An alternative to store-bought and designer wedding dresses

Each year there are thousands of weddings during which thousands of brides walk down the aisles wearing gorgeous gowns in all styles, lengths, even colors, since head to toe snow white is no longer a wedding day must. Because of so many different women getting married every year, stores, online retailers and top designers all make sure to have an interesting offer of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, even flower girls outfits, giving the brides to be a big choice. But just because the choice is there, doesn't mean ending up with the right one is easy. For some future brides walking in, finding and buying is not an option.

For some top designer wedding dresses are much too expensive, for others off the rack choices are too generic, and then there are women who simply can't decide if they have too many options to choose from, which in the case of wedding gowns is a given. Those are all women who will do much better having a dress made instead of buying a ready one, as it will give them a chance to have the dream piece within their budget, a dress that is as intricate or as simple as the bride wants, and all the choices are limited to one specific dress instead of thousands of gowns on the market.

If you found a dress that you love, but it's more expensive than your whole wedding, have a similar dress made at a fraction of the price. The beauty of it is that you'll have a gorgeous dress but you'll be able to change things a bit, make it more you by adding or getting rid of some details, raising the waist, changing the fabric or including a splash of color in the detailing. Basing on an already existing dress you'll have an easy way figuring out how to get it done, and the dress maker will have an easier job knowing where the starting point is.

If your problem is not finding a dress that you love or not being able to pick one because you love too many of them, having a dress made especially for you is a great option because you can design it yourself or with the dressmaker's help and not worry about the available choices. Simply decide on the silhouette and bring out different details one by one, choosing your own fabric, beading, even stitching that will perfectly finish the dress off. That way you can be assured that even if your dress is similar to a salon or a fashion show one, it is nevertheless one of a kind, and it represents exactly who you are and what you like regardless of what's in or what others like.

Finding the right wedding gown is difficult, just as picking the right cut bridesmaid dress or the perfect flower girl dress. Once you experience the fun and freedom of having a dress made just for you, you'll realize that having other bridal party dresses made is just a matter of figuring out what to have made, so instead of looking around you can just start imagining and put things in motion, so that on your wedding day you and your friends can be as fashionable as you want, not as the stores let you.

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