How to Be a Bosomy Woman

Breast, also known as breast augmentation, women enhance their femininity in order to conduct a campaign, mainly rely on external means, the shape of the breast shape. Breast common methods are: food breast, that by adjusting the dietary laws, to borrow the nutrients of vegetables inside the breast to achieve the purpose; exercise breast enhancement, breast growth through the stimulation of daily exercise; drugs breast enhancement, breast name suggests is taking drugs, now commonly used in the United States Lilac grams of breast capsule for breast conditioning; surgical breast enhancement, on the chest filled with silicone breast and other products to achieve the purpose.

Point 1: Diet
Modern medicine has long been proven that a woman breast development and the food have a great relationship. You know, the breast is rich in fat, glandular tissue, in addition to part of the population and their own due to congenital genetic relationship between endocrine breast development will lead more rapidly than their peers, the day after tomorrow in order to enhance the development of breasts, eat some help to stimulate Endocrine food is particularly important. Such as: papaya, fish, meat and soy milk, peanut, almond, peach kernel, sesame and corn and so on.

Point 2: Massage (Just massages the breast exactly).
Step one: massage before bathing the whole body, hands and body wash clean, and then dry the body, naked lower body. The breast massages cream or oil evenly on the breast.

Step two: fingers open, hands on the side of the distinction between the bottoms of the breast, from the bottom and slowly push the direction of the nipple. Perhaps the distinction between palms with both hands covering the side of the nipple, the breast at the bottom of five fingers, radial, pulled in the direction to the nipple, repeated 30 times.

Step three: with both hands covering the breasts to the nipple as the center, clockwise circular motion at the bottom of the breast. Hours of painting to be a little harder, repeated 30 times. Completed in the future, then counter-clockwise circular motion, repeated 30 times.

Step four: With the index finger, middle finger and the well-known that these three fingers, beginning from the top of the breast, the breast below the circular motion to return to the top. Do not stop breast, pushed up to the clavicle department, repeated 30 times.

Point 3: Underwear
Chest and not your own muscle tissue, so in order to erect it looks beautiful and it would need the help of the external borrowing. Bra is absolutely counted on one of the greatest invention in human history. But be careful when you choose the bra, if you made the wrong choice, bras for every minute change "thing of evil!"

Point 4: breast augmentation
Breast augmentation is a surgery through the application of quality and size of the breast prosthesis adaptation under the pectorals major to increase breast size, breast shape and symmetry to improve the feel and sound methods.
Many current methods of breast augmentation surgery, more commonly used methods are: silicon capsule prosthesis, antilogous dermis - adipose tissue fascia graft, pedicle leather - filled implants fat flap. One of the most commonly used is silicon capsule prosthesis implantation.

Disadvantages of breast augmentation surgery is that it is not wide scope of application, only for some women friends, a part of for more female friends, in order to see the breast results in a period of time, you can use a professional breast products, such as the United Kingdom Mi. Yi Duo French L'Oreal products, and other famous high-end breast, the breast.

Female breast is an expression of beauty, had no doubt, but now, with the increase in population breast, or the need to remind the women in the choice method when the breast, be sure to choose healthy and safe way.

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