Staying fashionably cool this summer

With summer on us now, those woolies are long laundered and stowed away. Summer trends change with each year but the basic concept remains the same - to look cool and feel cool at the same time. This year round maxi dresses of the 70s' are making a comeback. Most catwalks showcasing summer lines are flaunting various versions of these. What makes these dresses ideal are the fact that they can be taken in any print and any fit to suit the time of day and occasion as well as your mood. A maxi dress teamed up with wedge sandals and you are ready to take the summer heat on.

The good thing about these types of dresses is that they can be worn by any body type and any height. Choose looser dresses if you have a full body or the more clingy ones if you have a figure to show off. Bright colors are also in this summer and several top international designers are making the most it. There is no restriction when it comes to shades of color and everything from neons to pastels to stronger shades is in use. In fact bold colors such as deep pink, tangerine and the likes are also being used prominently
Bright colors are extremely popular this season and will go well with sun tans acquired over a holiday. In summer its always a good idea to wear clothes that fit loosely. Tight clothes tend to be restrictive and keep the heat in. This can leave you feeling extremely hot and uncomfortable to boot as well. Maxi dresses this year are available in a variety of forms. You have the flowing head to toe versions or the romantic movie style linen tunics over light, loosely fitted linen pants. White is often a popular choice of base or overall colors simply because it reflects heat and keeps you cooler.

Wedge heels for footwear or flip flops are good options because they are easier to walk in as well as airy enough in summer. But if you are still looking to add a few more inches to your height, then you can look at varying heel versions in wedges. You are bound to find something you like.

This summer kitten heels are also becoming extremely popular. These too are really easy to be in the entire day. And for those who prefer to stick to flats, then the ballerina pumps are something you can always pick up.

Fashion can simply be understood as what is currently in vogue at a given time. Fashion encompasses clothing and the manner or style in which it is used. There are several styles that have been accepted as evergreen and there are those that go through phases of popularity and then drop into oblivion.

Fashion is what is currently in vogue. While there are some women who are particular about staying in touch with current trends, others are happy to wear what they are comfortable in as long as it doesn't make them look like they stepped off the neighboring planet. When you are out looking for fashionable clothes, keep a few simple thoughts in mind. Not every fashion line that hits the runway suits every kind of woman.

The London Fashion Week (LFW) is considered one of the most prestigious and high profile fashion based events in London. Internationally it is one of the Big Four in terms of fashion weeks. The other three are New York, Paris and Milan. Fashion showcased here is shown to have global catwalk influencing trends.

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