Extraordinary features in modeling

Many models who have some exceptional features, such as freckles, unusual hair color, piercing, moles, tattoos, scars and alike, are concerned is that good or bad qualities in modeling and whether it is acceptable at all. Some of those qualities are good for you to be noticed, while some of them can make your modeling career really difficult.

Let's take freckles as an example. Those are surely a great advantage. Although not all modeling agencies and scouts would appreciate such feature, it'll make you noticeable and different from the others and there surely be some that will appreciate having you as a model.

Such a feature as unusual hair color, for example ginger, may become both an advantage and disadvantage. Most agencies don't accept models with unnatural hair colors, such as green, blue or red. However, if your hair is natural, it may become a great advantage, for it is an exceptional feature and most agencies are willing to have naturally unusual models. Yet, some agencies may refuse you or ask you to color your hair.

Situation with piercing is rather different. Only a small part of agencies would invite you to work with them or at least would ask you to remove your jewelry. Don't get too worried about it. You may have ear rings. But nose, eyebrow, lip or other "unusual" piercing may become a great problem in your modeling career. Of course, you always may try, because as mentioned before, some agencies surely like extraordinary looks.

Tattoos and scars most probably will cause you difficulties. Scars may at least be healed or hidden, but tattoos may not. Scouts and modeling agencies may pick you only for some special shows or photo sessions, because it may be hidden under clothes or under makeup, so it's surely easier for them to choose the model that doesn't have any scars or tattoos. Yet, those agencies that seek for exceptional models will welcome you. But even those will most likely choose you for some certain event only.

If you have some other exceptional features, for example your legs or back aren't straight, it depends only on the agents. Some of them won't pay attention to such features, while others won't even consider signing you up. It's hard to tell their opinion, but be ready for disappointment so it wouldn't strike you as a surprise.

Models that have moles also depend only on agents. Yet, if those are small and easily covered with makeup, you shouldn't face any problems. MLinkoreover, if, for example, there's a small charming mole on your face, it may help you a lot in improving your career. However, if you have a big mole on any place of your body, it may cause you difficulties. Yet, it is surely more acceptable than tattoos.

Being extraordinary is always contradictory. While some may find it charming and acceptable, others couldn't be less bothered with signing a contract with you. No matter what exceptional feature you have, keep trying to improve your modeling career and don't get disappointed even if some agencies says no. You'll surely get noticed by an agency which will appreciate having an extraordinary model.

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