Why Women Lose Interest In Sex And What To Do To Restore Desire?

Hypoactive sexual disorder is a commonly found problem among women of all ages. Causes for the formation of loss of sex interest can be either physical or psychological. It varies from person to person and from time to time. In reality, interest in sex comes as a result of reflection of thoughts or erotic dreams. Today, vivid types of treatments are available for improving and restoring sexual desire. Sometimes, it may take more than one treatment for fixing the problem. Treatments for restoration can only be done by knowing its cause. Now, let’s check in detail why women lose interest in sex and what to do to restore desire?

High stress condition is one among the main causes for the formation of lose of sex interest in women. Both physical stress and psychological stress play major roles in lifestyle changes. Extreme stress condition creates negative impact on life leading way to tension and anxiety. Job stress and child birth are some of the commonly seen reasons inducing low sex interest among women. Interpersonal relationship issue is another major cause for the occurrence of hypoactive sexual disorder in women. It may be due to partner performance problem or may be due to low mental satisfaction with relationship. Aging is yet another important factor playing a key role in low desire. It is due to the fact of low androgen level in body. Studies say that, androgen level of women falls as they age.

Hormonal changes, especially low testosterone is an important factor leading way to low interest in sex. As per analysis, the level of testosterone in female body spikes in mid 20′s and degrades until menopause. Various health problems like thyroid disorders, fibroids and excessive intake of certain antidepressant drugs are other factors creating low sex desire. Now, let’s see various treatments available to restore the desire. Vaginal dryness is one among the commonly seen disorders among postmenopausal women. In this case, patients are suggested to apply vaginal creams so as to cure dryness. Today, lots of vaginal gels and creams are available in market for tightening vagina. Estrace vaginal cream, premarin vaginal cream and ogen vaginal cream are some of the examples of commonly available vaginal creams.

Seeking the guidance of a sex therapist is one of the best recommended solutions to restore desire. It helps to a great extend in curing marital problems. Changing medications or choosing alternate therapy is another method to recover lack of sex interest. Usage of certain drugs, especially antidepressant drugs causes imbalance in hormone level. Surgical treatment is yet another remedial measure suggested as a cure to restore desire. It is usually done in the case of health disorders like painful fibroids. This kind of treatment done by surgical removal of fibroids without removing uterus is termed as myomectomy. Testosterone therapy is an important cure done to restore sex desire in women. It is mainly done among those women those who have low levels of testosterone in their body. This treatment helps in boosting testosterone level, enhancing energy, strength and endurance.

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