Sunbeds: For and Against

Sunbeds are very popular nowadays. Almost every single female have visited it at least once, it‘s becoming popular even between men. Does everybody who wants to be beautiful and adores sunbaths know everything that should be known about these inventions? Just like with most unnatural things sunbeds has many arguments for and against.

Sunbed guarantees that you will have a plane tan. That‘s what most women and men want. Moreover you won‘t have to lay for hours in exhausting heat. Only a few visits that take about 10 minutes and there you are - nicely brown. You don‘t even have to wait for summer and good weather, it‘s open all the time. Sunbeds are definitely very comfortable, but is it safe?

There‘s an opinion that sunbeds are safer than sun tanning, but it‘s certainly not true. Sunbeds use concentrated doses of ultraviolet radiation. It's the same type of radiation that is produced by sun and is the main cause of skin cancer. It also causes skin to age prematurely. The difference is that the ultraviolet radiation produced by sun is not as concentrated as produced by sunbeds. The more exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the greater the chance of developing skin cancer.

Although the risk is known for most sunbeds users, most of them have an opinion that few times won't do any harm. That is wrong opinion. The skin is harmed from the inside and it may also cause some other skin reactions, which may finally lead to cancer. As far as skin is the biggest organ of human body and has several functions, it is easily harmed and requires special care. Sunbeds has only esthetic function; moreover it may cause damage to your skin.

The reaction to sunbeds differs between men and women. It is common that women take care of their body more than men (there's always some exceptions). What about sunbeds? Do men think unnatural tan is just the same as sun-tan? Would they visit sunbed saloons?

Mostly men get tan naturally, without lying in a beach or using some creams. They don't think it's a necessity for them; however the majority would like to see their girlfriends tanned. When talking about sunbeds men are still too shy to visit it. Of course there are some but its only minority. And they visit it only a few times. When it comes to females the opinion is rather different. Most men think that women should visit sunbeds, the dangers doesn't really matter.

However, both women and men agree on thing: don't get too far. When a person starts visiting sunbeds everyday the skin usually looks dry, aged and unnaturally brown. And it's rather obvious that women and especially men don't like such looks.

Taking care of your body is always good; just try to do everything wisely and don't get obsessed with things, especially the ones that may cause harm to your body. Sunbeds has advantages and disadvantages. Before using it think about arguments for and against it and be sure you really need it.

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