Red Wedding Dress for the Unconventional Passion Bride

Red is a festive color and often associated with hearts and love, so it makes sense to wear a red wedding dress on your big day. Red wedding dress is a classic type of bridal apparel for many countries. It is actually a traditional path for the bride to wear red in other countries like China and Taiwan. In China for example, red symbolizes joy and good fortune. As such red wedding dresses always become the priority choice for bride. As far as concern, Chinese weddings featured all items and necessities in red. They have red decor, red flowers and yes as well as red wedding dresses. Red wedding dress makes a big splash in some western countries like US and UK. People in US and UK still believes wedding dresses should b plain white as white is represent everlasting love. But it is not unusual to see a woman wearing a red wedding dress as she walks down the aisle. It's festive, fun and exciting. Daring brides choose red to catch everyone's attention. If you are having a wedding theme that revolves around red, wearing a red wedding dress shouldn't be a surprise. Besides the themes mentioned above, a wine wedding theme, a medieval theme and even a night time southern belle theme, red wedding dresses can be your first consideration. While some brides will be nervous about such a bold color, that's not you! You know you will be the talk of town and you will love every second of it. Let's see some beautiful creations in the color of passion. A red wedding dress is many times adorned with beads and/or rhinestones. Take for example the red wedding dress model 001-0033-0001987 (Da Vinci 8220), A satin strapless corset is detailed with rhinestones and appliqu├ęs to make this beauty even more impressive. The ruffled skirt with chapel train not only says wedding, but it also looks perfect for a Christmas wedding theme. This red mermaid wedding dress model 001-0080-0001280 (Amara_Royale) is truly breathtaking. As you can see the ruby color is accentuated with beading embroidered in the corset with a laced up back. The laced up back creates also a sort of vintage or even bold west beauty image. And if you always wanted a red wedding dress with a train, you will be happy to know that this gown also has a court train. If you will wear this creation as a winter wedding dress make sure to get a white coat to cover yourself when outdoors. A simple design red wedding dress is also possible. Just as beautiful but not so heavily decorated, this dress model 001-0080-0001404 wins by its simplicity. The whole dress is made out of taffeta, and the flowers are also made out of taffeta. It also has a laced up back, the dress has a court train. But you can add buttons on the dress back to hook and fix the train when you dancing or walking. The buttons will be revealed by the ruffles, this red wedding dress will bring you special feeling and make you passionate. While not every bride will choose a red wedding dress, if you do remember to accessorize with the right jewelry and bouquet. If you are going for a vintage look a great idea is to carry a parasol instead of the traditional flower bouquet. Also consider wearing gloves for a Christmas wedding or a southern belle theme to add to your look. Hope you will enjoy the red wedding dresse.

additionally,here are some tips for Selecting the Best Shade in a Wedding Gown
1 Fair skin – Look for yellow ivories and warmer natural colors like eggshell and candlelight.
2 Medium skin with pink undertones – Wear wedding gowns in creamy whites.
3 Medium skin with yellow undertones - Natural fibers like silk, cotton, and linen offer natural whites. Also look for champagne.
4 Dark skin with a yellow or olive undertone – Look for stark white and champagne off-whites with pink undertones.
5 Dark skin – Go with blue white or stark white as opposed to anything with a yellow undertone.
You can skip the white dress altogether in favor of a dramatic color that expresses more of the bride's personal style.
Wedding Gown Fabrics
1 Charmeuse – This lightweight satin follows the wearer's curves. It is less shiny than regular satin
2 Chiffon – This semitransparent fabric moves and drapes well. Look for it in layers, sleeves, and veils of a wedding gown.
3 Organza – Stiffer than chiffon, this fabric still flows with the bride
4 Satin – Satin is a heavy fabric that is shiny on one side, dull on the other. Duchesse satin combines silk and rayon for a lighter and less expensive 5 Silk – This fiber is luxurious, resilient, and expensive.
6 Taffeta? – Shiny or matte, this fabric has a crisp, papery feel.
Elements like color and sheen from the fabric create the base for a wedding gown. These dress basics can greatly affect the cost of a dress, so a bride should look at these elements when shopping within her budget

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