Tips to Have Beautiful Breasts

Women are like to have beautiful busts, which will not only make them be more beautiful, but also increase their self-confidence. Do you know how to have good and beautiful busts? Here I will tell you some knowledge.

Fat is the essential part of the boobs. Gland and connective tissue floats in the fat. When the flows of fluid lose balance and boobs fluid is in a shortage, breasts fat will shrink. If you are moderate in eating, you will lose breasts moisture. You will sweat in early summer, which will also take part of the nutrients, thus make your breasts become smaller and smaller. So just try not to be on a diet in the hot weather.

You can eat more collagen protein food. Collagen spreads over the body organization. If you supplement of collagen for appropriate amount, you will increase the connective tissue temper of boobs, which will make your breasts look bigger and charming. Besides, collagen has the function of condensing moisture content. If you often eat collagen protein food such as cowheels and fish-skin, you can make your areola of breasts look bloom and fresh.

Wash your breasts with 37°C water. The World Health Organization's health research report pointed out that the absorption effect of breasts will be best into 37°C water. You can use a hot towel to soak your breasts every day for 10 to 15 minutes. The temperature of the towel can be the same as our body. In addition, after soaked, you can also use rose oil and geranium oil, which have the significant effects to enlarge the breasts, to do massage on your boobs for ten minute. The nutrition in the oil also has the function of condensing moisture content.

Wear a bigger bra. To accentuate cleavage creek, you often wear a small bra? Sydney University's medical experts pointed out that the exterior cells of female breast are very sensitive. Under external force, they usually do "run" stress reaction. That is to reduce its size to adapt the relatively narrow space. For a long term, you'll find out that your breasts surface is dry, as part of the breast cells' water has been squeezed into the outside. Breast experts suggest to choosing a bigger bra to give enough "respiration" space for mammary glandular cells, allowing them to absorb the moisture in the air, which will expand its volume and play an enlarging role. In addition, the straps your bra should not be too tight and cotton material bra is best for your breasts.

Wash your breasts with soft facial cleanser. There are large sebaceous gland and sweat gland. When you use the alkaline soap or regular body wash to clean your boobs, the chemical action will break the cuticle cells on your skin surface, which makes the cells lose moisture. The body wash or soap will clean off the protecting fat of the breasts skin. In this case, your breasts naturally shrink. All women should use soft and non-irritant facial cleanser to wash breasts. After washing, you should rinse it with clean water, to avoid artificial material deposits in the breasts.

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