Charmingly Beautiful Wedding Dresses for Springtime Ceremonies

Literature expounds upon the magic of a June wedding. But often, summer weddings can be hot, stuffy and problematic. Plus, lots of brides simply don't want to wait that long to tie the knot.

Which is why they choose to get married in the spring.

Of course, that means picking out the perfect springtime wedding dress that is both beautiful and charming. Luckily, there are a wide range of options to choose from.

Priscilla of Boston Strapless Floor Length

This dress is for the woman who yearns to combine a classic look with a modern twist. The gown has an underlayer of radiant sequin lace which shimmers through an illusion overlay made of beaded lace. The strapless dress is floor-length and has intricate detail throughout the bodice and waist.

Priscilla of Boston Silk Taffeta Ball Gown

It's essential that the bride feels like the belle of the ball, and this regal gown accomplishes that. The dress is made of silk taffeta, and the skirt is full and voluptuous - so the bride will appear to be gliding down the aisle. The spaghetti straps end at a sweetheart neckline which is decorated with subtly embellished flowers of organza and silk taffeta.

Priscilla of Boston Mikado Floral Gown

One of the best parts of spring is the abundance of flowers all around - so why not incorporate that theme into your bridal gown? The strapless dress is made of cotton silk Mikado fabric which is veiled with tulle. But the most outstanding feature is the fascinating couture patchwork of crystal and pearl encrusted cotton silk Mikado floral petals which covers the entire gown.

Priscilla of Boston Short Silk Taffeta Dress

Of course, the ultimate springtime wedding dress would show off your beautiful legs. So why not opt for this short bridal dress made of silk taffeta that tapers at the waist and ends above the knees? The bodice is fan-pleated and features a shoulder strap which is asymmetrical and adorned with silk taffeta rosebuds.

Jewel Slim Gown with Pleats

This ultra-chic strapless dress is guaranteed to get your guests' tongues wagging at the reception. The slim gown is made of soft satin and comes with a fashionable crepe back. The skirt and bodice have asymmetrical pleats, and double-layered cascades stream down the skirt's side. The natural waistband is accented by a glittering vintage brooch.

Jewel Short Lace Dress

Think of it as both a wedding gown and a party dress! The lace bodice and waist are accented with a pretty sheer sequin bateau neckline. But the wow factor can be found in the pleated taffeta ball gown - which wraps around the waist and can be removed after the ceremony! With the gown off, the outfit transforms into a short lace dress.

Melissa Sweet Style Amalia

This bridal gown represents the perfect blend of fashion-forwardness and whimsy. It's a strapless fit to flare gown and is made of a ruched sunburst net material to provide a distinct and memorable look. The ethereal gown displays curved tiers, and the pleats at the waist end in an attractive sheer bow. A vertical row of buttons runs down the back of the dress.

Melissa Sweet Style Bettina

If you're worried about buying a dress that's being worn by every other bride on the planet, then this one-of-a-kind dress is for you. It starts with halter-style straps, an open back, and a V-neckline, which combine for a look that is stylish and sexy. The fit to flare gown is made of lace and stops just above the floor. The entire gown is adorned with lovely embellishments.

Reverie Style St. Barts

This gown looks right at home in a chapel or on the white sands of a tropical beach somewhere in the Caribbean. That's because its deep V-neckline accented with loosely falling streamers and petals will assuredly catch the eyes of your wedding guests. The gown itself is made of comfortable silk satin chiffon, and the bodice is gently draped on a diagonal - giving the illusion of the material twisting into the middle.

Vineyard Style Rae

This gorgeously slimming dress is designed to show off the svelte figure of the blushing bride. The strapless fit and flair gown is carefully made with silk and cotton faille. But the most distinctive feature on this floor-length gown is the spiral slot seaming, which hugs the wearer's bodice and waist to create a uniquely fashionable look.

Vineyard Style Miranda

This dress was created to flatter any bride's figure as she sashays down the aisle. The strapless silk satin gown boasts a fitted look from the neckline to the thighs, before flaring outward into a traditional flowing skirt. The bodice is made of corded lace, and the waistline is perfectly accented with a silk satin bow and sash.

Spring is a time of rebirth. So marrying the love of your life during this season is appropriate, because the two of you are ending your lives alone and embarking upon a new life together. Finding the ideal springtime bridal gown is a great way to begin that journey.

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