Keeping Your Youth

So, how old you actually are? How many times have you noticed that your school friends, college friends etc. look differently? While one of them looks 25, the other still unsuccessfully tries to prove she‘s not fifty. And you know that they‘re of the same age... This is where „biological (or true) age“comes to the stage. Biological age shows how worn out your body actually is, not that tiny number in your passport.

According to Professor Michael Roysen, day-to-day lifestyle plays a significant role on the mechanism of human aging. If your friend looks like she‘s 20 when she‘s actually 40, it means that she‘s pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Don‘t get upset though, as nothing is impossible: you may start fighting your aging right now, and all you have to do is take a specialist‘s piece of advice. So, here it is:

· Regular consumption of tomatoes (tomato sauces, roasted tomatoes) subtracts 1.9 from the current age of men and 0.8 years from the age of women, making them look more youthful.

· Daily consumption of aspirin pills subtracts 2.2 years.

· Regular (daily) quality sex with the same partner subtracts 2-8 years.

· Daily 30-minute walks in fresh air subtract 1.6 years.

· Exercising for 30 minutes per week subtracts 1.6 years.

· Daily doses of chocolate are very useful and prolong your life up to 1.3 years.

· Daily consumption of 5 different fruits adds 1.4 years.

· Daily consumption of one ounce of any nuts adds up to 3 years to your life.

· Consumption of boiled or steamed fish helps you prolong your life up to 3 years.

· Consumption of balanced food supplements subtracts up to 3.3 years from your „apparent“age.

· Laughing prolongs your life significantly, from 1.7 up to 8years.

· Folic acid in the form of multivitamins or separately in food adds up to 1.2 years to your life.

· Calcium and calcium rich food – it’s another 0.5 years.

· Taking vitamins every day – adds yet another 0.4 years.

· Taking care of your mouth and teeth and visiting the dentist each 6 months – 6.4 years.

· Breakfast every morning adds 1.1 year.

· Washing your hands – 0.4 years.

· Good night sleep – 7 hours for women, 8 hours for men, adds astronomical 3 to 12 years to your estimate lifetime.

· Stressful situations are extremely harmful. Only three catastrophically in your life might shorten your life up to 32 years.

· Keep your weight leveled (perfect weight for women is the weight they had when they were 18, for men 21) – 6 years.

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