Wedding Gown Preservation: Keeping your Dress Safe after the Ceremony

Once the ceremony is over, the dance floor is cleared and the guests have all gone home, you'll be left to your beloved and your matrimonial keepsakes, including the gown. In order to ensure that your wedding gown becomes a beloved heirloom treasured for generations, it's your responsibility to get it professionally cleaned and to protect it from elements that naturally degrade clothing, even when garments are carefully stored. With the right products, your beautiful wedding gown can remain as pristine and magnificent as ever. Forever.

Lowest Rates on Dry Cleaning

The easiest and most fool-proof way to make sure your wedding dress is preserved professionally is to leave the work to professionals. A reputable wedding specialist like David's Bridal can provide you with a simple kit to prepare the dress. Simply follow the instructions included in your wedding dress preservation kit, and the experts will mastermind the cleaning, preservation and storage of your gown.

In about three weeks, your gown will be returned to you, good and clean as new and preserved in a handsome display case for convenient viewing, so you can arouse treasured memories anytime, without the hassles of unpacking and repacking your entire closet, attic or basement. Since the entire package is prepaid-dry cleaning, storage and shipping included-you'll avoid all shipping charges.

You can even bundle the gown with accessories-veil, headpiece, garter, train, etc.-and have those cleaned, preserved and displayed as well, all in one easy step. A full service kit such as this one can help you make the vital, yet often overlooked process of maintaining your gown as easy as lounging in your slip. Whether you pass your gown on to your daughter or granddaughter, or just want to keep your special gown in pristine condition indefinitely, this package will offer the professional results you can appreciate.

Protecting Your Gown

Silk, satin, lace, tulle-wedding gowns are traditionally tailored from the most delicate, exquisite textiles available to achieve a quality of floating ethereality. Unfortunately, this fragility can quickly go from romantic to aggravating once the mothballs start to pile up. In order to make sure that your gown is stored safely, conveniently, and in a way that agrees with the garment's unique construction. This is why stacking and folding can degrade a gown much faster than hanging it up.

With a spacious garment bag designed for large garments, you can rest assured that your gown won't be crushed, bent, or needlessly eroded in any way. Plus, this white side-zip storage bag has expandable side-gussets built to expand conveniently from 4 inches to 7.75 inches along the entire length. At a generous 32 inches wide at its bottom and 68 inches long, this uniquely dimensioned garment bag is large enough to accommodate full ball gowns and even the longest Cathedral trains. This bag slips easily into any closet and features a reinforced space around the neck of the hanger to prevent tearing. Before storing your wedding dress in a garment bag for long periods, be sure to have it expertly cleaned first, as even minor stains can yellow over time.

Preserving Your Memories for A Lifetime

There's really no excuse to allow your bridal gown to decline and fade inside a musty old chest. When it comes time to pass your matrimonial trappings on to future generations, you'll be glad that you chose to remain attentive to their maintenance and upkeep. With just a minimum expenditure of time, energy and cost, you can freshen up your gown every few years with a dry cleaning service.

And remember the other precious elements from your special day as well. Accessories in particular can be vulnerable to oxidization, moths, natural weakening of fibers, and, the most common threat to maintaining a pristine trousseau, simple neglect. Take measures to never find yourself digging through chests and wardrobes for that veil you wore to express a profound declaration of love and devotion to your partner the day you began your life as a couple.

Your gown and bridal accessories are simply too important to store with the old jeans, stirrup leggings and shoulder pads in your attic. Treat your wedding garments like royalty; the royal family of your wardrobe. They'll respond by remaining bright and magnificent, deeply evocative of the most exciting day of you and your partner's life. A treasure truly worth taking care of. Give your children and grandchildren the priceless gift of a well-maintained heirloom and ensure a loving legacy sure to inspire generations of happy wedding days.

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