How to find the perfect wardrobe for every body type

Clothes that Suit Your Body Shape

Dresses are the foundation stone of any fashionable woman's wardrobe. A sexy cocktail dress is an ideal choice for a night out at a hip club while a polka dot halter dress is perfect for a summer social gathering with friends. No matter what your sense of mode may be, there's bound to be a dress that suits you flawlessly. Never the less, it's essential to choose a dress that flatters your figure because otherwise you may end up looking silly rather than stylish.
Let's take a look at the different body shapes below. Identify which body shape you fall into.

Pear-figured Women - When you are pear-shaped, it means that your hips, bottom, and thighs are heavier than your top half. Both tall and short women can have a pear figure. Pear-shaped women should wear dresses that emphasize their top half, viewing off their arms, neck, and bust to take notice away from their larger bottom half. A-line dresses feature graceful skirts that are perfect for pear-figured women because they de-emphasize the hips. Dresses with pleated, gathered, straight-cut skirts should be avoided because they highlight the hips. V-necklines and embellished necklines are perfect for pear-figured women because they draw attention to the top half of your body.

Apple-figured Women - If your upper body and mid-section are larger than the rest of your body, you have an apple shape. Dresses for apple-figured women should take awareness away from the stomach and upper body. Territory dresses are a great choice for apple-figured women because they have a waistline that is above the likely waistline, hence giving a slimming effect.
Apple-figured women should stay away from dresses made of fabrics that fit tightly or hang. Just because you have a large mid-section doesn't mean you can't be fashionable! You don't have to wear garments that are loose and baggy to hide your waist. Just take attention away from that part with dresses that accentuate other aspects of your shape.

Dresses for Hourglass-figured Women - If you have full hips, a full bust and a small waist, odds are that you have an hourglass shape. Luckily, most styles of dresses are becoming for hourglass-shaped women but your greatest bet would be to find dresses that intentionally bring out your curves and womanliness. A-line dresses compliment the hips while v-necklines heighten the bust, giving it a bigger appearance. The only type of dresses that hourglass-shaped should steer clear of are straight gowns. Straight gowns are only well for high and slender women.

Dresses for Tall Slim figured Women - If you are a tall slim woman, you almost certainly aren't too rounded and have a small bust. Your bust, hips and waist are most likely the same width, implicating that you should wear dresses that emphasize the little curves you do have, such as a gown that hugs your body. Dresses with oversized sleeves and shoulders and dresses with ornamental accents on the waistline are ideal for tall, slender women because they affix more shape and height to your shape.

Dresses for Large-Busted and Small-Busted Women - Big-busted women call for dresses that sustain the bust while taking awareness away from it. Halter dresses help to even out the appearance of your bust without enlightening too much of your cleavage. Dresses that have beading or some other enhancing accent on the hemline are grand for pleasing interest away from your bust. Dresses with bulky straps and corset-like bodices are perfect for big-busted women because they provide more support. Spaghetti strap dresses should be avoided because they offer little sustain.

Small-busted women ought to wear Dresses that give the chimera of a larger bust. Ruffles, stitching, beads, and other accents in the bust area of dresses do just that. Necklines that sit at the shoulder can also help to give your bust a fuller facade. Getting dressed is a lot easier when you know what pieces work best for your shape. Most women fall into one of these categories: circle (wide around the middle), triangle (bigger at the bottom), hourglass (curvy but evenly balanced), and rectangle (vertically and down).

Tops that Should Be a Part of Any Woman's Wardrobe
Tops and Tunics are what make or break a woman's attire. Whether you're trying to accomplish a look that's sexy, athletic, or casual, the top or tunic you wear is what will assist you pulling it off. In view of the fact that tops and tunics are classically the most reasonably priced piece of clothing in your wardrobe, most women buy quite a few of them to keep up with the latest fashion trends, modes and styles. Nowadays you can include even more diversity to your wardrobe by buying your clothing at low cost fashion boutiques. Fads continually revolutionize but there are a few tops and tunics that are classic, despite of what comes and goes in the fashion globe.
Big bone/Broad shoulders
Broad shoulders on a woman can look great so don't worry! The trick is to not accentuate them. If you have a large upper body compared to your bottom, you may find it hard to make yourself look good in short sleeved shirts, sleeveless tops and vests. If you still want to wear any of these, put on a long skirt or baggy pants or something that makes your bottom appear larger. That way your body will look more balanced. Long sleeves usually look good on this body shape as well as hip length t-shirts - they will help emphasize your hips. Experiment with sleeve length on t-shirts. It's hard to say what will generally look good on people with this body shape. Some look great in very short sleeves as long as they're cut with a little angle. If you want to wear tube tops but think your shoulders look too broad in them, combine with a long skirt and/or elbow gloves!

Big on Top/Busty
Low cut tops might not look so hot on you. Instead try wrap shirts and V necklines but you might not want to show too much cleavage.
Small upper body
You can easily wear vests, shirts with short sleeves and tube tops. Also loose fitting tops will make your upper body appear bigger. If you want to draw the attention to your top, pick a lighter color than your bottom.

T-Shirt Tops - T-shirts aren't just for guys anymore. T-shirt tops have come a long way since their inception, especially for women. T-shirt tops are an indispensable fashion accessory for women because they are comfortable, versatile, and trend-proof. Make sure to stock up on plenty of t-shirt tops in solid colors as well as with logos and designs. Stylish t-shirt tops can be worn with jeans and sneakers on a casual day or with a mini-skirt and knee-high boots for a night on the town.

Halter Tops - Halter tops are a summer staple as well as a highly fashionable accessory for club-hopping. Halter tops come in several different styles and colors. If you want to look glamorous on a night out, wear a sexy, tight-fitting halter top in a dramatic color. Choose from a wide variety of strap styles to help you achieve the look you're going for. If you're really feeling daring, you can go for a vibrant print halter top and pair it with a pair of solid color pants.

Baby Doll Tops - Whether you're young or old, baby doll tops are great to have because they are wearable even if you don't have a perfect figure and they are very versatile. Worn with a pair of strappy heels and tight jeans, baby doll tops offer the perfect blend of sexy, cute, and cool. Baby doll tops are also appropriate for modest women who'd prefer to cover up on dates or nights out without sacrificing fashion and femininity. Baby doll tops can even be worn on days you feel like dressing down. A pair of short shorts, flip flops, and a cute baby doll top is the perfect outfit for a summer day at the amusement park or beach.

Button Up Tops - Button up tops are ideal for when you head to the office, go on a date, or are in any situation when you'd like to appear stylish yet conservative. Buttoned down slightly, however, tight-fitting button up tops can also help you achieve that sexy, school teacher look. Pair a pale pink button up top with a light gray knee-length skirt for the ultimate in office chic or wear your button up top with a camisole over a pair of jeans to achieve a look that's both casual and cool. There are a diversity of button up tops to choose from including plain button up tops, solid color button up tops with logos and designs, and plaid button up tops.

Puff Sleeve Tops - From the days of princess brides to today's fashion scene, puff sleeve tops never seem to die out. Puff sleeve tops are cute, casual, and add couture to even the simplest of wardrobes. Whatever fashion statement you're trying to make, puff sleeves are an indispensable accessory. It's no wonder why so many women on the catwalk and red carpet don puff sleeve tops. They come in several different styles and are thus flattering for women of all shapes.
Tops and tunics in these fundamental styles are a fusionist's best friend. It's constantly fine to have a few ageless pieces of clothing in your attire, no matter how much of a fusionist you are. You will for all time have a distinctive, trendy outfit to put together if you have these vital tops and tunics in your closet. Tops, tunics and blouses attractiveness and demand will not reduce with the fluctuations in style!

Coordinate with the Rest of Your Wardrobe- Jeans, Pants, Shorts and Skirts.

Tight Bottoms Jeans and illuminating, loose-fitting and boyish - bottoms jeans and jeans come in styles to suit any woman's figure. Whether you need a pair of stylish pants to add a skilled yet fashionable handle to your office wear or a pair of obscure cargos to accomplish a casual look for a day at the park, the bottoms jeans and the jeans you wear will characterize your overall sense of style. Skinny Jeans and regular jeans form an crucial part of any woman's wardrobe. Unfortunately, many women don't know how to match the most up-to-date styles of jeans with the suitable tops and garnishing. The solution to making a fashionable impression is by coordinating your jeans appropriately with the rest of your attire while courageously different.

Skinny Jeans - Many women have a trouble coordinating their skinny jeans with the correct shoes. If you wear high boots, skinny jeans are perfect because you don't have to worry about your pants bunching and rumpling when you place them into your boots. Merely slip on your skinny jeans and boots and you're good to go! Your boots will look smooth with skinny jeans because your jeans will be tucked in flawlessly and gracefully. Stilettos and high heels also looks wonderful with skinny jeans, making your legs show long and slender. Refrain from wearing flats with skinny jeans unless you have small hips because they can form your hips to appear larger. Sneakers and skinny jeans are a dreadful combination because it makes your feet look huge.
Intense colored skinny jeans are also in currently but what type of tops can you wear with them? Unquestionably avoid wearing vivid tops that are the same color as your jeans. Sparkly or glittery tops are also out. Wear a simple top in black or white to distinguish the boldness of your brilliant skinny jeans. Graphic tees go fine with bright-colored skinny jeans.

High, String Waist Pants, Jeans and Cargos - If you don't feel like wadding yourself into a tight pair of jeans and want to loosen up and kick back and in a looser pair of jeans, try high waist pants, jeans or cargo pants. High and string-waist jeans come in a number of diverse fabrics and are a very adaptable fashion accessory. You can combine string waist jeans with a short sleeve camouflage jean jacket for the vital in outdoorsy stylish or wear them with a baggy cotton tee for a look that's casual yet womanly. Casual and glamorous, string waist pants can be worn with flats or stilettos.
Cargo jeans and pants are ideal for days when you want to dress down without appearing completely out of style. Cargo jeans and pants are loose-fitting, comfy, and fashionable. With a snug tee, you won't lose an ounce of womanliness combining them with cargos. There are quite a few varieties of cargo jeans and pants such as cargos with stringed or tied ankles, drawstring waists, or in Capri length. Even A celebrities can be seen wearing cargos on relaxed days. With cargo jeans or pants, you won't have to forgo comfort in the name of style. They go well with just about any informal top or tunic.

Shorts - Shorts are comfy yet chill and are no longer just a guy's fashion item. Athletic shorts are huge for barbeques, gyms or for just around at home. Another approach of shorts that is a must-have for any women is tight-fitting Bermuda shorts. Bermuda shorts can be worn with a spaghetti strap tunic or tee and flip flops for a laid back day at the beach or with heels and a chic top for a night out.
Harmonize your jeans with heed in order to accomplish the kind of look you're going for. There are so many varieties of designer jeans out there that there is no need to attach yourself with the same old styles or Capri pants. Mix Jeans up and coordinate them to increase your sense of fashion and take your style statements to the next step.

Round body shape
Clothes with vertical stripes will make you look taller and thinner (horizontal stripes have the opposite effect). You may also want to try body shapers underwear underneath your attire.

High waist
If your waist is high, try wearing midi or long skirts instead of short skirts. If you still want to wear a shorter skirt a long sleeve top will prLinkobably look best with it. You probably also look great in low cut jeans.

Lack of /No curves
Create curves by wearing a push-up bra. There are also these bra inlays that you can use to make your chest look bigger. Skirts with frills or that flare out in some way or the other will add more curves to your bottom. Avoid tight jeans and tight long sleeve tops if you want to look curvier.

The bottom line is to be and feel confident in the choices you have made. If you can wear cowboy boots with a dress than do it, as long as you got the confidence, that is all anyone will see!

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