How To Choose a Plus Size Prom Dress

Thinking of missing the prom because of extra pounds? Perhaps not going is easy because heavy gals should not try to have fun, feel great, or find the same happiness as peers that are not overweight? Where did this type of notion come from? Throw all that damaging image hooey away and start over right now. The big difference will be in how to choose a plus size prom dress.

Months Before Prom

When the need arises for a prom dress, then it is time to find a store that can help a young lady find her fit. No need to stay home prom night in self pity. A young woman can find a beautiful gown that would accent the finest features of any plus size Missy. Think about what is desired to be worn to the prom. Decide what one can afford, what style, color, where to get the dress and accessories. Find out the size and have the dress altered if need be. Lay away plans are great too.

Measuring For Best Fit

First, one needs to look at her shape. Show off those curves to one's finest advantage and downplay areas that one does not want to show. Measuring for the most comfortable prom dress is ideal. How to measure is important, so let the seller do that. There are plus size prom dresses from all major designers at different shops. This is how to choose a plus size prom dress.

Tips for Fuller Figures

Use a girdle, worn over panties. Garters and hose can be worn as well, but the corset does wonders for backs and keeping the tummy looking trimmer. One can use vibrant prom colors, but be careful with patterns such as checks, horizontal stripes, big wild designs of flowers and such. These designs can make one appear heavier. So will shiny materials. Opt for vertical pin stripes, very small flowers, hearts, or whatever pattern one chooses. Keep large sashs, ribbons, and bows out of your prom dress scheme.

Apple and Pear Shapes

Do not draw attention to the largest part of the body. Pear shapes need to consider wearing colorful top halves with dark bottom halves or all one darker color. shapes with most of the stomach being the weight carrier, empire waist and a-line are good, so is a lower waist line.

Accessories Are Important

Accent the look one has created with big earrings, a hat, small butterflies in hair, hair piled high too. Want to make the bust appear smaller? Wear a halter style dress. Try to wear a prom dress with a three quarter length, a shawl, or full sleeves to hide arms, slenderize the look, and don't forget other accessories will enhance the look of elegance. Try wearing long, sheer gloves. Make your upper body appear wider by adding a wrap. Go for wide, horizontal necklines and draw attention up to face, neck and arms by using jewelry.

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