Fight Global Warming Of Course, It's All About the Dress

The bride's dress is not only one of the most fun items to shop for, but also an integral element in creating the overall look for one's wedding day. The bride's personal taste is the key element in choosing the dress, and should be the number one tool used to demonstrate the statement the couple wishes to make on their special day. It is also the very first impression the bride will make to her awaiting groom as she begins the march down the aisle. We want to see him stand a little prouder as his lady approaches him in all of her glory. Each bride should take great care in choosing the perfect dress for herself, as well as for her love. There are several basic styles to choose from.

The Empire
An empire style dress is fitted just underneath the bust, flowing downward to the ground. Wide-set straps or sleeves and a square shaped neckline often accompany this particular style. Its simplicity lends an empire dress to a variety of gatherings, ranging from the formal to the simple.

The A-line or Princess
The A-line is named after its simple silhouette, which forms the outline of an uppercase A. It is normally fitted at the bodice and from there flows downward to the floor in an unbroken line. The A-line dress is appropriate for any type of wedding because of its ageless and sophisticated style. Whether we are looking at an evening wedding or a small gathering in Mom's backyard, this dress works wonderfully.

The Ball Gown
Can we say "Happily Ever After?" This style boasts a fitted bodice and a skirt that is full. Think southern belle or fairytale princess. It is most appropriate for traditional weddings because it immediately sets a grandiose tone of formality.

The Column
Also referred to as a sheath, this dress is exactly what it sounds like. It is a narrow style that flows straight down from the neckline. It tends to hug every curve of the lady's form, so those wishing to go this route should be very comfortable in their own skin. It is acceptable in all situations, but works best for less traditional settings.

The Mermaid
A mermaid style fits in the same manner as a column style dress down to the knee, where it then flares to the ground. It accentuates a woman's curves and offers a very sexy look. Those who are daring and confident in their body image can really pull this look off. It is most appropriate for non-traditional weddings.

A bride should absolutely indulge herself when shopping for her wedding gown. She should go out and have a blast with her best friends or her mom as she searches for just the dress to 'wow' both her groom and her guests. While it is important to have an idea of the overall look she wants, it never hurts to be spontaneous and try a style that perhaps was not what she originally pictured herself in. After all, how often do any of us actually look the way we want to in the clothes that we like? A wedding gown is no different. Take the time to find the perfect dress, just as time was taken to find the perfect groom. A person's wedding day is one of the most memorable days in their life. A lady owes it to herself and to her groom to look the very best that she can.

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