How to keep your legs looking in top condition!

There are a lot many reasons why women apply make-up and that too on their legs! Rather than wear a conventional pantyhose, a large number of women these days prefer applying leg make-up that gives them flawless skin and perfect legs. Varicose veins, embarrassing scars, stretch marks and unwanted tattoos are some of the reasons that women often seek leg make-up. Using a leg make-up gives your legs an air-brushed look. And, the best part is that no one would know that you have used leg make-up. Leg make-up does what you would have otherwise failed to do. Cover up those bug-bites you got while camping out last week, or make your legs look perfect for you to don that skimpy black dress. That tattoo on your ankle done in one of those weak moments too is covered for the party. Considering the above, leg make-up is really an ideal gift to women who want to look their best at whatever cost.

1. Exfoliating and Cleaning

Prior to applying any make-up on any part of your body, do ensure that the skin is clean and well exfoliated. Exfoliating the skin would involve removing any dry skin or dead cells. This is mandatory to ensure that the make-up does not flake off, and the make-up is applied evenly.

2. Applying the leg make-up

Ensure that you are in a room with a considerable amount of daylight so that you apply the make-up in an even manner, and in a manner that the effect is the natural look that you seek for your legs. Scoop an appropriate amount of make-up so as to cover at least half of your lower leg, working it slowly in a circular motion into your skin. Due attention should be given to the outer edges of the make-up so that it is evenly spread and blends with your natural skin tone. This process has to be continued till the make-up is spread evenly over the entire leg.

3. Set your leg make-up

As you would do while applying make-up onto your face, do the same while applying leg make-up. After having applied any make-up, be sure to let it set with a light dusting of loose powder. A translucent powder that is not meant for any particular type of skin tone would be ideal. You might try brushing a light, shimmery powder right down the front of your calves to give them that ‘extra’ sheen. Now, step in front of the mirror, and preen yourself to glory!

Step out now and rest assured you are likely to cause a traffic jam!

Helpful Tips

To apply leg make-up, kindly follow the following directions:-

a) Shake the bottle so as to ensure the contents are mixed properly.

b) Take off the cap of the bottle.

c) Take a little of the solution in the palm of your hand and rub the make-up evenly over your legs.

d) Apply the make-up evenly on both legs. Take care to ensure that the coat is even.

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