Selecting The Womens Evening Dress

Women’s evening dress or dresses are found in plenty of clothing stores and these are available for various occasions. Special occasions require special dresses and in this regard women’s evening dress should be worn on such occasions. The dresses should compliment the wearer and make her look beautiful and astonishing. The prêt-o-porter clothing range available in stores and online catalogs offer sizes for small as well as full figured women.

Materials used for making the dresses

Women’s evening dress is available in a variety of materials, but the most preferred material for making the dresses is taffeta, silk, satin and polyester. The most favored colors for the women’s evening dress are black, wine shade, turquoise, red and gold. The necklines are usually elegant and they can be both strapless and halter necks. Usually the cups are inbuilt for added support to the bust. Matching shawls are optional. The women’s evening dress is made to flatter the bust line and the waist of the wearer and to hide the back and the flabby legs.

Women’s evening dress made fro satin or silk will usually have 100% polyester lining. This prevents it from tearing in the normal course of wear. Zippers are added at the back or on the side for a tight fitting look. The back can also be left bare. In this case, the wearer is given a corset fitting to ensure that the women’s evening dress does not sag and fits properly. Adjustable straps for shoulder can also be given. The ready to wear lines start from $150 onwards. Of course if you want a designer women’s evening dress, then you should be willing to spend a couple of thousand dollars.

The LBD (little black dress)

The LBD or the little black dress is one of the most favored women’s evening dresses. It can be a strapless number or can be worn in a halter style. If you are uncomfortable about leaving your shoulders bare, then cover it with a matching stole. Women’s evening dress can also be found in chiffon, but chiffon requires a high degree of maintenance.


Women’s evening dress comes with a number of embellishments. They can come with embellishment such as embroidery, rhinestones, laces, precious stones and other fittings. The bust line may be adorned with skinny belts.

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