aloe vera is an effective combination. Daily treatment of the lips helps maintain a smooth feel and appearance.

Tip 2:
Use Lip Care Before Exposure to Dry Environment.
Whenever you are exposed to especially drying conditions, whether due to harsh outdoor elements or a dry indoor environment, use a lip care product that seals in natural moisture and seals out the drying forces. Recommended products, like Blistex Medicated Lip Balm, Blistex Complete Moisture, Blistex Herbal Answer and Blistex Ultra Protection, combine a number of protectants to defend your lips effectively.

Tip 3:
Use Lip Care Before Exposure to Sun.
Any time of the year that you are exposed to the always harmful rays of the sun, use a product with an adequate SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Beyond the sun's well-known skin damage impact, exposure to the sun is also a trigger for cold sores/fever blisters for those who are susceptible. An SPF number indicates how many times longer a person can stay in the sun before beginning to burn. Lighter-skinned people should use as high as an SPF 30, even when exposed for short periods. It is also helpful to use a product that is water-resistant for 80 minutes or more. For some sensitive-skinned people, it is best to avoid products containing PABA, which can cause allergic reactions. Blistex Ultra Protection meets all of these criteria.

Tip 4:
Treat Sore or Already Chapped Lips With A Medicated Lip Care Product.
If dryness, cracking or soreness of the lip has already developed, it is especially important to use a medicated product to provide relief. A product with a penetrating analgesic can soothe the lips quickly and effectively. Blistex Lip Ointment delivers penetrating medication, and is the only lip ointment that contains moisture. Also for sore lips, Blistex Lip Medex provides ultra-cooling relief.

Tip 5:
Use Lip Care Under or Even Instead of Lipstick.
Use a lip care product like Blistex Medicated Lip Balm or Blistex Lip Ointment, before applying lipstick. This helps color go on more evenly for a smoother look. Or, if you want a break from lipstick altogether, Blistex Lip Tone gives you a soothing lip balm that also enhances your lips' natural color.

Tip 6:
Use A Lip Care Product that Exfoliates for Smoother Lips.
If your lips are prone to dryness and flaking, or if you would like to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your lips, a lip care product that exfoliates damaged skin cells while rehydrating your lips could be the best choice. Blistex Lip Revitalizer, with a mild, rehydrating AHA formula could be just what you're looking for.

5 Best Lady Watches For Evening Wear

One of the most popular and lovely is the Invicta Women's Square Angel Diamond Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch, as it is square shaped and has beautiful diamond accents in the diamond encrusted stainless steel surrounding. With its durable mineral crystal, it is not only beautiful to behold but also guaranteed to last wear and tear for a lifetime. The inner dial is a sphere that has three chronograph sub dials with black marks and an easily perceived date window that appears near the four o clock. Finally, there are three dials within the one circular dial that makes it a timelessly elegant piece. The shining steel band is strong and contrasts nicely with the diamond set inner. A perfect piece is this atch to complement an elegantly tailored suit or a nice gown.

Another watch in fashion is the Citizen Women's EW0890-58X Eco-Drive Diamond Accented stainless steel watch. One of the most striking aspects of the watch is its soft pink and silver tones that give it a feminine elegance. The pink dial has double rectangular white indices at the six and twelve o clock as well as white ones on all the remaining hours. The square framed date window is near the three o clock position, so that all of it is easy to read on this soft, luxurious watch that would look wonderful with a satin or velvet evening gown, or just be a slight touch of refinement with any outfit.

For something classy and lavish, the XOXO Womens' XO110 gold tone bracelet watch is very popular, too with its bright, lustrous gold band, rounded shape, and diamonds inset around the circle. The dials are gold and each of the indices are marked with gold slashes over a pearly silvery dial. The hands to mark time are golden and the watch is easy to read and beautiful to behold. With its Arabic numerals and dashes it is an elegant and old fashioned sort of piece that will make a royal statement when worn with anything. With its Japanese quartz movement, it is the perfect accent to a lady's wardrobe and a most fashionable way to tell time.

Another popular watch that is more unique in design is the Michael Kors Women's Watch, made out of a sunny gold color that bears all the style of vintage watches. Made of stainless steel and a horn acrylic bracelet and round case, this watch has a pearly dial with crystal accents and indices, as well as logo, date window, and three smaller dials that give it a wonderfully classic appearance. It is water resistant and works with quartz movement and would make a wonderful statement with a dressy business suit or work outfit, as it is somewhat more brazen in style, and thought not as feminine as the others, certainly powerful and bold.

Finally, for a watch with sleekness, the Skagen Women's 233XSSS stainless steel watch has a silver band, a circular base, and silver indices, as well as a sleek numbering that makes it elegant in a modern and chic way. For a classic watch that will match any dress for any occasion, this is the perfect choice.

Priciest denim jeans across the globe.

Jeans have at all times been really popular and low-cost. Yet along with raising level of popularity, designer variants started and as a result that raised the value of the simple outfits. Trend dictated that super stars had to be dressed in the high priced jeans to become unique and well known. All one want to do is Google the phrase most expensive jeans in the online world and thus you will get a significant assortment to choose from. Thus below is a quick list of the world's main expensive jeans.

Not every denim is made similar. A lot of simple brand names as well as styles could be acquired off the rack at the local clothing merchants as low as $30 for every pair. However , the world's high priced jeans have got different components which help make such denim jeans well worth the price.

We start off the Gucci brand of jeans which made Genius Jeans. Based on the Guinness world book of records, the Genius jean is one of the world's costliest denim jeans manufacturer. This collection comes distressed, pre ripped, as well as sand washed and ready to wear. Nearly all pairs are also covered with African beads which will make every pair of these overpriced jeans exclusive and distinct. Hardly any two pairs of these distinctive denims tend to be similar and each retails at $3,500 if not more at special merchants.

Levis makes unique variation of the denims model referred to as the Levi Capital E jean. Every set is usually hand crafted, with expensive resources and also takes nearly 4 weeks to produce. thirty people develop 1 set of denims and thus it is this hand crafting making it that pricey.

The other most popular corporation that make a jean that is on the globe's most high-priced denims list is SEVEN FOR ALL MANKIND. This emerging organization creates special jeans which custom made for every person. High end lines in the brand retail in the better departmental stores as much as $1000 for every set. This kind of model may be easily counted in the world's listing of most high-priced denim jeans since it also is surely a superstar favorite.

Classic denims also list very high on the top 10 set of the most expensive denim jeans. Levi Strauss paid a stunning $60,000 to obtain a pair of its very own retro denim jeans that were retailed on the eBay. But this pair is still decently priced. Levi Strausscurrently sources and purchases back most traditional jeans that it could see. Fashion designers also rework ancient jeans into unique wearable pairs to produce vintage clothing lines that are easily valuedin the costliest denim jeans lists.

Jewels tends to make anything expensive and it is not usually to find designers that make use of the stone to brighten textile. A single set of the worlds' most high-priced jeans includes real precious stone embellishments and it is made bya niche organization called Secret Circus. Just one pair of these types of jeans has been purchased for the rumored $1.3 million dollars.

Designer Escada creates jeans which might be listed on this most expensive denim jeans countdown. A hand made, and hand embellished using Swarovski Crystals retails for a whopping $10,000.

Gucci makes the best this includes its denims. Just one pair of these jeans set had been handripped, engrossed in beads and sold on the Milan runway for $4,000.

APO Jeans is yet another challenger for the priciest denim jeans countdown since it custom creates rivets on your denim jeans. Gold, silver, rhodium, platinum, you name it and it can be riveted on to your denim jeans which makes them the costliest denim jeans anyone would have ever acquired for yourself.

Roberto Cavalli is honored on its jeans. They've created bejewelled premium jeans which might be easily on the most valuable denims list. Each pair could cost around $2,000 but they're a favorite amongst celebs.

Earnest Sewn Custom Fit Jeans custom creates jeans for your body with the finest handmade jean material with the rivets and fittings you specify. Clear to see why they list in this most high-priced denim jeans list!

Lee Jeans Coupons: Bringing You Jeans You Love For Less

A great pair of jeans can almost be considered the perfect piece of clothing. You can dress it up or down, wear it with pearls and heels or beads and sneakers, and still be appropriately dressed for the occasion. However, finding that great pair is almost like searching for the Holy Grail. Sometimes you can find a pair you love but can't afford, or can only afford jeans you hate.

There's a simple enough solution to the latter problem. By using Lee Jeans coupons available to you online, you can stretch your budget to accommodate the cost of the jeans that you fall in love with.

Finding the said pair, however, may pose a little bit more of a challenge. In fact, it is such a challenge that whole fashion magazines and shows have discussed the issue, and fashionista extraordinaireTyra Banks once dedicated a whole show to helping women solve this problem.

The first step in finding your dream pair of jeans is to manage your expectations. Resign yourself to the fact that you are going to spend hours and hours searching for that perfect fit, but know that in the end, it's going to be worth it.

Next, forget about trends. No trend is meant to flatter everyone. So if you do happen to find a trend that suits your body style, then go with it. You can probably still wear it even when the trend has passed, provided that it's not something completely dating, like pastel colors. But don't be too worried, either, if the current "hot" style doesn't flatter your body shape. You're better off looking stylish in something classic than looking like the fashion victims that keep trying out trends that just aren't for them.

While you're forgetting about trends, forget what they say about sizes, too. It's a frustrating fact that not all clothing lines have the same standard in sizes. So while you may be a size 8 in one jean store, you may be a size 10 in another. Just go into a store and fit a couple of sizes either way, and don't throw a tantrum if you can't fit into your usual size of clothes. Just keep on trying different labels, styles, and sizes until you come up with an idea of what size you are with what label.

Do your research. Start at home by checking out your current wardrobe. What fits and what doesn't? What looks flattering? What body type does your body belong to? After that, go online and search for fashion articles that suggest what styles you could try that flatter your form. While online, you might also want to pick up a few Lee Jeans coupon codes for the shopping spree that comes later on.

Armed with this knowledge and Lee Jeans coupons, you are now ready to shop. Don't be afraid to try anything that seems good, even if you've never worn that style before. Who knows, you may surprise yourself.

Finally, as a last resort, remember that jeans are like any piece of clothing - they're alterable. Minor imperfections on a relatively good pair of jeans can be easily solved by a trip to a skilled couturier to have some adjustments made. Viola, you have the perfect pair of jeans, molded to your exact form.

Advantages of swimming

There's no need to discuss the advantages of healthy life, we already know them. But sometimes it's extremely difficult to make yourself get up for a morning run or exercise. There's only one way out: match exercise with pleasure. And here comes swimming.

Many people understand swimming as a great pleasure and enjoy every time they go the beach or swimming pool. It's a very nice attitude and very helpful if you are planning to make this sport your way into the healthy life.

Swimming gives great advantages to your heart first of all. As far as this sport uses almost all major muscle groups and places a vigorous demand on your heart and lungs, it's better than any training machines that usually use only one group of muscle.

Swimming, unlike running, aerobics and some weight-training regiments, doesn't put strain in connective tissues. There's less chance to harm yourself and, most importantly, your muscles don't tire as much so you won't feel any pain the other day.

This sport is perfect for people who are overweight, pregnant and people with leg or lower back problems. There are no requirements what distance or how long to swim, so you may exercise your body as long as you want, stop for a moment and then continue. Moreover, you won't tire as fast as you would while running, doing aerobics or exercise in any other way.

After a few tries you'll start to feel improved strength and flexibility, better muscular and endurance balance. Swimming also improves your circulation and increases energy. You won't feel tired after your swims but will notice great improvement in your health.

It is also a great way to control your weight. You won't feel the need to eat, just to drink after swimming. So if you'll watch your meals and take the healthier ones, the results will be even greater.

Probably one of the greatest advantages swimming provides is relief from stress and tension. Your body and mind relaxes in the water and the more time you spend in it the more stress you lose. The reduction of stress will improve your daily life and relationship with people.

Doesn't matter where you practice swimming - in the sea, lake, river or pool, the effect of water is the same. It's not an expensive way to exercise so anyone may practice it. And every city or small town is sure to have at least one pool or a river or a lake near it.

Swimming is undoubtedly the sport that anyone may practice. Those who can't swim are sure to learn very fast. And the advantages are obvious for your circulation, lungs, heart and muscle. There's no other sport there you won't feel tired, get rid of tension and stress and see the results so fast. And there's no danger for traumatizing yourself. You may think as long as you want and search anywhere - swimming has the greatest advantages that sports may give you. And you can hardly find any disadvantages at all.

Diet Pills

Have you ever been on a diet and gym routine for weeks, trying to shake those 20 pounds off? How do you feel when your efforts don't pay off? This is the exact moment when people get interested in diets pills. If you do exhaustive training and you still can't look at the scales' indicator, why don't you try a much easier way? The diet pills are often promoted as a simple way to lose your weight at a stepped-up pace. But is it healthy? And do those pills really do what they claim to?

Different diet pills work in different ways. Some of them contain appetite suppressants that block the decrease of norepinephrine and serotonin in a brain. These two chemicals make us feel full after a meal, so when the amount of them can't decrease, we feel satiated for a longer period of time. Some diet pills are able to block lipase enzyme that helps body to absorb fat. These two techniques are available on prescription diet pills and they can only be prescribed for people who suffer from serious obesity.

Fat blockers and appetite suppressants are also available without prescription. The other kind of pills contains such stimulants ephedra and caffeine, which help losing weight by speeding up metabolism. This combination also works to increase energy, so you still feel well while you're consuming less food (therefore, less useful materials). Medicaments contain synthetic components, but there are also plenty of diet pills that are homeopathic. Herbal pills usually contain less active components than those prescribed, but the way they work is the same.

As there's a big demand on the market, various companies come up with new diet pills every month. The need of diet pills is so high that some vendors don't even bother themselves with proper testing, and while the quality of prescription pills is highly moderated, the quality of over-the-counter drugs is much harder to control. While the herbal diet pills are not considered medicaments at all, they can be made out of dangerous materials. Appetite suppressants can raise heart rate and blood pressure. This can cause heart attack or at least increase the risk of one. Some of appetite suppressants are banned in diet pills market as they might do too much damage. Diet pills with fenfluramine, phentermine and ephedra caused number of deaths ten years ago and nowadays they are either banned or used with extra caution. As the quality of certain part of diet pills production is not controlled, some of the drugs might help you lose weight as well as ruin your health.

If your overweight is due to unhealthy food and passive lifestyle, and you don't want to do anything about it, you may start considering diet pills as the only way for you to look good. But what you need to know is that diet pills are meant to be consumed only for a short period of time. It's not recommended to take such pills longer than 6 months. If you couldn't care less about changing your diet and lifestyle, and still expect the pills to deal with all the problems, the lost weight might come back just as easy after stopping the med use.

Health and fitness

We all know for a fact that sport is healthy. We also know that it may be difficult to suddenly start getting up early, jogging, working out or going to the gym up to the point, when it becomes a habit. Is it laziness to blame? Well, in most cases it is. But wouldn't it be great to be and look fit, and be full of energy all the time? Why is it so hard to take up sports even when all the advantages are well known to everybody?

Taking up sports doesn't mean you have to go jogging for a few hours every morning and then spend a few more in a gym after work. Keeping your body healthy shouldn't be that exhausting. Or should it? Well, if you are active already and also able to combine simple exercising with healthy nutrition, it's not exhausting at all.

The most popular way to get fit and healthy is the morning run. No time limits exist. You may do it any time and just as long as you want. It'll make your legs stronger and you'll be full of energy the whole day after. Later you won't even lose your breath - you'll breath just as easy as you would naturally. It's recommended to drink plenty of water before and after morning run.

Exercising after the run will be even more beneficial. Additional exercising improves your hand, belly and other muscles.

All the sports will not only make your muscles stronger, but make your heart and other organs work more properly as well. Basically, your whole body will become stronger and will function way better. Also, you'll be full of energy.

Studies show, that sports in the morning are more beneficial than evening exercising. This is because your body is relaxed and well rested in the mornings and exercising, instead of simply burning your energy, will only build up more of it. In the evening your body is tired and instead of building up the energy exercising will just use it. Of course, if you have no other choice, working out in the evening is better than nothing.

Although at first it may seem rather hard to get up early and do sports, and you may feel exhausted after the few first tries, soon your body will get used to the stress and you'll start feeling better and better each time.

Good nutrition is also very important when it comes to improving your health. To achieve maximum effect, you should start eating healthy. Although, if you find it very hard to do, at least try eating more vegetables and fruit instead of chocolate or chips. The biggest advantage of healthy food is that you don't have to consume as much of it as you would have to with unhealthy meals. You feel satiated for a longer period of time and don't have to eat as much and as often. You won't pump so many calories into your body and instead of growing fat you'll grow muscles. If you'll exercise, that is!

Although it may seem unnecessary for some people or way too hard for others, once you start and keep the bar up, you'll soon start feeling the results, which, as you'll see, are great. You won't feel so exhausted all the time and your mood will be much better. This is a good way to improve your social life as well.

Switch into a Healthier Lifestyle

The term "diets don't work" has become a major cliché in today’s society. Countless diet books line the shelves of bookstores and numerous diet products are advertised via TV, The Internet, and magazines. Yet the majority of the U.S. still remains overweight. So how does one decipher what is good information and what is a gimmick? Well, you first need to recognize that you already know the basics of living a healthy lifestyle. You may not be an expert, but you can determine what healthy meals and workouts consists of.

Think of the average healthy person. Do they overeat or starve? Do they over exercise or never exercise? Of course not, these people are balanced. The foods they eat are not off the wall or crazy. For example, instead of eating take-out for lunch everyday, they cook their meals in advance to make sure only the freshest most wholesome ingredients are used. Instead of buying a piece of gym equipment or subscribing to a gym membership and sporadically working out, they consistently engage in moderate exercise.

Healthy people not only eat well and exercise often, they also have a healthy attitude towards both. They do not spend time obsessing over what they ate or how they worked out. These people understand that a healthy lifestyle enhances life, not consumes it. So with the New Year approaching make a life commitment to create lasting change and enjoy the benefits of optimum health. Here are a few ways to achieve just that.

1- Proclaim your goal - Getting someone else involved in your goals is a great way to keep yourself accountable. No one wants to tell a friend or colleague they plan to eat healthy, only for them to see you the next day scarfing down a piece of cake. Tell someone who you see often about your health goals. Ask them to check in on you from time to time if you wish. You can also solicit a partner so you can go food shopping, workout, and both become healthier together.

2- Write down your progress and goals - Becoming more fit is not something we can think about once a year and see results. When you are first starting out, write down your goals. Whether it is a specific weight, size, or striving for seven consecutive days of eating veggies, put it down on paper. Then each day chart your progress and see if you can identify any pitfalls you have encountered throughout your week. If there are any revisions you need to make towards your goal then you will have good records in order to make positive changes.

3- Set yourself up for success - Make attaining your goal as convenient as possible. For example, if you'd like to cut back on sweets, don’t buy them when you go food shopping. Get rid of all the loose change and bills under five dollars when you are at work and prepare your meals in advance. Plan ahead if you know you are going out. In other words make decisions before hand and don’t put yourself in tempting situations.

4- Do your homework - There are tons of health and fitness books out there, so choosing a program that works for you is not a simple decision.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

Smoking and drinking has been part of our social practices for decades, and even though everybody knows it's bad for the health, everybody still does it.

Smoking has been a substancially newer form of damaging one's health than alcohol, when it comes to Europe. It became known only after the New World had been discovered. The habit has since then become more and more popular, with major leaps in tobacco consumption during the industrial revolution, when it became possible to provide tobacco in the form of industrially manufactured cigarettes, thus lessening the price, and the first and second World Wars, due to the fact that soldiers would be given cigarettes by charity organizations and such.

The health problems relating to the use of tobacco have also been long known. Here is what King James the First thought of smoking:

„You have not reason then to be ashamed, and to forbeare this filthie noveltie, so basely grounded, so foolishly received and so grossly mistaken in the right use thereof? In your abuse thereof sinning against God, harming your selves both in persons and goods, and raking also thereby the marks and notes of vanitie upon you: by the custome thereof making your selves to be wondered at by all forraine civil Nations, and by all strangers that come among you, to be scorned and contemned. A custom loathsome to the eye, hateful to the Nose, harmful to the brain, dangerous to the Lungs, and in the blacke stinking fume thereof, neerest resembling the horrible Stigian smoke of the pit that is bottomelesse."

Now it is widely known that smoking may and does lead to lung cancer, in fact it accouts for 87% of lung cancer deaths. It also leads to Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is a group of diseases which most resemble bronchitis. Tobacco is also responsible for many cardiovascular diseases. These are just a few consequences of smoking.

The consumption of alcohol, assuming it is in moderate amounts (which is rarely the case), is in fact beneficial to a person‘s health and those who drink little tend to live longer than those who don‘t drink at all. Of course, the statistic is flawed due to the fact that those who don‘t drink at all are, in many cases, ex-alcoholics or can‘t drink because of health problems.Either way, keeping drinking at moderate amounts is a trial of the will not many people can withstand.

The excessive use of alcohol leads to many detrimental effects, such as irretrievable changes in the neural system, liver diseases (cirrhosis, for example), hepatitis and last but not least - cancer, a wide range of types of cancer, as a matter of fact.

The biggest problem is that these damaging effects are continual, because the consumption of alcohol in excessive amounts often leads to alcoholism, thus preventing people from quitting.

Sure we all get wasted once in a while, we like defending ourselves that it‘s a holiday or a party or whatever-the-hell-else, but once you get into it, it‘s like in that song „All our days are like holidays, like the blooming of cherries".

Caffeine - shall I drink a bucket?

Many of us drink coffee everyday for many reasons. First of all, it is delicious, and most of us can't deny it. And secondly, it gives us that boost we all need from time to time when we feel tired and have something to be done. Many use coffee to stimulate their brain power when working or studying. It is a very potent measure of making yourself more concentrated on a particular thing you are doing.

Many of us also know that this boost coffee gives us is from a product called caffeine (which is only one of its names, since the name depends on the source: if it's from tea, it's theine and so on). When we drink a strong cup of coffee, along with energy come other effects, such as a faster pulse among others. It is due to these effects that we must use caffeine at our own risk.

The increase in pulse-speed is a consequence of heightened blood pressure, which caffeine causes, therefore it is not recommended to drink coffee for those who have heart problems, because misuse of the beverage may lead to many issues, some of them fatal.

Just the same as alcohol, caffeine can be addictive if used in excessive amounts, thus deepening the problem. Those who drink coffee frequently often show signs of nervousness and irritability and a user can establish tolerance for caffeine in which case they would have to use coffee not as a means to ‘get a boost', but rather to feel normal, deeming the purpose of drinking it in the first place an invalid one.

Coffee, of course is far from being the only product with caffeine, even in terms of natural ones: contrary to popular belief, tea also has caffeine (theine) and not in amounts much lesser than that found in coffee. Over the past century, the world has seen even more beverages with caffeine, such as almost any soft drink. One drink in particular pushes the limit way ahead. That drink is the energy drink, made for the sole purpose of what coffee does, only in a more excessive way.

The average energy drink has around 80mg of caffeine, almost the same as a cup of coffee. Wherein lies the excessiveness then? Energy drinks, along with caffeine also contain other stimulating materials such as taurine. Most of these materials' effect on the human physique have not yet been sufficiently tested and therefore many restrictions have been made "until further information is available".

The problem with energy drinks is the way they are usually consumed and the lack of information on whether these ways are detrimental or not. Many users, for example, drink a few cans of these stimulators in a row, creating a huge surplus of both caffeine and the other, less studied materials in the blood. Some users have reported using these drinks together with alcohol, the interaction of the two being undated whatsoever. And, one of the biggest misconceptions with energy drinks is that they are good for rehydration during or after sports. A recent study shows, that the beverage is absolutely unfit for such a purpose.

To conclude, caffeine is a good way to dispose of the feeling of being tired, but careful with the amounts, kids, or else it might get ugly.

What Water Gives for Your Body and Beauty

If you feel weak for no reason, there is a possibility that you don't drink enough water. Water is so important for your body, that you can increase your health considerably just by drinking the needed amount of water every day. Most people arLinke actually semi dehydrated: this means their bodies do not get enough liquids and they experience health disorders because of that lack.

What effect water has upon our bodies? It is difficult to explain it in just a few lines. You can even say that our body is based on water. Water is in our every tissue and it is in every single cell. Many biological functions require a certain amount of water. Digestion, excretion, absorption and circulation are only few to mention. If you don't drink enough water these parts of our organisms can't function normally. System of hormones also relies on proper balance of water. Our brains need water as well. You have probably heard that a human can't survive without water any longer than two weeks. However serious damage for body is done after just three or four days.

What amount of water is enough to keep you healthy? It depends on your nutrition and your weight. If you drink other healthy drinks during a day (like fresh squeezed juices or green tea) you can drink less water. Otherwise you should consume about 1 liter of water for every 23 kilograms of your weight (or 1 quart for every 50 pounds of weight). That's the amount of water that keeps you healthy and feeling great. If you find it hard to count how much water you drink every day, take a jar and pour in the needed amount every morning. This way you will know exactly how much water you consume.

For some people drinking so much water looks an insane idea, but they probably suffer from dehydration. How to know if your body is dehydrated? The first symptom is thirst. Basically you shouldn't feel thirsty at all; when you do it means your body has already started to dehydrate. You can take a bottle of water everywhere you go to avoid this situation. You may say this can cause kidney or excretion system disorders, but our bodies need water and it is capable of ‘recycling' it. However if you have some health disorders, you should visit your doctor before you drink 3 or more liters of water a day. The other symptom of dehydration is dizziness. You can clearly notice this on hot days when suddenly you feel dizzy or even have a headache. This happens because even if you consume enough water in high temperature we sweat and lose a lot of liquids. That's why you should drink a bit more water during hot days or if you go in for sports. If dehydration lasts for several days, you can feel more unpleasant symptoms. Different parts of your body need water; when you don't drink enough some parts begin to suffer because the more important parts absorb the water you drink. One of the first functions to feel lack of liquids is digestion and this can lead to constipation. If you suffer from this, you should weigh your nutrition and the amount of water you consume. Water is vital for many different parts of our bodies; if we dehydrate all these parts stop functioning sooner or later.