Plastic Surgery

The phrase “plastic surgery” floats in the air every time someone mentions something about celebrities or any famous person. Plastic corrections and augmentations have become a regular topic of everyday coffee time chats and are widely discussed in everyday life. I believe you can count the celebrities who had none of the surgical plastic intrusion on your hand fingers. However, only some of them openly discuss the topic. Lets take Cher for example, she had tens of plastic surgeries and she is proud of it, but you try to talk to Tom Cruise about it and you will get in trouble (actually I am not even sure if he had any, but it looks like it).

My own opinion about the plastic intrusion is quite negative. However, if you are a star and you’re always in the center of attention, I can see why you would want one. If you are just a regular person with a regular job, I just can’t see why would you want or need one. Perhaps one of the reasons might be that you are pathologically unhappy with your body (or part of it). Plastic surgeons, at least the professionals, will always try to talk you out of having the surgery and only after the serious psychological tests you will be allowed to do it.

Well if you are absolutely sure that you need a breast job or a liposuction or any other surgery (God there are so many of them), you will need to know a couple of things before you do it. I will try to put a couple of answers to the most common questions on a plastic surgery right here in this article.

I believe that the most common of them would be - When will I see the results? It depends… Some procedures take more time for the results to come up, some less. Depending on the procedure, your doctor will let you know how long it will take before you will see the end result. There is always a chance that you will not be happy with the results at all, but this is the chance that you take.Link

Will it hurt? Oooooooooh YEAH! It will hurt and it will hurt badly. You will not be able to continue your daily routine, no exercising, no lifting in some cases, bed regime for a week or more. Just imagine your lip cut off, but without pain, and imagine that the pain comes in, in an hour or so and you will feel the same. Of course, there are drugs that will reduce the pain significantly. However, there is no wonder drug.

How much will it cost? And yet again – a lot. Of course it depends on the doctor who is performing the consultations and operation, but do not expect it to be cheap. My piece of advice would be – if you are sure you need a cosmetic surgery, never save on your health, get the best surgeon you can afford. Remember that only reconstruction surgery (the one where only the parts of the body that are damaged are being reconstructed) is covered by insurance, all the rest you will have to pay from your own pocket.

An operation is never the best idea, so never consider it as the best option. There is always a risk of harming your health, take the situation in all its seriousness.

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