Beach Themed Wedding Cake Suggestions

Awedding cake with a beach theme can be simple to design.

Just think in terms of seashells, starfish, sand, blue water, coconuts, bright tropical flowers, pearls, coral beads.... anything related to the beach and seaside -- and then apply that to your cake ideas.

For instance a super simple and fast way to convert a standard cake into a Beach Themed Wedding Cake is to simply decorate it with the chocolates that come in seashell shapes.

You can also buy the chocolate kit molds in the seashell and starfish shapes and pour your own chocolate decorations in white, milk and dark chocolates.

Simply attach these chocolate 'shells' onto a frosted cake and you instantly have a beach theme.

This also works in the modern fashion of having a large selection of cupcakes as individual serves for each guest.

This saves the time and hassle of cutting up a big wedding cake, and its also much less expensive than a traditional wedding cake. Simply pop a chocolate or two on top of each cupcake with a bit of icing.Also creating the wedding cake and decorating it with icing or frosting in bright colours gives it an exotic and tropical feel. Attach some silk or marzipan flowers in bright tropical colours to finish the effect.

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