Informal Wedding Dresses: Casual Style lets Beauty Shine!

When I was getting married, my biggest fear was all the fuss that is created concerning a wedding.... the endless list of guests and everything that goes into planning the perfect formal wedding. I just wanted a very informal intimate affair with a few close friends and family and that's it.

So inspite of everyone getting all worked up on our behalf, the two of us (my husband and I) finally freaked out and eloped! Now I am sure there are a lot of brides just like me who want their wedding to be a small intimate affair and with a small and intimate affair also comes a small and informal wedding dress.

So let's take a look at the informal bridal gowns scenario. Now you might want to choose an informal wedding dress for a number of reasons apart from the obvious: informal wedding dresses are less elaborate, not to mention less expensive, which is great if you are a bride on a budget.

Informal dresses are also easier to make and alter, which can be important for a fast wedding.

Usually couples planning a destination event may prefer informal attire because it is easier to travel with, and informal dresses are often more appropriate as second weddings or elopement.

Unlike formal wedding dresses, informal wedding dresses can be used afterwards too on special occasions, holidays, and parties.

Informal wedding dresses come in a wide range of styles, from classic party dresses to sundresses to simple beach dresses. There are several characteristics which you need to consider before selecting the perfect casual wedding dress for yourself.

Look at the various color options that you have for informal dresses. Matching it to the groom's outfit or the chosen wedding theme is how it's mostly done. Other favorite colors can also be considered, but remember that these need to go well with your complexion and mainly make you look the best.

Also look at the fabric. Many less formal gowns are made with chiffon or organza which gives the dress a whimsical flowy look....great for a beach wedding. More elaborate gowns feature satin or taffeta which are stiffer and more restrictive.

Finding the right casual wedding dress might take some time. Be patient and check out different shops till you find the perfect one! If you order online, make sure you order with plenty of time before your wedding as most online companies make your dress from scratch. Three months is a good rule of thumb. You can also get the ready-made dresses from some online shops which will most likely require alterations. Perfect fitting is the key to looking gorgeous in the outfit.

When you have found your perfect informal wedding dress, it's time to look for other accessories and a pair of great shoes that enhance the outfit. Check out the various colors and styles in these without forgetting that of your wedding dress needs to be a perfect package.

I hope you will find these suggestions useful if you are a member of my 'casual wedding club'. But whatever kind of wedding you choose to have, just remember that it is your day, so have fun!

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