Top 5 Beauty Tips for Brides.

Every bride wants to be picture-perfect for their big day. You want to look like yourself - but different, more dramatic, fresh... it can feel like a big task. Many brides think that because a wedding is such a big day, they have to go big on the makeup. Well, you've got the perfect groom, the perfect dress, and the perfect flowers - don't overshadow that by making your face as grand as the day itself.

Here are some top tips for helping you create a beautiful look that you will treasure in your wedding photographs for years to come.

Tip One: Less Is More

Yup, we've all got the idea - your wedding is the biggest celebration of the year. Do try to remember, though, that everyone wants to see you, not a radically changed woman masquerading in your wedding gown. If you don't wear much makeup normally - or none at all - you don't want to walk down the aisle with a heavily painted face. It won't seem natural, you won't be comfortable, and the pictures taken will reflect it (not to mention your memories).

The makeup that you do use should be good for flash photography, too. Stick with foundations that have a yellow undertone, as these will create a warm healthy appearance in the photographs that are taken during the wedding and reception. You might also look into a good bronzing powder to warm your skin tone. Apply bronzing powder with a natural bristle brush, lightly applying color to areas of the face that the sun naturally warms. Your forehead, the high curve of your cheeks, and the bridge of your nose are the best places, but if you're naturally pale you might want to apply a very light dusting over your neck and chest for a more even tone.

Use a gel foundation primer before you apply your make-up, but be careful about the powder you use to set everything. A light dusting of loose powder will help prevent unwanted shine (this can result in a greasy, highly reflective look in your photos), but stay away from heavy pressed powders. Too much powder will leave your skin looking chalky, dull and unhealthy in photos.
Tip Two: Glittery Bright

If I were doing a list of Do's and Don'ts, this tip would top the list of Don'ts.
Right, unless you've been living in a cave for the last few years, you know that glitter is all the rage. It's beyond trendy, and done right can be absolutely beautiful. Five or so years from now, though, will it still be so cool? Probably not. Do you want to look at your wedding photos and see a glittery shiney bride, or would you rather have a timeless, classic and natural face?

Basically, by going with "trends", you end up dating your photographs. If you're really stuck on the idea of glitter, why not get some special photographs taken before the wedding? Grab the groom, set an appointment, and go glam at the studio, but go for a natural, matte look on the big day itself.

Go for warm, flattering cheek colors like peach and rose, and don't forget about the bronzing powder I mentioned. This will give you a bit of a shine without unflattering glow. When you apply blush, focus on the rounded parts of your cheek and blend the blush back and up towards the top part of your ears. If you have dry skin, you can achieve a natural, dewy glow by using a cream blush - but powder blush will work better on oily skin.

By focusing on blush and bronzer instead of glitter and shine, you'll avoid looking either washed out or super-bright in your wedding photos. If after all this you still just have to have some glitter on your wedding day, stick to a little highlighting on your cheekbones or eyes, not your whole face.

Tip Three: Look-a-Likes

Many brides want to create a look that's just like their favorite celebrity's. Sultry, smokey eyes and the pale lips of J-Lo are often-quated requests to makeup artists.

There's nothing wrong with finding inspiration from the big names, but make sure that the look you choose works for the theme you're using. J-Lo looked great with that pale lip look, but it really won't go with the whole Victorian theme ... you get the idea.

If you are perusing the magazines looking for inspiration, stick with looks that match the theme you have for your overall wedding. Celebrities get married all the time, and the zines love covering the big event - focus on the ones that have the elements you're already using in your own wedding.

Tip Four: The Eyes Have It

It's been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and this being true, you want your eyes to be a special feature of your whole look.
When you begin working on your eyes, start with your brow coloring. Use a slightly darker brow powder or gel than your natural hair color. This will keep them looking their best, and you can fill them in with a pencil in a light shade to create a perfect shape if you need to. Your brows are likely the only thing you won't have to "touch up" during your wedding day, if you do it this way.

Create lush lashes by using an eyelash curler and a couple coats of mascara. Don't overshelm your lashes with too much mascara though - you don't want to end up "clumping". Instead, apply one coat of mascara, allow it to dry completely, and then use an eyelash curler to shape them. If you still think you need a second, apply it after.

Eyeshadow should compliment your natural coloring on your wedding day - try to stay away from unnatural colors like purple and blue, and stay closer to warm tan, orange, and pink colors.

Want a quick tip on eyeliner? Check out some of those star-studded pictures in magazines, and you'll notice that eyeliner always looks full (not thick) on celebrities. Makeup artists do this easily by brushing one stroke of eyeliner over the top of the eye, above the lashes, and a second stroke inside, under the lashes and close to the eye. This makes your lashes look fuller by leaving no "empty" space.

Tip Five: Consult the Experts

Hey, not all of us have the budget to hire a makeup artist to transform our bridal beauty into something amazing. There's no need to panic - there are trained experts right behind the counter of many of your local cosmetic stores. Most cosmetic companies now offer bridal consultations for free, and they will show you really great techniques and insider tricks. Usually, these consultations are performed by a professional makeup artist, so you can glide right through the process on your big day.

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