6 Ways Accessorise Your Prom Dress

So, you've chosen your prom dress, it fits and you look great. Now let's see how we can really make you shine - by adding the right finishing touches, you can add a real touch of red carpet glamour to the whole occaision.

After all, lovely prom dress can be made into perfectly gorgeous one with the right accessories.

Let's start with the most ; the shoes. Sadly, most fabulous shoes are often the
most uncomfortable, so if you are to wear new glitzy heels, do the following to avoid hell on the night:
. Wear them around the house for a couple of weeks before the prom (but only in the
house so you don't scuff them)
. Buy some of those brilliant gel pads that cushion the ball of the foot - they really do work
. Make sure you take plasters with you on prom night

As you can see in the prom night emergencies section, you might want to take a bag
with you. Matching with your shoes and wrap is a good idea, but you also need to think
about whether you want a strap. Clutch bags can look lovely, but you might end up getting
fed up with holding it in your hand all evening. If you're happy to be quirky, a mini backpack with lots of bling could be a practical solution.

A wrap can compliment an outfit beautifully when you arrive, and can also be a real bonus
after the prom - it'll be a lot cooler when you come outside after dancing in a hot room. Go for light weight fabrics that compliment the colour of your dress.

Personal taste in jewellery varies widely, but if you have a very ornate gown, with lots of
beading and embroidery, you might want to go for simple jewellery. Conversely if your gown is simple, a dramatic necklace design can look fantastic. The key is to make sure the gown and the jewellery aren't competing with each other for attention.
You might want to wear a dress watch - particularly if you have a tan line, or an elegant
bracelet to cover it up. If you're wearing your hair up, drop earrings look particularly effective, as the swinging movement catches the eye.

What better excuse than prom night to dress like a princess? Tiaras have been so popular
amongst brides for years that there are many wonderful specialists out there with hundreds of for you to choose from. Just don't forget to take it to the hairdressers with you when you have your practice session.

Hair jewels
If you don't want to go for a tiara (or if you want to have as much sparkle as possible!) you
should consider hair jewels - sparkling gems that are attached to short corkscrew like pieces of wire that you twist into your hair. They can look really beautiful and highlight the colour of your gown.

These simple and effective ideas can make all the difference come prom night. You can really stand out from the crowd and turn a prom dress from "great" to "spectacular". After all, you only get one chance to shine at the prom.

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