Best Weight Loss Tips for Women - How to Improve Your Appearance by Dropping Excess Pounds

When you know you can't fit in that little black dress anymore and are set to go out with the guy of your dreams next Saturday, you switch to panic mode. Losing weight becomes a chore and like all chores that we have to do, it can be such a drag. If it becomes so tedious, chances are, you'll fall out and not go through with your entire weight loss program.

If you're serious about getting fit and staying that way, you've got to make weight loss an activity that you look forward to doing every day. In other words, it's got to be exciting and enjoyable. Being a weight loss success story hinges on the fun you derive from doing it.

So, girls, here are some cool ways to make any weight loss program you follow fun and pleasurable!

1. Forget the guy. If you have that special date and still can't wear your mini black dress, don't fret. If he really likes you, he will like you even if you are ten sizes too large. The point is, you've got to lose the weight because it makes you feel good, it makes you move faster, it makes shopping a whole lot easier. You can't do it for someone else, otherwise, you're bound to fail. And the date you have in a week's time? Wear what fits. Going on a crash diet to be able to slip on that dress is not only dangerous for your health (losing weight too fast), it sets the stage for potentially embarrassing moments-like zippers or buttons that pop in the restaurant or rips and tears in front of your date (again) in the middle of a crowd.

2. Do exercises that you love. Why must you spend hours in the gym when you love hiking in the outdoors? Now there's something that you love to do! And when you love what you're doing, you're bound to do it more often and on a regular basis. If swimming is your thing, put on your most flattering swimwear (even if there are a few bulges that show here and there) and dive into the pool and do your laps! Dance, if that's your thing. Chase your dog if that is what makes your day.

3. Leave out the food guilt. Far too often, women feel so guilty with eating that melt-in-your-mouth blueberry cheesecake or that absolutely mouth-watering burger that they tire themselves out exercising after such wicked indulgence. What you girls have to understand is that you can lose weight for as long as you burn more calories than you consume. So watch your intake. Obviously, a tiramisu or a cheeseburger everyday is a tad too much, but once in a while, these so-called "sinful indulgences" won't do any lasting harm. Just make sure that you keep moving to lose those calories.

4. Dress for it. Women love to shop. It's a stress-buster for the female species. So when you're ready to sweat it out, shop for that perfect outfit to complement your exercise routine and get you "in the zone." Whether it be swimming, jogging or gym outfit, the fun begins with the shopping. Â And scouring the mall for that perfect suit is a form of exercise, too!

5. Buy an "ideal size" dress. Shopping again! You can make your weight loss fun and extremely challenging by buying a dress or any other outfit that best represents your "ideal size" Don't stow it away in some dark corner of your closet. Hang it where you can see it to challenge yourself to lose that weight!

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