Look hot in the best casual dresses cocktail dresses and sexy dresses in 2011

Designers are already showing their new lines for the spring and summer 2011 dress collections and the great news about the 2011 fashion trends is that the sky is the limit. There are really no rules or limitations on how to wear women's dresses in the year ahead.

For 2011 you are going to see a great variety of casual dresses, sexy dresses, cocktail dresses and evening dresses that are ideal for any woman's figure and budget. With so many styles and shapes to choose from, it is no wonder that women's dresses are no longer only worn for special occasions, they are now an essential component, a staple of our everyday wardrobe.

Because feminine is always fashionable, topping the list for the hottest women's dresses for 2011 is the ultra-feminine maxi dress. This silhouette includes daytime casual dresses along with fabulous summer evening dresses that can double as party dresses or cocktail dresses. Casual dresses with this trend often feature fuller skirts that are perfect for daytime wear while evening dresses in this style achieve a sophisticated and sexy look with a more fitted skirt.

The maxi dress is a long, floor length dress that can be off-the-shoulder, sleeveless, strapless, halter, asymmetrical or tiered to name just a few different designs. To show off a summer tan, look for cocktail dresses and evening dresses in sheer, silky fabrics with sleeveless or elegant halter necklines. Long, fluid and breezy in length, maxi dresses often feature A-line shapes that are slimming and figure flattering to any size. Because there is no wrong way to wear a maxi dress and because women's dresses for 2011 are so versatile in color, fabric, shape and silhouette, you can be creative and pair them with most any type of jewelry, accessory, shoe or handbag.

What is great about this style of women's dresses is that it can be worn alone and look fabulous or it can be layered with cute sweaters and cardigans which allow you to wear this trend all year long. Sexy dresses can be made into casual dresses for the work place by pairing them with a more conservative, fitted jacket that is perfect for any work environment.

You don't have to be tall to look fabulous in a maxi dress. Shorter women can maximize their height with this trend by wearing any type of heels such as wedges or even, eccentric booties. Party dresses and cocktail dresses can be paired withLink high heeled summer strappy sandals to achieve an elongated and elegant silhouette that is always stunning. Try an edgy military style jacket or a metallic gladiator sandal to compliment this ultra feminine trend in women's casual dresses. No matter how you accessorize this women's dress trend for 2011, you can't help but feel and look ultra fabulous in the maxi dress.

Now is a great time to start looking online to add to your 2011 dress wardrobe. There are are thousands and thousands of styles, colors and designs available from hundreds of retailers. It is worth taking time to shop around and look for styles you like at the best prices. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars for a great looking dress when for a lot less you can purchase more than one dress appropriate for several types of occasions.

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