Prevent age spots

Most people don't care about aging and problems that come with old age, until the time finally comes. However, a large number of problems and diseases often linked to old age are actually related to the habits a person had when he was young. Age spots (also known as liver spots) are the early signs of an aging organism. Although usually they become clearly visible only when we're older, they start appearing in one's early twenties. What causes age spots and how can they be prevented?

Age spots are as natural as wrinkles; however some blemishes might be signs of skin cancer. Every unusual freckle or mole should be examined by medics, the same goes for age spots. Although the condition is often called liver spots, it is not related to the liver. Age spots were believed to be linked to liver malfunctions until this hypothesis was examined and denied. Liver malfunctions can influence skin appearance; age spots, however, are, for the most part, caused by age and sun damage. Sometimes no measures of prevention can grant clean skin - this is usually because of the person's genetic predisposition. Age spots can even be caused by emotional stress in rare cases.

Basically, age spots appear because of regular exposure to the sun and the skin's inability to regenerate at an older age. Those that enjoy sun bathing (and other sources of ultra-violet radiation) are more likely to have age spots. They appear on the face and shoulders, the back of arms and hands - the parts of the body which endure most of the hazardous exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays. Protecting yourself from the sun is the best method to reduce the chance of developing "liver spots". Limit the time you spend in direct sunlight and wear clothing that covers as much skin as possible. These measures along with sun block are the most helpful in preventing age spots.

A healthy lifestyle can help preventing age spots as well. The skin regenerates constantly, but the process becomes slower and slower as we grow old. A proper diet and exercise can improve the regeneration process, because they make the skin more elastic. Lifestyle and nutrition have important roles when it comes to the condition of a person's skin. If you exercise, avoid toxins, build up and free radicals, you skin will be able to keep elasticity when you're older. And proper nutrition which provides the skin cells with the humidity it needs helps the regeneration process. Remember that tobacco, caffeine and alcohol are detrimental to the skin.

The spots usually are darker than the normal skin tone, so people often consider them un-aesthetical. Age spots are natural; usually they are neither symptoms nor results of any disease and they don't require a treatment. Many people, however, urge to remove them for cosmetic reasons. The color of age spots varies from light tan to dark brown. The most popular and most affordable way to treat liver spots is bleaching. There are many cosmetic creams for bleaching: the ones promoted by big brands, homeopathic ones and even homemade mixtures. Sometimes age spots are treated as scars, they are both damaged skin areas after all. The harsh way treatmen...

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