How to Pick Bridesmaids Dress Color for Your Wedding in Winter Time.

When planning a winter wedding, pay careful attention to the color of the bridesmaids' dresses. Their attire should stay within the color scheme of the celebration in order to contribute to the overall atmosphere of the wedding. They are an integral part of the wedding and it is important to put some thought into choosing the right hues for these dresses. They do not all need to be the same color but should compliment each other.

Frosty cold colors:

Winter snows are peaceful, powerful and calm. Your bridesmaids will bring the beauty of winter into the church by wearing silvery gray or icy blue. An evening wedding with an alter lit by candles will make them glow as the flickering fire highlights their cool serenity.

Rich Wintery Hues

Another good choice is to contrast the cold with rich, warm hues. You bridesmaids will look elegant in deep browns, charcoal,dark reds, and greens. These clothes are most appropriate for a daytime wedding or a brightly lit setting. They would disappear in a dim light.

Reflecting the landscape

If you are planning a wedding where you know there will be snow, such as a ski resort, consider dresses that reflect the hues of the mountain. Dark purple pays homage to the deep cold shadows, gold reflects the sun rising over the snow and silver represents the icy crevices.

The Christmas wedding.

It is not trite to use Christmas colors for a wedding that takes place on or close to that holiday. Deep rich reds and fushias are part of the Christmas tradition. However, if you don't want your bridesmaids to get lost among the poinsettias, another popular Christmas trend is to use metallic colors such as silver and gold.

The New Year's Eve Wedding

The traditional colors for New Year's Ever are Silver and White.

A good choice is to dress the bridesmaids alike in shimmering silver and then let their accessories such as shawls or short jackets come alive with a variety of colors. Silver blends well with almost any color.

The blues

A wonderful deep winter choice is to clothe your bridesmaids in an array of blues. Lavender is lovely at this time of year and will go well with a deep blue, a bright blue or a silvery blue

The Valentine wedding

Pastels begin to appear around Valentine's day. One popular choice is to clothe the bridesmaids in an array of reds, beginning with the rich red of deep winter and ending with pastel red and even pink.

When to choose pastels.

The first flowers of Spring actually come up in the Winter. A late Winter wedding is a perfect time to put on the colors of crocus and tulips. February and March are times of hope and promise. Even if it snows on your special day, the flowers still bloom under the ice. The sun sparkles brightly and your bridesmaids are as lovely as the hidden flowers.

Unusual colors

The Sports Wedding

Of course the correct answer for choosing bridesmaids colors is that anything the bride, wedding party and majority of guests agree on is appropriate. Winter is an important time for sports events and wedding parties sometimes choose the colors of their favorite teams. This is misnamed the "Superbowl Wedding" since most sports-centered colors are chosen around a loyalty to a school team. This works best if the entire wedding party has some affiliation to the school or loyalty to the team. A simple way to blend tradition with sports enthusiasm is to dress the bridesmaids in neutral tones such as grey or cream and give them accessories such as shawls or muffs in the team colors.

The Black and White wedding

It has long been a color of choice for a small number of winter weddings. The men of the wedding party dress in black with white shirts. The bride of course wears white and the bridesmaids are decked out it smart black outfits with white highlights or accessories .

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