Karen Millen Prom Dress help me to bring my love by chance

I am an ordinary girl. I am introverted .I don't have a rich family, neither a beautiful looking, so I always feel myself inferior than others when I am in the crowd. The only thing I can be proud of is my hair. I have long, thick and silky hair. But compared to the other spots of my figure, it is nothing. I kept single till I was 23. Because no boy would like to make friend with a girl that is introverted and do not like to talk to others. But a Karen Millen Prom Dress had changed all this on our company's anniversary party.
I woked in a very big company as a clerk after I graduated from college and every day I do my work quietly and left the company without saying goodbye to anybody. It seems that none of my colleagues know my exist.
That condition lasted for nearly two years till one day the manager said that the company was going to hold a party a week later to celebrate its 30 years anniversary. Every one of the company must come. There would be a promenade during the party, so every one should be carefully dressed up especially the female collegues. The news made every one excited except me. I didn't want to go. I didn't know how to dress up myself, most importantly, I didn't even have a beautiful dress.
I was unhappy that day when I came home, my mom asked me for many times why I was not happy. I told her unpatiently and then she kept silent for minitues. Then she went out.
Several days later, I received a parcel. It was a Karen Millen Prom Dress, a very beautful style. I looked and looked and didn't want to put it away. Then I tried it on and looked myself in the mirror, I just couldn't believe the person in the mirror was me! I couldn't help dancing. Then I thought and thought, and finally I came to know that it was my mom bought it for me.
I dressed the prom dress to the party that day with joviality. I found a seat and sat down quietly as usual but wondering if anyone would come and ask me to dance with him. Soon after I sat down a handsome man came to me and pose the guesture to invite me to dance, I was so excited at that time. I danced very well that night and was aearded the dance queen in my company. After that promenade party I became the man's girlfriend.
I was very grateful to my mom. With out the dress, I didn't know how my life would be. I had wondered about how my mom got the money to buy the dress for me and she told that she asked a friend of hers to buy it at the Karen Millen sale online. So I would like to thanks to the online Karen Millen outlet as well!

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