Women's Clothing Trends - What's Hot Now

Fashions change, there is a no doubt about that, but some fashion trends are hot for a short time, fizzle out and then come back into style or simply become a mainstay for many women. It is important to understand when it comes to women's fashion, some of it never changes, for instance in the cold winter, women wear long-sleeved tops, dressy trousers, or warm dresses. In the summer, they may wear summer dresses, shorts, and short-sleeved tops. It is the color, material, and the style of these garments that change over the years.

For tops in 2011, the latest is the asymmetrical shape, they show a prominent neckline, but it also gives the asymmetrical appearance around the collar. You will find swimwear for 2011 in the asymmetrical to be very hot and very much in style.

Have you ever worn a romper? They are one-piece jumpsuits that are super comfortable, but look absolutely fantastic. These are very popular and one of the hottest clothing trends for women right now. They come in both long pant style and short and can be worn in just about any setting. Staying in fashion is not always easy, but if you do not have a romper or two, now is your chance to be in style and very comfortable.

If you have loved lace throughout the years, you will be happy to know it has made a big comeback for 2011. You will find many tops in lace, and you can get them in all different colors, these are somewhat taking the place of the popular see-through fabrics that were popular not too long ago. The nice aspect about lace is that it can be worn with jeans or with a dressier pair of slacks so that you can create all sorts of outfits with just one or two lace tops.

Do you like clothes with splashes of color? Then 2011 is your year because multi-prints are definitely a hot clothing trend right now as seen on the runway. What's interesting with these multi-colored outfits is that colors that normally would not blend well together look fabulous when they are woven together into a top, dress, or skirt. You can truly be a stunner with the many different multi-colored choices you will find thLinkis season.

Remember a time when ruffles were in style? Maybe you do not, but you will in 2011, because they are back and trendier than ever. You will find that the ruffles for 2011 are very subtle rather and show in the background of the fabric rather than being the main focal point of the piece. Very trendy and super fashionable!

If you look back a few years you will remember when wearing the torn denims were the hottest trend. In 2011, clothing trends have made the ripped jeans popular again. You don't need to rip your jeans, just head out to the fashion store and you will find them pre-ripped for you hanging on the racks. Unlike the grunge look of the past, these ripped-jeans are subtler with a lot of style.

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