Flirty Prom Dresses for Budding Fashionistas

Human beings are social creatures. We require encouragement and acknowledgement from the group at every stage of our development. This is particularly true when we approach major milestones in our lives. Rites of passage are ritual events that were designed to recognize and celebrate these transitions. Often associated with religion, few secular rites of passage have survived. Probably the most popular one is the modern prom.

Short for promenade, Americans have been attending formal proms for well over a century. Modeled after debutante balls, the first proms were held at American colleges and universities in the late 19th century. The formal affair was attended by graduating seniors. The men would wear tuxedos and the women would dress in proper white gowns and white gloves.

How did the prom come to high school? Americans have always envied and emulated the rich. As the middle class grew in the States, parents wanted their children to learn how to comport themselves in public. Formal dances were an easy and effective means of instilling social skills and etiquette.

The first high school proms were prim and proper affairs. Kids would dress in their Sunday best, sip tea, and dance to a few slow songs. The war years changed all that. Young people had to grow up faster than ever. As a result, teenagers were afforded more freedom than previous generations. The high school prom soon became an annual class banquet and parents had almost no influence over it.

Where are we now? The prom has somehow retained its place as the most important secular rite of passage. In a country where children grow up way too fast, the prom is often the first formal event that young women and men willingly attend. In this article, we will discuss modern prom dress styles.

As with most formal affairs, the guys have it easy. All they have to do is rent a tuxedo and find a corsage. But the girls actually have to buy a dress, and it must be original. The boys can show up in 300 identical tuxedoes and no one would bat an eye, but if two girls wear the same dress, watch out! Why is it so important?

Even though the guys may deny it, prom is an important, culminating event for all who attend. It is the closest thing we have to a secular rite of passage. As such, it lets kids know that they are entering a new phase of their lives. They are moving from adolescence to adulthood. That is why teenagers pretty much run the show when it comes to prom. They are allowed to pick out their own dresses and suits, rent limos and stay out late.

Girls spend more time, money and energy preparing for prom for one simple reason. Many of them consider it a dry run for their wedding day, mostly because to the dress. You see, formal dresses are not easy to shop for. A suit is a suit, but a formal dress fits every woman differently.

Current Styles

Because it is an annual event and most high school seniors attend, prom dresses are big business in America. Most of the top designers offer their own interpretations and styles change from year to year. One popular trend is the flirty cocktail dress. Based on the classic little black dress, the cocktail dress features a short skirt and a strapless neckline with a zipper back. Young women adore it because it is both sexy and stylish.

Every girl dreams of being the belle of the ball, which is why formal prom gowns will never go out of style. Floor-length gowns make women of any age look mature, dignified and elegant. But because they are young, many high school seniors select a formal gown with a strapless, sweetheart neckline.

The great thing about formal gowns is that theLinky can be worn again. Millions of young women buy prom gowns they only one wear once. But formal gowns can be worn to weddings, cocktail parties and to other special occasions. Just make sure you find a gown in a lightweight material. Formal gown can get awfully hot after an hour or two on your feet, especially during prom season in the summertime. Taffeta is a relatively lightweight, inexpensive material that is commonly found in formal gowns.

As we mentioned earlier, different formal gowns flatter different figures. The Empire-waist dress goes all the way back to Greco-Roman times. It has an incredibly high waist that gathers near or just under the bust. This ancient silhouette works like a sort of optical illusion, as it helps to lengthen the body visually. The Empire-waist gown is popular with shorter girls who have ample busts. They are also a hit with tall, stately women who want to show off their curves.Whatever your shape, finding the right prom dress takes time and patience. But rest assured, the lessons you learn will pay off in the future.

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