Teanager hair style

Learning which hairstyles are hottest for teenagers can be difficult to remain on top of, especially for hairstylists that change from season to season and in most cases even multiple times per season. There are many ways that hairstylists can ensure that the hairstyles which are being created are in style, trendy and current with current modern cuts which can be seen on teenagers throughout the nation. Through methods like hair shows, magazines and keeping up with the latest celebrity looks as well as paying attention to teenagers within the community, hair stylists can ensure that they are indeed up to date on the latest hairstyles for teenagers.


Hair Style: Selena Gomez looks fantastic from tip to toe. During the Grammy Awards, Selena was seen with this incredible look. Not only did her dress please the eyes but Selena's hairstyle as well. Selena's hair starts off straight from the top and then curls. The curls have lots of volume to them and flows down softly over one shoulder and down at the back.

Hair Cut: Selena's haircut is very long.

Hair Colour: The hair colour is a gorgeous dark brown.

Suitable for
Face shapes: oval, oblong, heart, diamond, round
Hair texture: medium
Hair density: medium