Body Image - Reality Or Facade?

Your body image means a great deal to you and is probably on the top of your priority list in how you eat, dress and feel everyday. Body image can enslave you. You want to know the quickest way to lose weight? In America, where food is plenty and full of sugar, carbohydrates and fat, your cravings tend to become unhealthy, easily disrupting how you feel about yourself and your appearance.

Perhaps you consider your body to be the whole of who you are rather than the home that shelters your love for family, creativity, character and desires you have in your life. However, a mirror can be deceiving and will never reveal the whole of who you are.

Seasoned joggers keep up a good pace down the trail and you may admire their dedication to a slim and trim lifestyle; however, you may want to ask yourself, what's the real reason they're out there?

More often than not they will answer: I like the healthy way I feel when I jog, it gives me more energy to do what I want to do in my life.

There's a number of personal problems you might be carrying which can be very damaging and you might react to them in some dangerous ways. Perhaps you try to hide those problems behind a facade of a nutritionally deprived body. However, it is visibly apparent to others just how much you could use an education on how to balance your life, take control of your health and become truly vibrant.

You have been blessed with creativity, some talent and desires to experience certain things in life. When you become active, you can drive your body image further down on your priority list as you seek to find what makes you truly happy; therefore, you begin to care for yourself so you have the energy and health to continue your goals. You'll find this is the healthiest and quickest way to lose weight.

It can become an exciting endeavor to change how you view your body image and more importantly, your inner-self. It is the quickest way to lose weight, be happy and healthy.

1. Walking is one of the most healthy forms of exercises when it comes to quickly losing weight. It's not hard and adding a friend to the equation can make it a fun.

2. Shop for a colorful assortment of vegetables and fruits in season, whole grains and lean meats. Take an interest in great food that promote better health and vitality. If cooking isn't a fun past-time, there are plenty of recipes with simple preparation.

3. Find your niche in interest groups that share your creativity and nurture your desire to become healthy and fit.

4. Make sure your day is well-balanced with responsibilities, leisure time, creativity and exercise. Adhere to a schedule as best you can and forgive yourself if some days don't go exactly the way you planned.

5. If you suspect you suffer with depression, seek help. There is treatment and life shouldn't be difficult to live. Life is challenging with thought-provoking issues to resolve, but it should not be overwhelming and out of control.

6. Research healthy ways of living. Provide yourself with reading material beside your bed or your favorite chair. Change your TV channel to programs that promote health and fitness.

7. Take time to relax. Nurture yourself with a warm bath, soft music and nice smelling scents. Feed your senses and draw on your inner-strength to sustain you when life is challenging.

8. Learn to love your talents and know your value tLinko others. You'll find feeling good and being healthy to enjoy life is literally the best you can be.

9. Make each day count. Life is a journey, not a destiny. Keep a diary and watch how far you've come. Know that everyday you get another chance to become even better than the day before.

10. Dump your waste paper basket. Let the past go. Yesterday will never be changed by being angry about it today.

The quickest way to lose weight is to start with the reality of who you are, without judging your body image. Now, that's a weight loss program that works!

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