How to apply makeup and keep your body great!

How to Apply Leg Make-up

A photographer needs to be aware of the various tools that help in making his photograph look startling. The proper utilization of these tools helps the photographer to bring out the radiance and beauty of a model. A make-up artist then touches up the model’s negative aspects in such a manner that they do not show up in the end product. The model, on her part, needs to appear fresh and radiant. Hence, a combination of all three aspects goes in the making of a memorable photograph.

Likewise, make-up too plays a major role in making the model photogenic. In fact, it goes a long way in enhancing the beauty of the model. A simple ‘plain Jane’ is transformed overnight into a ‘Cinderella’! The beauty products that we see on display in the department stores are the ones that are used by the many beautiful models we see on celluloid.

Make-up has to be applied in a particular manner for it to show effectively on a model. Given below are certain tips on how to apply make-up in an effective manner:-

a) Shake the bottle of make-up in order to ensure the solution is mixed properly.

b) Remove the cap of the bottle.

c) Spread the solution on the palms of both your hands.

d) Apply the make-up solution evenly on both the legs.

e) While applying the make-up, care should be taken that the lotion is spread evenly..


As the term suggests, a concealer is a sort of lotion/cream that conceals the spots that mar the beauty of the subject. It enhances the beauty of the model. It conceals the dark spots, and gives the skin an overall symmetry.


A ‘foundation’ is applied to give an overall smoothness and gleam to the skin, and heighten its glow. It is applied on all areas of the face, hands and legs. A foundation is not a ‘make-up’ per-se’. It is applied as a base prior to applying other make-up. It gives an even tan to the skin, and makes it look natural.


A powder is generally applied as a touch to lighten up the area (generally the forehead, under the eyes and cheeks, and the neck too) which falls under the glare of a flash bulb. An item of a lady’s make-up kit, it is more often known as a compact case.


Properly shaped eyebrows can actually accentuate the shape of your eyes, and add a glint to the way you look. Eye pencils can be used to either make the gaze of a model harder, or give it a more intimate feel. They do a lot to enhance the gaze of a model, and to remove the tiredness from the eyes of an over-worked model.

Lipstick :

A lip gloss or a lipstick is finally applied to complement the overall effect of the make-up. The art of makeup is a very specialized art, and it requires a lot of patience and an eye for detail. It improves with experience.

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