Costume Children: Victorian Era

Youngsters are particularly likely to be asked to pal's parties with a fancy dress costume theme or have to dress up for an event taking place at school or after school club.

So what style of costumes are out there when the children's have to put on fancy dress for something?

The answer is: thousands. And it is this level of choice which can be over facing for parents as you battle to find something that both you and the children are comfortable with.

To help with this challenge of outfit overload, we'll briefly consider a costume theme that's proving incredibly popular with the two generations and may possibly help you out of any looming costume crisis.

Victorian outfits supply children with numerous distinct alternatives, so they'll not look exactly the same as their pals and they offer parents something that is suitable they don't mind sending them to school or the event wearing.

The Victorian Poor Girl costume for instance, consists of a long blue dress with an attached apron (which makes it harder to lose!) and matching white bonnet which ties below the chin. It's a really cute costume that is certainly hugely evocative of the time period and is simply accessorised with some white tights and a pair of your own shoes.

For the boys a popular choice is the Victorian Detective Costume, a junior tribute of sorts to the planet's most renowned gumshoe, Sherlock Holmes. The fancy dress comes with brown trousers, tweed style waistcoat and co-ordinated deerstalker style hat and cloak. Simply add a magnifying glass and the illusion is complete.

Other alternatives include the Posh Victorian costume as well as the Dodgy Victorian Boy outfit.

The Posh Victorian outfit is a replica of an upper class outfit from the time period and includes a long white and blue gown with substantial blue bow trim about the front as well as a small brown hat for perching on top of the head, much like the women of high fashion used to wear them.

The Dodgy Victorian Boy is from the other side of the societal spectrum and captures the cheeky charm of the Artful Dodger from Oliver and includes pants with patches, a frayed waist cost and jacket plus a matching and suitably battered, top hat.

Undertaking some swift research via the internet will generate a lot more Victorian designs for you to choose from or maybe some different era's in the event the Victorians are not for you and the youngsters.

Most costume retailer's websites will have Victorian outfits and other, similar categories to help expand your research.

Most offer delivery and money back guarantees in the event the costume arrives and it doesn't fit, so you can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own armchair.

No more stressful expeditions to shops with the children if you don't have the time or would like the peace and quiet!

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