Wardrobe for your first photo session

Creating an impressive portfolio is one of the most important things in modeling. You need lots of professional and, most importantly, wonderful photos. First of all you have to create a wardrobe. Although original ideas are always appreciated by photographers, there are some things that every model should in her or his wardrobe.

The thing is you must look sensational. Blue jeans and T-shirt is certainly not a combination you need. Picking some certain style (elegant, youthful etc.) is the first step. Once you've decided on what style is best for you, so that you could pose easily and clothes would look good on you, start picking the exact things.

Usually there are some requirements for clothing when working with agencies. They might ask you to bring jeans without logos or with holes for example. This means you have to find the exact thing. Otherwise agency will get disappointed with you and probably won't call you again.

Don't pick one thing. Pick at least two or three. It's always better bringing more that less. Maybe they'll see something you have and decide it's better for them. It'll make easier for both sides to work with each other. They'll see you take your job seriously, which makes a good impression.

You have to make a statement with your wardrobe. The clothes you choose must create a character. If you know that the photo session is going to take place in some certain place, try to find out more about it, so you could choose the right things that would match the whole atmosphere.

Such clothes as jeans, skirt, black dress, jacket and shirt are a must for every model. Maybe you won't have to use them in each session, but it's very likely that you'll need every of those at least once. Knowing that you will be able to wear most of that clothes daily can't leave you any doubt is it worth spending all that money.

Have in mind that it's a great advantage if you have clothing for after five wear, casual, sexy and glamorous looks. Swimwear is a thing you won't do without. Although it's common wardrobe for everyone, you still have an opportunity to make your own statement, to look differently than others.

You won't be able to create a complete style without accessories. Gloves, sunglasses, jewelry and hats are very important. Match them with your clothing and you'll make a real good impression for the modeling agencies.

Even if you have a great wardrobe, don't forget that you have to take care of yourself as well. No photographer will work with a female or male, whose nails are dirty, skin is not clear or who has hair roots that have grown out after last dye.

Taking care of yourself and showing that you are willing to work hard and put lots of effort in the things you do is the key to get the job. Be original and express your character through your style and modeling agencies will get impressed by you. Your wardrobe, your character and your willingness to work are just as important as your looks.

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