Things that make women attractive

If you want to impress a guy, you should know several things that will help you to succed with him. It is said that there is something beutiful in every woman and you just have to try to reveal it. We will introduce you with several common things that make a woman attractive. Consider them and win attention of a man you like!

Physical appearance. Men loves with eyes. This saying suggests that at first men look how a woman looks visually. The most attractive for them are the buttocks and breast. So, if you have a great chest, make sure you highlight it in the clothes that you wear when you are looking to find your man. You are also adviced to wear tight pants which will place your butt at the centre of attention. Besides, remember your body language and eye contact with him!

When men actually get past the butt and boob watching, they move to focus on women's lips. Men find it very hard to resist starring at an attractive woman's lips. They are obsessed with them! Men think that sexy lips are those which have a natural plump look with a subtle hint of gloss. Remember, that men do not like lipstick. In order to create a kissable lips effect, make your lips soft and smooth when using very little lipstick.

Personality. Not only physical appearance makes a woman attractive. Men also consider her personality. If you have a dynamic personality, be sure that you will make him interested in you for a long time. The first think to do is be yourself. Try not to say stupid things in order to impress him. Men see the difference between fake and your real personality's features.

Intelligence. Although men will not admit it strongly, but intelligent women drive them crazy. The girl with an empty head is great for one night adventure only. Men go into seriuos relationship with an intellectual woman. Don't play the knowledge power game, but don't play stupid either!

In general, don't ever change yourself for a man. You may highlight some of your body features and personal characteristics, but they are still you. Remember, any man who cannot appreciate you for what you are doesn't really deserve you!

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