Is it worth to do modeling during the school season?

It is not a secret that girls usually start to model in a young age. Sometimes if the girl is ready she can start modeling career even from 13 years old. It is the age you go to school, so should you waist your school years for modeling? That is a very common question for both models and their parents.

There is no absolutely correct answer to the question above. School season is the best time to start, because you will have much less competition than in summer when much more models are available to take place. Most of the parents are very critical and see modeling as a short and not perspective way to spend time. The opinion becomes even more negative when modeling interferes with school time and you have to choose what is more important. Most of the competitive agencies will do their best to find the most appropriate solution for each family to combine school with modeling. However, many of the important fashion events are taking place during the school season and sometimes loosing the opportunity to participate in them can close many doors in the future career.

If you get a proposal to do modeling during the school season, you need to answer a few questions to yourself. First try to answer the question "are you good at school". If you are a fast learner and have great marks, maybe you can have a month for modeling during your school season without many problems. Then you should think of your school policy - do they encourage youngsters' career, how tolerant they are, etc. The school policy is very different in each country and it even differs in most of the schools. If rules at your school are not strict and you can have a little freedom to work on other than school activities you may do modeling. The last but not the least question is the grade you are in. If it is your last year at school and you will have final exams, concentrate on them and do your best to enter further studies. If it is not your last year and you do not have important exams you should consider starting modeling now. It will be easier to have a modeling break for exams later.

Sometimes people say - you may loose your school because of modeling and one day your career might be over. This could be right if you model for a year and don't go to school at all, but the career would not change your graduation if you have a month or two for modeling during the school season.

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