Tips On Tanning and Directions For Tanning Effectively

Tanning is a natural response to the skin’s exposure to ultra-violet light that we easily get from sunlight. These ultraviolet rays are essential for our skin. However, excessive exposure can cause wrinkles and scars on the skin. With the relaxing and warm effect, tanning can also help in reducing stress, and help soothe muscular aches and pains.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer natural sun tanning or indoor tanning with artificial ultraviolet rays. Following some easy directions and simple tips, you can have a wonderful experience of tanning.

Here are some general tips on sun tanning:
• Start with 5-10 minutes sessions, twice a day, and gradually increase the time.
• Avoid tanning when the sun is at its maximum strength – between 11 am to 2:30 pm.
• Apply sunscreen on your skin before you start tanning. Do not apply lotion or cream after burning a bit.

Choose your soap carefully

Clean your skin completely before tanning and for that select your soap carefully. Chemical soaps like bars or fragrant soaps can make you clean but also make your skin dry since using these chemical soaps dehydrates your skin. Use a good, gentle but effective soap like liquid soap, for it is less harsh on your skin but clean your skin effectively.

Exfoliate before you tan

To get the best results of tan, exfoliate prior to exposure. Try to remove as many dead skin cells as possible before tanning. But don’t forget to moisturize after exfoliate.

Shave prior to exposure

If you require shaving, do it before you tan because shaving acts will leave your skin fresh and smooth. The effect of tan will be best if you shave skin prior. It is also recommended that you do the shaving a few hours before tanning so that the skin gets a chance to recover.

Use sunscreen lotion and moisturizer

Using sunscreen lotion is important for tanning, as it protects your skin from direct effect of ultraviolet ray. A good moisturizer is also required for your skin for a tan. However, you have to use a high-quality sunscreen lotion and moisturizer to prevent skin damage. The lotion should also be free of fragrances and be hypoallergenically tested to ensure that you have minimum risk of being allergic to it.

Lotions, loaded with moisturizing agents can also keep your skin soft and hydrated. Many of the lotions contain bronzers that help to darken your tan.

Have a shower after tanning

Having a bath or shower after tanning is the best way to remove oils and lotions from your skin. It also helps in removing any perspiration or salts that are usually deposited on your skin. However, the shower should not be too hot and make sure you apply a good moisturizer after toweling dry.

The cardinal rule of tanning is never burn yourself. Sunburn is the enemy associated with permanent skin damage. So never burn yourself intentionally. There is a false assumption that sunburn will fade eventually into tans. But this is not correct. Sunburn is the damage on your tanned skin.

Do not tan everyday. Allow a minimum of 24 hours to pass before tanning again – indoors or outdoors. This will repair minor damage of your skin and to create melanin and a tan.

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