Tips From The Expert For Cheeks

Blusher Application
For cheek colour, blusher is placed directly on the cheekbones, and blended out and up from there, back toward hairline. Never bring blush closer to the nose than the outer rim of your iris or below an imaginary line from nostril base to edge of face. The perfect place for blusher is to apply to the apple of the cheek - smile and put the colour onto the fullest part you see! As you age, keep blush ‘high'. Touch Blush is ideal for drier skin types and slides over wrinkles. Avoid using powder blush on bare skin. Always put over or under a layer of powder otherwise colour will ‘grab'.
Blusher for a Long Face Shape
If you want to make your face appear rounder, apply blush straight across the cheekbone. Avoid placing blush high on the cheekbones or on the temple. Place a darker blusher under the cheeks to shade and contour the long shape of the face. Use Powder Brush to blend the two together.
Blusher for a Round Face Shape
If you want to make your face appear more oval, apply blush diagonally on the cheekbone, angled toward the temple. Use a highlighter Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator or Airbrush Concealer in Light on cheekbones and shade along cheek with blusher for plenty of depth of colour beneath the cheekbones. Blend well using Blusher Brush. Colour Taming
To soften a blusher that's too bright, top with loose face powder like Blended Face Powder & Brush. (This technique will also help blusher last longer.) Use Powder Brush to blend, blend, blend!

Double Blushing
If your blusher fades, layer colour for longer wear. Start with Touch Blush or, for more drama, apply Blushing Blush Powder Blush. Dust over with Blended Face Powder & Brush. Use Blusher and Powder Brush to blend, blend, blend perfectly.

Veil of Light
Create a ‘veil of light' with a stroke of shimmery powder or light makeup base that runs above cheekbones and curves up to the temples, lighting eyes. To create "Halo Effect" apply Airbrush Concealer in the centre of the face to take away any imperfections. Only apply foundation where needed - the perfect healthy looking base for skin! Applying Gentle Light Loose Powder all over the face gives illumination and a sheer shimmer to skin. Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator adds a soft glow to bare skin.

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