Look Fabulous in Your Wedding Photos by Alison Hayashi - Kiss and Makeup

In all my years doing makeup and hair I have enjoyed every experience and I am very thankful for so many wonderful brides. Without them, I wouldn't have gained so much knowledge in makeup, hair and weddings. I would like to pass on what I have learned from these women to future brides in hopes of making their wedding day even more enjoyable.

One of the most important tips I can give a bride is to have a complete trial session done prior to the wedding. This helps work out all the kinks when deciding what you want to look like on your wedding day. You should have your hair and makeup done and your headpiece placed on during this time. It is unbelievable how different your hair will look with the headpiece. Although this is an extra expense, it's well worth it. It may save you from a lot of stress on the wedding day.
You can't expect someone else to see inside your head, so it's safest to have a full session done. You may also need some other grooming done before the wedding. Highlights, a bang trim or an eyebrow shaping, you'll never know unless you have the practice session.

Keeping your skin in good condition is a must. If layers of dead skin are sitting on the surface, the foundation won't adhere well. Facials will help slough off just enough so the foundation can adhere better, leaving your skin glowing and smooth. Drinking water helps also; hydrating you and your skin, helping to keep it supple. Of course the glowing comes from inside you, but sometimes we need a little help on the outside to let our insides shine through.
Waxing the facial hair above your lip is a good tip, we don't want to look like we have a better mustache than the groom. Make sure you do this a couple times before, way ahead of the wedding date so you know how your skin will react to the waxing.

Remember that your makeup and hair will appear less no matter how you look at it. All the white around you, sunlight during the pictures, reflecting light against you and darkness of the reception hall are all things that will make your makeup appear lighter in person and in the photographs. The elegance of your dress and a more ornate headpiece will take away from the fullness of your hair. So your hair needs to be a little fancier and fuller than you would normally have. You'll be amazed at how everything looks "together." You want "you" as a complete package to be the focal point, not your dress and headpiece. To me there is a balance of three things; looking good in your photos, looking like a glowing bride to the guests and feeling great about what you look like to yourself. You will look beautiful if you feel beautiful.

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