Hairstyling Don'ts - 10 Top Hairstyle Tips

Knowing what not to do to your is just as important as what you do to create the hair of your dreams. Like everything in life, there are dos and don'ts.

Listed below are the top 10 ten actions you don't want to take when it comes to

1. Don't go to the salon unprepared to request the hairstyle you wish to wear.

Many hair consumers mistakenly believe that their hairdresser can work miracles, can read their mind and can instantly pick out the best hairstyle for them.

There are many variables to consider when it comes to selecting a hairstyle and it is up to the hair consumer to do their homework and research their own hair options. Face shape, lifestyle and budget all play into the final style selected.

2. Don't select a hairstyle or haircut that is impossible to maintain at home on your own.

While many Hollywood celebrities have a expert hairdresser at their fingertips to make sure their tresses look paparazzi perfect, most consumers have to deal with their hair without those constant hairdressing services.

3. Don't skimp on proper hair care or hair styling products

Some lines sold in drugstores may work for some types of hair and some styles. However, if you have highlighted or chemically processed hair or require added volume or control, the less expensive non-salon lines might not do the trick and could make styling your hair a constant challenge.

Consider your options. You may be able to compromise by buying both mass market and high quality products and alternate between them for best results. Or maybe your hairstyle requires high quality hair care lines. Be honest and don't work hard to achieve a great style only to undermine it with products that don't support it.

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