Finding the Perfect White Dress for your Wedding Day

You've been dreaming about your wedding for as long as you can remember. When you were two years old, you snuck into your mother's closet and tried on her pearls and shoes, traipsing around the soft-carpeted interior of her walk-in.

When you were five, your best friend and you swore that you'd walk each other down the aisle, and you practiced saying your vows in your backyard, underneath the stars, hoping that someday, the man of your dreams would be waiting by the big oak tree, ready to take you as his lawfully wedded wife.

In your teens, you passed the time in math class by drawing sketches of the dress of your dreams, and while you barely passed algebra, you knew your gowns. In college, you met and broke up with the one who got away, or at least, the one you thought was the one at the time.

Now, you're a real adult, a bride to be with the man you know for sure is the one, and it's time to pick out your wedding dress. You've been planning this day for so long – since childhood, really – so how do you ensure you'll find that perfect white dress for your wedding day?

For starters, you've got to know that finding the perfect dress takes lots of time and effort. You'll have to try on dozens of "wrong dresses" before you find the one that makes you feel like a true princess.

Second, it's helpful to discern what kind of look you're going for at your wedding. Are you a punk rock prom queen? Do you want to look like you stepped out of Cinderella? Are you a fairy tale princess with a long train? Do you want to look as beautiful as Princess Di or perhaps a modern day Grace Kelly?

Knowing at least a bit of what you want will help give you direction when you head into the bridal store – so that you can pass by racks full of dresses that you'll never in a million years want to wear. Now, let's begin.

There's certainly nothing as virginal as white, and definitely nothing as pure. For the girl who wants to celebrate the start of a new beginning as a modern day Juliet, consider a strapless lace and tulle slim gown. Strapless gowns highlight your shoulders, leaving plenty of room for statement jewelry or especially gorgeous veil. With beaded lace and layers of pleated tulle, this one of a kind timeless look creates a beautiful silhouette on any body type.

Would you like to look like a modern day Cinderella? A satin ball gown with laser cut floral appliqués has one foot in the door of timeless romance and another in the door of modern elegance. A flattering strapless silhouette highlights your collarbone while layers of overlapping laser-cut floral appliqués and horizontal bands cascade down the skirt, making for a figure flattering full ball gown that cuts a stunning figure on any woman. With a long, sweeping train, you're sure to feel every bit the modern day Cinderella – all you need is a glass slipper.

If all out drama is more your style, consider a strapless ball gown with beaded embroidery and a fully-layered skirt. This exquisite dress features gorgeous beading with a full, dramatic skirt and a chapel train. Slightly exotic with an enormous skirt that demands attention, all eyes will be on you in this dress – and that's just the way you like it. It's your wedding day, and you've been waiting long enough to have all eyes on you. This dress isn't for the faint of heart; with the sheer amount of fabric it contains it's sure to be a bit heavy – but it sure is beautiful.

Looking for something modern and architectural? Consider a satin trumpet gown with a cascading ruffle back. Sleek and super sophisticated, this is a city bridal gown at its best – a dramatic, sculpted silhouette, embellished asymmetrical ruffles, and a gorgeous ruffle back that resembles a waterfall. Cut in soft as skin satin and featuring beaded detailing on the neckline, this classic gown features just enough detailing to stand out from the crowd.

Are you the girl who wants a gown that's anything but traditional? Consider a tea length gown! Cut in satin with 3D floral appliqué details, this retro-gown has a foot firmly in the future. Tea length might be associated with decades past, but taken to the church, the silhouette feels utterly fresh and modern. Fun, flirty, and sure to stand out, this skirt also features an empire waist, which is made to flatter a variety of different body types.

As you can see, there are hundreds of great white gowns out there. Rest assured that you'll know when you've found the one for you.

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