Wedding Accessories for the Modern Bride

Once you've selected your bridal gown from your bridal shops, it's time to consider the second most important things - you accessories. Your accessories can make or break your entire bridal ensemble. Even if your gown is beautiful on its own, the entire look may be ruined with a bad selection of accessories. It is best that you select your accessories based on your comfort and most importantly, the gown itself.

Here are a few hints and tips to ponder on in choosing the hottest bridal accessories in the market:

Shoes. Choosing your bridal shoes is quite difficult. You have to find the pair that suits your taste and preferences perfectly. With this, it takes time and effort to find that perfect pair. In choosing the ideal pair for you, it will be best to think about your comfort above the rest. If you feel okay with wearing 3-inch heels, go ahead. Shoes like the classic pumps or high-heeled sandals are great for you. But if you're not too comfy with wearing high heels, you may settle with kitten heeled shoes or ballerina flats for a retro look. As for the color, you may choose white or cream for a classic look, but if you're feeling wild, choose a different color for contrast.
Hair accessories. This bridal accessory has limitless possibilities. You may choose any type of accessory you wish, depending on what type of dress you will wear. Some women rush to bridal shops to purchase the classic long veil since never goes out of style, while some tried out the short but sweet bird cage veil. Some women wanted to feel royalty, thus prefer tiaras to adorn their hair, while some prefer simplicity and settle for flowers instead. Make sure that you select the hair accessory that suits your face's shape and the gown's design to create a harmonious bridal ensemble.
Jewelry. Again, the jewelry must be in accordance with your wedding gown. If your gown is embellished with pearls, it will be best if your jewelries are pearls as well. Another tip in creating a harmonious ensemble is to create balance. If the dress is already encrusted with jewels and stones, you should stick with simple jewelries like drop earrings or a string necklace. But if your dress is just simple, you may want to pump up on the jewelries like chandelier earrings or a diamond-studded necklace.
Lingerie. Yes, it is a must-have accessory for your bridal ensemble. Do not refer only to the pictures of models in the catalogue or ads. This can be pretty deceiving. It doesn't mean that it looks good on the model doesn't mean it can look good on you. The smartest way to know if it suits you is to visit a few lingerie or bridal shops and try it on for size. Your selection of bridal lingerie will be a lot easier if you match it with your personality and taste. If you're the sweet type, white-colored lingerie is good, but if you feel like going for the wild and sexy look, red or black lingerie is for you.


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    These are really some important Wedding accessories that are needed to complete your wedding ceremony and reception. These accessories can be treasured as keepsakes of your wedding day for the years to follow. Thanks a lot.