Must-Have Make-Up Means For Summer

It doesn't matter if you put on as less make-up as possible or if you can't live without make-up at all, there are some basic means that you must have to shine and stun. Let's run over the list of the most wanted make-up products of this summer.

The lack of humidity and direct sunlight are extremely dangerous to your skin. Therefore the first thing you should get (if you hadn't got it yet) is a great moisturizer that contains sun protection factor. The more fair skin you have the higher rate of SPF you need to choose. Summer is a great time to expose a little bit more of your body and get some tan, but don't forget to protect your skin everyday. Change your regular make-up base to the one with SPF as well.

Make-up trends of this summer suggest light colored make-up, so you won't miss if you choose eye-shadows of soft and bright colors. Don't experiment with a vivid palette; choose soft lilac, bronze, corals or pink to adorn you. However if you are looking for eye-shadows dedicated to evening make-up, dare to wear bright metallic glow.

Another thingy you can't live without on this summer is a daring nail polish on your toes. Show your feet in open fancy sandals or simple beach flip-flops and shine with tangerine, azure, purple or berry red. You will definitely be in a center of attention, so remember to take care of your feet.

Summer heat can make you sweat and smudge your perfect make-up; sea or pool water can wash your make-up away, but you shouldn't refuse to decorate yourself! Waterproof lash mascara is the best invention for summer make-up. It keeps your lashes impressive while you swim, walk on a sunny or rainy day. Moreover: maybe it's time to try waterproof eye make-up means? Search for waterproof eye-shadows and eye-liners to keep your make-up right on the eyelids.

If you prefer to highlight lips but not eyes, you can't manage without lip gloss. Forget the lipstick: apply lip balsam with SPF and put on some gloss. The real fashion followers choose rosy pink, pale rouge, soft bronze and skin tones. However more intense colors are in for the evening make-up: feel free to choose from deep berry pink and dazzling gold.

Even if you don't feel confident about your skin, it's not too late to take care of it and put on that amazing dress for a night out. Get a scented grained scrub instead of a regular soap or shower cream and you will see the results pretty soon.

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